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Nov 30th, 2004, 02:44 AM
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Larissa SAVCHENKO - NEJLAND: " Heavy education can prevent performance SHarapovoj for combined team "
Interview of the trainer of female modular Russia on tennis

On Wednesday in Moscow the final phase of the informal world championship among female combined teams - will start the Cup of federation. To transform and without that a supersuccessful season into a season oustanding, it is necessary for our girls to overcome in a semifinal of competitors from Austria, and then to win the strongest combined team from a duet Spain - France. Before the beginning of tournament the correspondent of "News" Vladimir Raush has communicated to the trainer of the Russian command Larissa Savchenko - Nejland.

- The combined team of Russia now is a unconditional favorite of the Cup of federation. It strongly presses?
- All girls understand, that it is huge chance. The last year we have missed it, though struggled as could. I think, it has taken place because we were not such amicable, compact command, as the Frenchmen. This year everything that the combined team became more organized have been made. Now it is important, that tennisistki have not fused. When something very strongly you want, such happens.
- How you have considered refusal to arrive to Moscow the leader of modular France Ameli Moresmo?
- At the end of the hardest season she has on this right. It seems to me, even the Frenchmen on it not in insult - even that she has made for a command the last year. We in due time too had such precedents. Only we do not advertise the refusals.
- How duties in combined team between you and the captain of command SHamilem Tarpishchevym are distributed?
- On SHamile organizational problems lay generally: maintenance of hotel accommodation, transport and other. I am engaged basically in practical activities - I work with girls on court, I look through them on tournaments. The questions connected to acquisition by combined team, we solve together.
- And who speaks, for example: " Masha is in the good form, her we take; and here Dashu to call does not cost "?
- I Offer. Thus the basic criterion of selection are even not game standards, and desire to act in combined team. Readiness to go for the sake of it on victims to be arranged under colleagues. It absolutely other psychology, than in individual tournaments, where people for itself.
- The decision to not involve in a command Elena Dementyev proceeded too from you?
- Is was not the strong-willed decision so there were circumstances. The present combined team meets all requirements which we to it show. These girls struggled in Moscow with avstralijkami, then acted on a frost in Argentina. To change someone from players now it would be incorrect.
- Three players of our combined team recently took part in ending WTA Tour. What impression was made by them on you?
- Belief Zvonareva - molodchina, she has spent huge quantity of physical and mental energy to get to Los Angeles. Another would be satisfied with 11-th place in a rating and would not began to strain. The another matter, toward the end has not sufficed a season to it silenok. Light Kuznetsova could not adapt to conditions: it seemed, to it it was uncomfortable on court. Perhaps, the covering has not approached or balls... Such it happens, it is difficult to feel from the first the on such tournament.
- Shortly before ending Kuznetsova has visited native Petersburg where her celebrated in connection with a victory on US Open. Can, solemn actions have unsettled her?
- I do not think. Little girls are able to gather quickly. That Light have arranged such reception in Peter, on the contrary, very well. At tennisistok every day - matches, crossings. In their life it is not enough warm moments. And in fact to feel care, to hear words of gratitude it would be desirable all. Therefore we even during two-three-day gathering always try suit with him any excursion, to dispel.
- That, in your opinion, has not sufficed in Los Angeles Anastasii Myskinoj?
- the Reason of its defeat in a semifinal from Masha Sharapovoj lays in the field of psychology. Nastja has very competently chosen tactics on a match and has fine lead the first set. But then SHarapovoj successively three dense impacts on the right have gone right. And Myskina was frightened, that former tactics has ceased to work. It should suffer a little, and she has not sustained...
- How you estimate game SHarapovoj?
- she has achieved Result otmennogo - even despite of that concert that has arranged in the ending Serena Williams. In comparison with summer Masha has fine added: began to play more purely, has considerably improved movement on court - it is felt, that works above this component much. Plus - mad concentration on a match.
- You carried on with it negotiations concerning performances for combined team the next year?
- SHamil, like, called to its father, talked. Though I think, that in a command there should be only those players who is ready to create a positive atmosphere. It is impossible to be guided by a rating blindly. And Machines the daddy behaves ugly.
- you mean his loud helps from a tribune?
- Not in it business. It sends people...
- Where sends?
- On mother, as usual. And from a tribune shouts, and signs shows - including to address of our girls. This the fact, all this saw.
- Nastja Myskina it has been offended after a semifinal because of it?
- It has been offended not only Myskina. In Los Angeles Sharapov played with three Russians. And everywhere the behaviour of its daddy was simply shocking.
- Girls now very coldly respond about SHarapovoj.
- This is natural! Eventually it is not important, where do you live and at whom you train. The main thing, you from Russia, speak Russian. At us all little girls perfectly communicate among themselves, even simply greet. With the same Tanej Golovin, supporting France, - any problems. Always will approach, will greeted.
- Sharapov, leaves, does not greet?
- Is other case. At it very heavy education.

