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Nov 29th, 2004, 09:43 PM
If there was a WTA version of Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! which ten WTA stars would you choose and why?

I would choose :

Lindsay Davenport
I would choose Lindsay, not only for being world #1 and for being a prominent player - it would be interesting to see her do all the physical challenges and see how she misses her husband.

Sesil Karatancheva
One of the younger WTA stars who is a bit gobby and is a bit over confident. She will be interesting to watch as she may well rub a few peoples backs up.

Chanda Rubin
I think Chanda is lovely, has a nice smile and seems a really nice person. She will be a maternal focus of the group.

Maria Sharapova
One of the stars of the year has got to appear surely.

Kim Clijsters
Again a really nice charitable soul and a girl that everyone would get on with. Probably be interesting to see if Kim dishes the goss on Lleyton.

Conchita Martinez
Put the Spanish veteran in for a bit of age.

Patty Schynder
Only putting her in to watch the fireworks with Conchita. Plus a beauty to watch.

Tatiana Golovin
Because she was interviewed at Wimbledon and is just really really nice.

Amelie Mauresmo
Putting Amelie in as she is a star and probably would be good at the physical challenges

Venus Williams
As she is a star of the tour, and Serena will probably be too busy to be on the show.


Evicted first: Sesil Karatancheva
Evicted second: Patty Schynder
Evicted third: Conchita Martinez
Evicted fourth: Venus Williams
Evicted fifth: Amelie Mauresmo
Evicted sixth Kim Clijsters
Evicted seventh Maria Sharapova

Third: Chanda Rubin
Second Lindsay Davenport
Winner!!! Tatiana Golovin

What would everyone elses shows go like?

Nov 29th, 2004, 10:59 PM
I hope you never end up working in TV!

Firstly, I'm A Celebrity... cannot be single-sex. It cannot. There needs to be sexual tension and potential shagging, and I don't mean Mauresmo and Martinez. There have to be five men and five women.

Also, you have far too many nice girls in there. NICE = BORING. The rule is, one token nice person to be the mother figure (Davenport would work well) and a load of bitches, divas and prima donnas (but also contrasting ones).

Stop trying to pretend that you're putting Tati into it for her personality, too.

Lindsay, Sesil, Serena, Maria, Amélie for the girls. (Assuming Anna K is not a 'WTA star' although to be honest it's not unlikely that she'll be in the real thing soon.)

I can't be arsed to think of a boys list but it must include Marat. (And not boring Andre.)

Nov 29th, 2004, 11:12 PM
I'd include Myskina and Sharapova and let the Russian sparks fly. And Washington, Hingis , Capriati and you NEED male players, agree with Marat i'd put philippousis and ancic in there as well...

Nov 30th, 2004, 06:28 PM

My first 2 contestants would be Justine Henin-Hardenne and Serena Williams!!! That would make good TV with those 2 in a jungle together!! Then probarbly Kim cause she needs to come out of her shell a bit (can she really be that nice?) and there's no better way than to starve her etc. Or Kim could just be really naturally nice and get on everyone's nerves. Patty Schynder and Conchita Martinez (same reason with Justine and Serena)

And 5 hot guys to tempt the married woman!!!

And let the games begin.

Dec 1st, 2004, 05:30 AM
You know, this is a sad sad topic, but I'm bored, so why not?

Umm... Let's see....

Maria Sharapova (the Russians hate her)
Anastasia Myskina (hates Maria, best friends with Elena)
Kim Clijsters (she's nice, and the others will argue and try and force her to take a side)
Elena Dementieva (hates Maria, best friends with Anastasia)
Serena Williams (worships Maria, and might beat the crap out of comeone)

Lleyton Hewitt (general whinger, also Kim's ex)
Marat Safin (known racker chucker, funny guy, friends with Elena and Anastasia)
Tim Henman (let's see this humourous personality John McEnroe was talking about)
Andy Roddick (also poorly tempered at times, made funny comments about Maria at Wimbledon)
Roger Federer (I dunno, he's number one, might as well throw him in, I can't think of anyone else)

Pamela Shriver
Dec 1st, 2004, 05:38 AM
You need to have the token old person - to look out of place amongst youngsters, to look stupid when pretending to know who Emenenenenimimimimimim is and to get annoyed when she cannot get to sleep at 8pm. I offer my services. As a giraffe I'm already at one with nature. Plus, after many dealings on the tour, I can handle slippery serpents...

Dec 1st, 2004, 12:09 PM
Well I will pick.
Maria Sharapova - She's a must. :devil: Especially when the Russians are in here
Kim Clijster - It will be interesting if she's telling what happened to her and Hewitt. Also she will pressure by the others to take side. That will be interesting. :devil:
Serena Williams - She has the charisma of her dad and she will stuck by Maria if Maria has trouble.
Anastasia Myskina - I think she will have a go at Maria :boxing: also the best mate with Dementieva.
Elena Dementieva - The best mate with Myskina we will see how they gang up against Maria. :devil:

Lleyton Hewitt - General whinger I could see him whinging all day and night. :devil: and annying some of the girls on the way. :devil: As well as Kim's ex we will see of he will telling what happened to him and Kim.
Marat Safin - One of the hottie in the tennis world. We will see any physical challenges between him and the girls. :drool:
Andy Roddick - He's will be interesting. :rolls: Especially some of the funny coments on the girls. :tape:
Roger Federer - He's Mr Perfect. :drool: Especially after seeing his picture with a large :tape: I think he will be lot more than what's appeared to us.
Andre Agassi -The elder of the group. He will be one the peace maker when things gone. :boxing: