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Oct 31st, 2004, 11:04 PM

The Canton of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) have been elected European Region of the Year 2006, as announced in Barcelona today by the President of the European Region of the Year Organisation, Xavier Tudela. Nine regions from various European countries had sought the nomination.

The European Region of the Year is an initiative that is aimed at increasing awareness and recognition of European regional a... ffairs, and making new contributions to regional construction and European integration, as well as projecting the regions chosen as European Region of the Year onto the European and international stage in all their aspects: social, cultural, economic, tourism, etc. The initiative has certain similarities with the European Cultural Capitals, but at regional level.

So far, the following regions have been designated as European Region of the Year:

2003: the Balearic Islands (Spain) and the Republic of Karelia (Russia)
2004: the German-speaking Community (Belgium) and Madeira (Portugal)
2005: Kiev (Ukraine) and Piedmont (Italy)
2006: Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and Vojvodina (Serbia and Montenegro).

Sarajevo is one of the ten cantons of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is also the capital of the country. The region (www.ks.gov.ba (http://www.ks.gov.ba)) has an area of 1,277 km2 and a population of 401,000 habitants, and the languages spoken are Bosnian, Croat and Serb. It has signed international cooperation agreements with 38 cities and regions of the world.

The year 1462 is considered as one of the dates when Sarajevo was born. Between 1440 and 1463, many important buildings were constructed, such as the Imperial Mosque, the Hammam (Turkish baths), and a bridge on the river Miljacka. In the 17th century, new impetus was given to the city's development, which would be completed during the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when Sarajevo became an important administrative and political centre. After the Second World War, and up to 1991, Sarajevo developed considerably. In 1984, the Winter Olympics were held in the city. In 1992, Sarajevo became the capital of the newly-independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the city suffered, until the Paris Peace Treaty was signed (14 December 1995) from a protracted siege which caused enormous loss of life and damage to property. The President of the Canton of Sarajevo is Denis Zvidic.

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