View Full Version : A Japanese hostage beheaded

Oct 31st, 2004, 06:16 AM
This is so sad... he's the fifth Japanese victim after the war in Iraq started. His family must be heart broken.. I just read his brother apologized to the public for all the trouble his brother had caused to the country. I'm sure given the name of the Japanese ppl, his family has had to go thru a lot since Koda (the hostage) was captured by the Islamic militant group. The last time Japanese were abducted in Iraq, the general sentiment in the nation as a whole was extremely negative toward those captured and threatend to be beheaded all though they were in Iraq for humanitalian reasons like helping poor kids etc. I dunno the reason why Koda decided to go to Bagdad desipte all the warnings the goverment had been issuing and the obvious risked involved.
I visited the biggest message board of Japan to see the reaction of the ppl there. It was worse then I expected. Although it's a mere message board and so it doesn't represent the nation in general, it was way too harsh on Koda. A lot of them wrote that he deserved what he got and his family should pay for it because thanks to him, the goverment had to spend so much of their tax to deal with the situation... As a Japanese, I felt ashamed...