View Full Version : Who are the up and coming players?

JC Federer
Oct 29th, 2004, 03:55 PM
There are a lot of Russians here already, but the players have said there are even more coming... Any idea who they are? And are they as pretty as the current generation?

Anna Chakvetadze beat Myskina at the USO... Is she any good, or just a fluke? I can't even find any information on her. Even WTA's website doesn't have her profile. If I recall correctly, she wasn't a hot looker either... But it's interesting that she beat Russia's #1, unless Myskina was having an off day. Will she be a promising up and comer?

Will Safina ever deliver anything?

And is Chakvetadze a russian name? I thought most girls names end in 'a'?

Oct 29th, 2004, 04:07 PM
If Safina stays healthy she won't need a Kremlin Cup WC next year. She'll make the top 20, Safina hasn't been doing worse than Farina Elia. Only Farina Elia's been injury free, Safina not. She didn't have the same luck.
Anna Chakvetadze proved at this years Kremlin Cup she's among the best 30 players on The Kremlin Cup surface. If she continues this years progress, she'll trouble the top Russian players at next year Kremlin Cup. Think Chakvetadze is a Georgian or Ukra. name.
More upcoming players gotta go for E. Makarova 16 y.o. Chakvetadze like. Further you've A. Kleybanova, Regina Kulikova, Alla Kudryatseva and some others.