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Nov 9th, 2004, 05:14 AM
1.) Which player with a favourable win loss of 20-19 this year has only reached one Quarter Final in the last 20 months and her best result in that time is 2nd round of a $25K!

Well Done TS, it is Mireille Dittmann, her win loss is positive but most of her wins came in $25K qualifying!

2.) Which Aussie despite playing 12 tournaments on home soil over the last two years had lost only once to a fellow Aussie in that time until the other week and is 9 wins, 2 losses against Aussies now in the last two years.

Its Jaslyn Hewitt, no one got this!! She always does well against the Aussies.

3.) Apart from the current lot of the Dominikovics, Calderwoods, Lucas', and Welfords, name 5 other Aussie sister acts that have both played singles in same satellite/challenger in the last 8 years (There are probably more than five!).

The Rowe sisters, Wheelers, Sekulovski's, Stewarts (good get TS), Dittmanns, Ivanovs probably others

4.) Which Aussie has a 6-0 6-0 win over bagel girl Nancy Loeffler-Caro?

Cindy Watson beat her about 5 years ago.

5.) Who was the last Australian to qualify for the US Open?

Trick question, yes Lisa McShea qualified in 1999, but it was Rachel McQuillan who cameback from 6-2 in a third set tiebreaker, saving 5 match points in the final round of qualies against Poutchek to qualify in 2000.

6.) Stubbs, Molik, Pratt are all current top 30 doubles players, who was 4th most recent Aussie, not including Dokic to be inside the top 30?

Kerry-Anne Guse

7.) Which Aussie once got bagelled in a set by Kournikova?

Nicole Pratt, Anna K was ranked 8 at the time!

8.) Besides Alicia Molik and Evie Dominikovic, name 2 other players in the last 10 years who have won at least 10 matches in a row on the circuit (hint this includes satellites/challengers!) List tournaments making up the run and year.

Cindy Watson when she qualified for LA Canada and won it then reached the Q/F's at her next event.

Kerry-Anne Guse won 19 matches str8 during the Aussie $10Ks

Lisa Mcshea only ever won 9 in a row at the Aussie $10k's!

9.) Who was the last Aussie to win Surbiton $25K?

In singles it was Kerry-Anne Guse

10.) Which 3 Aussies have wins over Elke Clistjers, and which top 10 Aussie got bageled in a set by Elke!

Olivia Lukaszewicz, Jaslyn Hewitt and Casey Dellacqua, and Casey got bagelled by her!

Nov 9th, 2004, 08:18 AM
Wow !!

i wasnt even gonna try those as my results would have been quite laughable