View Full Version : Congratulations Kerry-Anne Guse!

Nov 26th, 2004, 12:35 AM
On November 3, Kerry-Anne gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Joshua :)

Congratulations and all the best to one of my favourite of the 'Aussie battlers' :hearts:

For those that have a short memory or are too young to remember, Kerry-Anne came onto the scene in the late 80's/early 90's, along with Nicole Pratt and Kirrily Sharpe to name a few. She struggled for the first few years of her career (like Pratt), but in the mid 90's she had a career resurgence (again, like Pratt), and broke through to reach no.60 in 1997 with some really impressive, consistent results. Unfortunately injuries played a major role in her retirement, but she was such a battler out there and was a pleasure to watch (similar to Pratt, she gave everything out there on every point).

Nov 26th, 2004, 04:08 AM
Hey thats great news!

I like Kerry-Anne as well. Her drop shot and then lob volley combinations were something you never saw on court and she had a decent enough serve and net game, but her backcourt game lacked power.

Best win was probably her 63 60 thumping of Nicole Bradtke at Wimbledon.. yes??

Always thought KA got too down on herself on court (typical Aussie trait amongst many of our girls) and would drop her head a bit.

Probably her claim to fame was playing Graf on a night match at the Aussie Open as a w/c in the 89 Open. She was thumped 61 62 but getting three games from Graf was quite impressive in those days!

Nov 26th, 2004, 06:39 AM
IVF Baby?? I thought Kerry-Anne Guse was a lesbian???

She really had an interesting game built on finesse and touch and not grinding groundies! She really was unique and had one of the better serves of the Aussie girls at that time.

Most of her success was on grass or in doubles, she reached Q/F at Aust Open and Wimbledon in doubles and reached number 26 in the world.

In singles she won the $50K Gifu Challenger, $25K Surbiton (toughest $25K there is!), was a Q/Finalist at Birmingham, and had top 20 wins over Po and Raymond.

If Im correct she was the last Australian woman, and only one in recent years to win through qualifying for the Australian Open!!