View Full Version : Discuss wether or not Hingis and Seles return in 2005 FULL TIME

Dec 1st, 2004, 09:29 AM
I am happy for the state of tennis that both of them train for comebacks. The news that Hingis even committed to a Thai event for singles kind of proved me wrong that she would not want to come back due to her longterm injury or due to the depth of the current state of tennis. Regarding Monica, I think we are tend to believe she will listen to her body and only return if success is reachable.

Now, let me say, I believe that Monica´s return will only happen AT ALL if she´s healthy 100% in the next 3-4 weeks and I doubt that, sadly enough. If this happens though, I think she should play a minor event in Australia, the Grand Slam, and then decide up to Miami, which minor events she can play due to making points and re-enter the rankings. People should recognize that she won´t ever reach the top10 again due to the fact that the depth is so deep right now that she must do extremely well in 10-12 events to make solid points and I doubt that. I think that Seles is the darkest darkhorse in recent years if she returns "in style" and could, same as Hingis, be top30 in Dec 2005

Regarding Martina, I think this whole story is the most serious test for a longterm comeback you can think of. Thought as a price money donating competition to win the money for the poor this could very well develop in a strategy of expending such appearances to tierIII events of a higher level. But I seriously doubt we will see Martina Hingis in Grand Slam, tierI or tierII events before the fall of 2005. I think she´s a wise girl and being so young compared to Seles and the injury much more serious for her body and for her play strategy, I believe she would play just 3-5 events the whole year just listening to her body rather than risking anything. With those events just at tierIII/IV/V level, I believe she can have a solid top50 rank just with those 5-7 events played and can re-start a top10 run in Australia 2006.