View Full Version : The Most Annoying Part of Any Job Is...

Nov 19th, 2004, 06:00 PM
..smelly co-workers. At least, that's what they think in Germany. The German business magazine Junge Karriere polled 254 office workers and 38 percent said they were "most bothered" by how their colleagues smelled.

Other causes of on-the-job dismay:
--15 percent said they were annoyed by their colleagues socializing too much.
--14 percent said they were bothered by their co-workers' untidy desks.

Is anyone happy at work? Yes! It turns out that fully 26 percent are so content with their jobs they have no complaints at all. Chances are, these employees have a boss who supports them. Employees who feel they are supported by their supervisors actually have lower blood pressure during work hours, particularly during times of stress, than those whose bosses do not give them that support, according to a new study by researchers at St. John's University in Jamaica, New York. "The data suggest that when employees feel that supervisors care about them, they are less stressed on the job," study author and psychologist Elizabeth Brondolo told Reuters Health. "I would like to see employers aware that perceived support makes a difference." That's right, your psychological well-being and your physical health could ride on how well your boss treats you.