View Full Version : Situation with Romanian women's gymnastics team

Feb 3rd, 2005, 05:50 PM
Just incase anyone is interested in the situation with the Romanian team, after the rumors which have been that Catalina Ponor has retired.. :eek:

Octavian Belu (the Romanian women's head coach) and Bitang have announced that they quit cos they don't agree with the conditions/employment terms of their contracts. Also, former Romanian gymnast Oana Petrovschi has said she's gonna sue B&B cos their training nethods resulted in her injury. (Or that they forced her to train while she was injured or sth like this). She's also sayin' that she was forced to pay 30% of her winnings to Belu. Some reports are saying that Catalina Ponor says that unless Belu and Bitang are given terms which they agree to and therefore they stay on, that she will quit the sport. Other reports said that B&B have quit for sure this time and that Ponor has quit Deva for sure. There are also reports that both she and the double Olympic gold medallist Monica Rosu are not training. It would be pretty bad if they both quitted, cos that would mean that of the Romanian team that competed in Athens, there would only be two still competeing, as Oana Ban and Silvia Stroescu both retired after Athens. Probably who would replace them would be Andreea Munteanu (who was originally a member of the Athens team, but couldn't compete cos of an injury, Florea Leonida or the European Junior champion, Steliana Nistor.

I really hope that both Ponor and Rosu will not quit, cos I think it'd be such a shame if they retire so young. There was also a report that Ponor said she will not retire till after this year's WCs but then she does, cos she feels tired, but I dunno how accurate this is.. :confused:

Sally Struthers
Feb 3rd, 2005, 06:12 PM
While I don't condone the alleged abuse, you can't argue with the results.