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Nov 5th, 2004, 04:02 AM
Mauresmo vs. Venus: This should be an interesting match featuring two players who have a history of injuries. Mauresmo to my knowledge has never beaten Venus, but Venus like her sister Serena has had a very un-williams like year in 2004. Is it possible that with all of these injuries that Venus' career is nearly over? We know Mauresmo is around to stay, but what about Venus' future? Remember that Mauresmo is already in the YEC, but Venus is contending for a spot with Serena, Capriati, and Zvonareva. If she doesn't wake up, her season could be over tomorrow.

Sharapova vs. Molik: Two of the best women's tennis players these last couple of weeks and Molik recently ended Sharapova's like 11 or something like that matches won streak. Molik has recently been on a shred and tear and whether it's her possibly becoming a contender or just having a short hot streak, she's been very good as of late. I think Sharapovs previals this time like at Birmingham back in June, but Sharapova has tended to be streaky.

Zvonareva vs. Capriati: This match-up is a must win for both players, since both are competing for the two final spots in the YEC. The other two contedners are the WS and with Serena deciding not to play in this tournament one of these players can take advantage and gain a spot since there are four contenders and only two spots left. Capriati beat Vera nearly two years ago at IW 6-4 4-6 6-1, but tomorrow's match might even go to a 3rd set toe breaker.

Myskina vs. Petrova: Myskina is 3-1 against Petrova and 3-0 in her last three against Petrova. They always go three sets, but for the most part, Myskina wins. The six already in it no matter what are: Davenport, Mauresmo, Myskina, Kuznetsova, Dementieva, and Sharpaova. The two Belgians are out with injury, so this one isn't a must win for either, but a moral victory for Petrova if she wins.

To sum it up: Venus needs to win against Mauresmo and as for Capriati/Zvonareva, both are in a must-win situation and the loser's season is over. Regaridng the Capriati/Zvonareva match, one of them will lose and if Venus loses too, Serena and the Capriati/Zvonareva winner will get the two spots. So Venus' loss is the biggest determinging factor to Serena's YEC spot.

Nov 5th, 2004, 04:11 AM
Venus is 5:1 against Mauresmo.

Mauresmo has actually to wins but the last one
doesn't count as a loss for Venus.

In the Warsaw final last year she had to retire mid
3rd set because of the abdominal strain which took
her out for six months.

This year in Berlin she had to default the final
because of the bad ankle sprain she suffered
in the last game of the SF match against Sprem.

By all accounts given her year Venus should lose
this match, but I won't cont her out!

Good Luck Venus!