Larissa Savchenko- Neyland: "heavy training can prevent the appearance Of sharapovoy for the composite"
Interviews of the trainer women's team Russia on tennis

In the medium in Moscow starts the final phase of the unofficial championship of peace among women's team commands - goblet of federation. In order to convert even without that superuspeshnyy season into the season put outting itself, to our girls it is necessary to overcome in the semi-final of rivals from Austria, and to then conquer the strongest composite from the duet Spain - France. Before beginning tournament the correspondent of "Izvestia" Vladimir raush met with the trainer of Russian command Larissa Savchenko- Neyland.
- the team of Russia is now the unconditional favorite of the goblet of federation. This strongly does press?
- all girls understand, what this is - enormous chance. In the past year we missed it, although they fought as they could. I think, this occurred because we were not such friendly, compact command as Frenchmen. In this year everything was made, so that composite would become more organized. It is now important so that the tennis players would not burn out. When you very strongly want something, such occurs.
- as you did relate to the refusal to arrive into Moscow the leader team France Ameli Moresmo?
- at the end of the heaviest season she has to this right. It seems me, even Frenchmen to it not in the offence - at least because it made for the command in the past year. We in its time also have such precedents. Only we our refusals do not advertise.
- as are distributed responsibilities in the composite between you and captain of command Shamilem By tarpishchevym?
- on Shamile lie for the most part the organizational problems: the guarantee of stay in the hotel, transport and other. However, 4 I am occupied in essence by practical activity - I work with the girls on Kort, I examine them at the tournaments. The problems, connected with the staffing by composite, we solve together.
- A who speaks, for example: "Masha is located in grow prettier to form, we take her; and For dashu to call it does not here be worthwhile "?
- I propose 4. In this case the basic criterion of selection are even not play conditions, but desire to come out in the composite. Readiness to go for it on victim, to be adjusted slightly under the associates. This is entirely other psychology, than in the individual tournaments, where the people are themselves for themselves.
- the solution not to draw into the command to Helen dement'ev did proceed also from you?
- this not was rule-of-thumb, circumstances thus were formed. Present composite satisfies all requirements, which we to it present. These girls fought in Moscow with the Australians, then they came out in freezing weather in Argentina. To change someone of the players would be now incorrectly.
- three players of our composite recently participated in finale WTA Tour. What impression did produce they on you?
- faith zvonareva - good fellow, it spent an enormous quantity of physical and psychic energy in order to arrive in Los Angeles. Another would be satisfied by its 11th place in the rating and it would not begin to be strained. Another matter, in the end of the season by it did not be sufficient silenok. Kuznetsov's light I could not be adapted to the situation: it seemed it it was uncomfortable on Kort. It can be, coating did not approach or balls... Such occurs, it is difficult from the very first to feel itself by its at this tournament.
- not long before Kuznetsov's finale it visited native Petersburg, where it they honored in connection with the victory on US Open. Maybe, solemn measures did knock out it from the track?
- I do not think. Girls know how rapidly to be gathered. The fact that light they arranged this reception in Pieter, on the contrary, very well. The tennis players have each day - matches, passages. It is very small warm moments in their life. But indeed to feel concern, to hear the words of appreciation is desirable all. Because we even during the two-three day collections always try to arrange to them any excursion, to scatter.
- what, in your view, Anastasiy myskinoy did not be sufficient in Los Angeles?
- the reason for its defeat in the semi-final from Masha sharapovoy lies at the field of psychology. Nastya very competently selected tactics to the match and healthily conducted first set. But for then Sharapovoy succeeded in a row three dense impacts to the right. And Myskina frightened, that the previous tactics ceased to work. It should it was suffer a little, but it did not maintain...
- as you do evaluate the game Of sharapovoy?
- result she attained excellent - even in spite of that concert, that she arranged in the finale it was sulfurred Williams. Masha healthily added in comparison with the summer: it began to play more cleanly, considerably improved motion on Kort - it is felt, that much works at this component. Plus - mad concentration to the match.
- you did conduct with it negotiations relative to appearances for the composite for next year?
- Shamil', like, rang to her father, he talked. Although I consider that in the command must be only those players, who ready to create the positive atmosphere. It cannot be blindly been oriented toward the rating. But machines dad behaves ugly.
- you do have in the form its loud prompts from the platform?
- not in this the matter. It sends people...
- where it does send?
- according to the mother, as it is conducted. And it shouts from the platform, and by signs it shows - including in the address of our girls. The same fact, this all they saw.
- Nastya Of myskina was obizhena after semi-final because of this?
- there was obizhena not only Of myskina. In Los Angeles Sharapova played with three Russian women. And everywhere the behavior of its dad was simply scandalous.
- girls now very coldly answer about The the sharapovoy.
- the same is natural! Finally it is not important, where you live and in whom are trained. The main thing, you from Russia, you speak in Russian. all girls excellently associate between themselves, at least simply tyuey zdorovayutsya. With the same by Tanya golovin, who speaks in favor of France, any problems. It will always approach, it pozdorovayetsya.
- Sharapova, does leave, not it zdorovayetsya?
- this is another case. It has very heavy training.

