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Feb 6th, 2005, 05:16 PM
[1] Williams vs. BYE
Camerin vs. Cohen-Aloro
Q. vs. Benesova
Safina vs. [6] Sprem

[3] Sharapova vs. BYE
Golovin vs. Q.
[WC] Razzano vs. Smashnova
Koukalova vs. [8] Elia

[5] Dechy vs. Kostanic
Daniilidou vs. Bartoli
Pennetta vs. Q
BYE vs. [4] Petrova

[8] Maleeva vs. Q.
Loit vs. Jankovic
Pierce vs. Medina Garrigues
BYE vs. [2] Mauresmo

Tatiana is suppose to play Sharapova in the second round, and Mary is suppose to play amélie....:fiery: :fiery: Horrible draw

Feb 6th, 2005, 05:46 PM
Not a great draw for Mary, but hopefully she will be able to beat Medina Garrigues.

Amelie is never certain, if Mary plays well she could easily make the semifinals here.

Feb 6th, 2005, 06:49 PM
Mary Pierce (affronte Anabel Medina Garrigues au 1er tour puis Amélie Mauresmo en cas de victoire)
« Je joue au premier tour face à Anabel Medina Garrigues que j’avais battue aux JO sur dur l’an passé. C’est un bon premier tour. Elle a du talent, elle peut bien jouer. Je vais prendre ce match au sérieux. Jouer Amélie (Mauresmo) au 2eme tour ? On se connaît très bien, on s’entraîne ensemble, etc, il n’y a pas de secret. Ce ne sera pas la première fois qu'on se joue si je gagne. Ce serait un beau match pour le public. »

Feb 6th, 2005, 07:22 PM
Découvrez le programme de lundi consacré à la fin des qualifications et au début du premier tour du tableau final. On suivra notamment l’entrée en lice en soirée de Mary Pierce, finaliste l’an passé.
http://www.opengazdefrance.com/mediastore/gdf/open/img/p.gifCourt central
A partir de 12h00 :
Selima Sfar (TUN) - Cara Black (ZIM) (3eme tour des qualifications)
Camille Pin (FRA) - Séverine Beltrame (FRA) (3eme tour des qualifications)

Klara Koukalova (RTC) - Silvia Farina Elia (ITA, n°7) (1er tour du tableau final)
Dinara Safina (RUS) - Karolina Sprem (CRO) (1er tour du tableau final)

Pas avant 19h00 :
Mary Pierce (FRA) - Anabel Medina Garrigues (ESP) (1er tour du tableau final)
Maria Elena Camerin (ITA) - Stéphanie Cohen-Aloro (FRA) (1er tour du tableau final)

Court n°1
A partir de 12h00 :
Anastasiya Yakimova (BLR) - Claudine Schaul (LUX) (3eme tour des qualifications)
Vera Douchevina (RUS) - Sanda Mamic (CRO) (3eme tour des qualifications)

Claire Curran (IRL) / Kim Kilsdonk (PBS) - Iveta Benesova (RTC) / Kveta Peschke (RTC) (1er tour du double)
Jelena Kostanic (CRO) / Claudine Schaul (LUX) - Paula Garcia (ESP) / Caroline Schneider (ALL) (1er tour du double)
Stéphanie Foretz (FRA) / Virginie Razzano (FRA) - Servane Delobelle (FRA) / Pascale Leroy (FRA) (1er tour du double)

Mary joue dès demain soir:bounce: :hearts: :eek: :worship:

Feb 6th, 2005, 07:25 PM
Well, Mary had all those favourable draws in the Autumn and didn't excel as a result, so I'm hoping 'contrary Mary' does the opposite here when she has a tough draw! My other concern is that I suspect an early loss will push Mary out of the Top Thirty again, which wouldn't be good...

Mark Spruce
Feb 7th, 2005, 01:18 AM
Hi Declan,

I hope so as well. Well not the early loss though



Feb 7th, 2005, 02:22 AM
I think I'll still be in school when Mary plays, but I hope not! Will there be live scores from the site?

Allez Mary!

Feb 7th, 2005, 02:36 AM
Good luck Mary. She just needs to get on a bit of a streak it has been almost a month since the Aussie open she should be better prepared now and if she gets thru her first round Mauresmo will be a good test for her.

Feb 7th, 2005, 07:17 AM
I don't think it is a difficult draw for Mary.
But even if she has so called "easy draw",she may lose to some relatively weak opponent in early round,just like Australian Open,so I would say she lost to herself.
I really hope she can give her best,she has a chance to beat Mauresmo.
Mary,get you win opener here!

Feb 7th, 2005, 07:42 AM
She had an easy draw in AO and ... nothing. Now we'll see. But Momo will be tough to beat. But if Mary is in a goo shape she can beat everyone. Go May!

Feb 7th, 2005, 11:43 AM
Is there at Gaz De France site a link to live scores? Coz I don't see it. Maybe later, dyring 1st round matches.

Mark Spruce
Feb 7th, 2005, 11:55 AM
Just go out there and have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best of luck to you Mary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Feb 7th, 2005, 02:21 PM
I found it!

Mark Spruce
Feb 7th, 2005, 05:04 PM
where is it !!!!!!!!!!



Feb 7th, 2005, 06:51 PM
Mary won first set 6-1

Feb 8th, 2005, 05:10 AM
viewed Open gaz de France pics of Mary from ur site Mark, looks like she lost some weight? she looks fitter :)

Feb 8th, 2005, 07:26 AM
where is it !!!!!!!!!!


MarkFrench version: left side of the site, at the bottom: DIRECT LIVE
English version: at the main page, DIRECT LIVE ...in French; in the middle. LOL

Feb 8th, 2005, 09:03 AM
Good luck Mary...!!!!!:worship: :bounce: :worship: