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Nov 10th, 2004, 05:36 PM
hello all,

The last version 1.0 of the Firefox browser is Out (http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/).
download available here : http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/all.html

This browser is (for me) the best available:
- Privacy and Security
- a lot of useful functions (Popup Blocking, Tabbed Browsing, Smarter Search, find plugins easly, ...)
- quick dowonload (gecko engine)
- completly configurable with extension (theme, tools, addons)
- available in a lot of different langage (en, fr, es, de, ...) and O/S (windows, MacOsx, linux)

I suggest some useful extensions (http://update.mozilla.org/extensions/showlist.php?application=firefox&category=All):
- Translate (from "any" langage to "any" langage) : http://www.ctomer.com/archives/translate/
- Habari Xenu (read rss/blog) : http://habarixenu.mozdev.org
- Adblock (block advertisement) : http://adblock.mozdev.org/

I hope this helps

Some Tennis blog (live bookmark) news :
- Yahoo Tennis: http://sports.yahoo.com/ten/rss.xml-
- Eurosport Tennis : http://www.eurosport.com/home/zones/V4/L0/S57/storyrss_lng0_spo57.shtml
- yahoo search - example for Davenport: http://search.news.yahoo.com/usns/ynsearch/categories/47/index.html?p="lindsay davenport"