Nov 30th, 2004, 03:26 AM
So. The plot thickens. Apparently Mister Sharapov has been a very naughty man. Shouting and making gestures at the other Russians.

Wheres Nadia and her coach when you need them? ;)

Nov 30th, 2004, 03:48 AM
i know two wrongs dont make a right, but how does yuri feel that myskina and the other russians are attacking masha in the papers calling her non russian and so forth, myskina is calling masha off the court, and masha never responds to her comments just plays her game and won.

so if myskina can call out masha off court yuri (even though it should be masha) can do what he wants and talk all the smack he wants since myskina has no problem dishing it out in the papers, she should be able to take it on the court,
they talk about yuri his behaviour is so bad, well why doesnt fed cup captain tell myskina not to comment but yet she does.

im not saying two wrongs make a right but if myskina can talk bad about maria to the papers dont cry when people say shiet to you on the court, i know its sort of different but still.

just my opinion.

Nov 30th, 2004, 04:22 AM
I like these translations :lol: the interesting ways the sentences are worded..:D

Its good to see that it appears Savchenko- Neyland doesnt have a closed mind when it comes to including Maria in the team.

I think that Yuri imposing himself on a match in any way is unacceptable regardless of that happens of the court. Watching the YEC SF again it was easy to pick up Yuri's voice calling out during the match especially when Myskina made mistakes.
Though Nasty may be angry she needs to find a better way to calm herself than making these remarks about Maria in the media.

Maria can definitely add very positive atmosphere to the team with her energetic and enthusiastic approach and Im sure playing for her country will give her more reason to fit in with the team. I hope the problems with Yuri are sorted so Maria is no longer excluded from an honour she deserves.

Nov 30th, 2004, 08:24 AM
thanks for the articles.

Nov 30th, 2004, 08:26 AM
thanks for the articles. :)

the cat
Nov 30th, 2004, 03:57 PM
Can someone translate the translations for me? ;) What did Larissa say about Maria? It's hard to tell.

Nov 30th, 2004, 04:09 PM
Can someone translate the translations for me? ;) What did Larissa say about Maria? It's hard to tell.

I guess, it was some automatic translation. Sorry, the cat, I'm too busy now...

Nov 30th, 2004, 04:14 PM
does it matter what she says, she's nothing anyway. :fiery:
sooner she gets kicked off our squad the better.

the cat
Nov 30th, 2004, 04:27 PM
Why would you say that about Larissa? Is she behind Dementieva's absence on this years Russian Fed Cup team?