View Full Version : Reporting user Alphacentauri

Oct 28th, 2004, 07:48 AM
Alphacentauri gave me a rep, a grey one because s/he ob has neg rep ...... but the comment was very rude. The comment was "fuck you in ALL your holes, you stinking ****" ...... I think this denotes a warning of some type.

Oct 28th, 2004, 07:56 AM
:lol: :lol:

Oct 28th, 2004, 03:21 PM
For what post? :lol:

Oct 28th, 2004, 03:23 PM
Ummm shara shouldnt be on the front of the wta/atp guide to tennis 2005 ;)

Oct 28th, 2004, 03:25 PM
I guess he didn't agree with you then. :p

Oct 28th, 2004, 03:27 PM
It can take as long as a day for rep comments to show up in our cp. When and if it does, it will be dealt with.