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Dawn Marie
Oct 23rd, 2004, 03:55 PM
I think this is good news for them both.

I never liked this childish romance because imho they were both to young in age and in the mental mindset for marriage. I felt that it was like a highschool romance instead of a mature partnership. They are both way too young to marry imho. It is best to break it off now then have a marriage end in divorce later on.

I think Kim was to codependent on Lleyton. He was all she knew when it came to men. Live a little first, expplore one's sexuality before you commit to the first guy you meet. Lleyton, come on he is young, the world has too many hotties out there. Explore, grow and Mature then get married.

Agassi and Steffie are two mature adults who explored with other partners before finding true love. Maybe Kim and Lleyton will find true love, but without each other.

Oct 23rd, 2004, 06:25 PM
How old were they when Steffi and Andre got married?

Oct 23rd, 2004, 06:31 PM
How old were they when Steffi and Andre got married?
Not exactly sure, but Steffi was at least 30 (cos that's when she retired and she married after that) and Andre must have been at least 32. I have to say that I'm not generally in favour of early marriages, but I'm shocked that a couple who looked as solid as Kim and Lleyton split up so abruptly.

Oct 23rd, 2004, 06:38 PM
there is an article on cnnsi that says that potato is devastated by the breakup....damn things change so quickly, I saw then together at the open and in the streets of Ny looking all cuddly :eek:

Oct 23rd, 2004, 09:54 PM
Hewitt distraught at split
By Ian Haberfield, Ben English and Rosanne Michie

LLEYTON Hewitt has told friends of his heartbreak and shock when fiancee Kim Clijsters dumped him.

Clijsters, 21, phoned Hewitt on Thursday night to end their five-year relationship without giving a reason.

On Friday she posted a brief statement on her website announcing the split.

But reports from Belgium say the injured star cancelled her wedding dress weeks ago.

Last night a distraught Hewitt was believed to have fled overseas.


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"He's angry, embarrassed, devastated, distraught - all of that stuff," .a friend of Hewitt's said.

"He's been kicked in the guts and he's been kicked in the guts internationally and embarrassingly.

"He had a few warning signs but when it came it came as a huge shock.

"There were some signs she might have cold feet about the wedding after the US Open but then he thought everything was OK," the friend said.

Dress Designer Nicky Vankets, who was to make Clijsters' wedding dress, said he had known for more than a week but was not allowed to tell anyone.

Friends of Hewitt said the Aussie star had some inkling all was not well but were floored when Clijsters ended their engagement over the phone.

Hewitt, 23, withdrew from the Madrid Masters tournament this week, citing unspecified personal reasons.

He has been holidaying in Darwin this week with his friend Adelaide footballer Andrew McLeod.

Early yesterday, Hewitt was relaxing with mates at Darwin's Discovery nightclub.

Hewitt partied in the VIP section of the club, a private bar overlooking the main dance floor, in the city's main entertainment strip in Mitchell St.

Hewitt was due back in Adelaide last night to attend a 36ers basketball match but he phoned coach Phil Smythe to say he couldn't make it and had to get out of the country.

Instead he is believed to have flown straight to Paris.

Differences between the two mothers about the makeup of the wedding party and its location are rumoured to be behind the split.

Clijsters is said to have been suffering stress in helping with wedding arrangements in two countries as well as coping with the anxiety of a wrist injury which has ruined her tennis year.

One Adelaide friend said "there has been a lot of trouble over who was going to be in the wedding party".

Another friend said Hewitt was "doing pretty well in the circumstances" and was slowly coming to the realisation it is better the split happened now rather after they were married.

"He doesn't know if there is anyone else involved but Lleyton certainly isn't seeing anyone else," he said.

"He doesn't know if things got too much for her."

Friends say the Hewitt family thinks a reconciliation unlikely because of the "cold" way Clijsters ended the relationship.

"He (Lleyton) doesn't know if a reconciliation is possible but he doesn't hold out a lot of hope," a friend said.

Lleyton's grandfather Max Hewitt, who was speaking from his home, at Glengowrie in SA, was shocked after hearing the news.

"We've only just found out, it's a big surprise," he said.

"We are trying to find out what happened, we have no idea what went wrong."

Hewitt was due to fly from Darwin to Paris yesterday – a flight originally booked so he could meet up with Clijsters in her home town of Bree, 80km east of Brussels.

Instead, Hewitt will spend the next week in France preparing for the Paris Masters next month.

Meanwhile, Clijsters has been visiting night clubs and shops near her home in the past two weeks.

Yesterday, her father Leo appeared in the driveway of the gated family home saying only that his daughter had no intention of speaking to the press.

Speaking outside the family home, he said: "Its private - between Lleyton and Kim," he said,

"She has not spoken to anybody in Belgium about it."

However, Mr Clijsters revealed he had spoken to Hewitt on Friday afternoon, nearly 24 hours after his daughter announced the split.

Clijsters has been seen driving her yellow Porche 4WD around the area, sometimes dropping into the village for a waffle with her sister, Elke.

Tennis insiders said yesterday Kim Clijsters decision to end her relationship with Lleyton Hewitt may have been coming for months.

Many had thought it strange when Clijsters did not take her customary position alongside Hewitt's mum Cherilyn and dad Glynn at either Wimbledon or the US Open.

Friends of Hewitt describe Clijsters as a lovely person but with a fondness for "control".

"Now there's a cocktail for you ... when you throw in Cherilyn and Glynn. I think there were issues with them, although they always seemed to support her," one friend said.

Hewitt's Davis Cup teammate Todd Woodbridge says he was shocked to hear of the split.

"I'm staggered to hear that news," he said yesterday.

"It was one out of left field for me. I hadn't foreseen anything like that happening.

"It's a shock. If there's anything you'd say perhaps it would just be the distance that was between them at times. Although they managed to keep a really strong relationship together.

"Kim was front row at the Davis Cup last year cheering like she was a full blown citizen here."

The former lovers may not come face-to-face until the Australian Open in January but that will only occur if Clijsters recovers from her wrist injury.

Tennis' glamour couple were to be married in Adelaide in February with another celebration later at a Belgian chateau.

Two wedding ceremonies had been planned to satisfy the wishes of parents Glynn and Cherilyn Hewitt and Clijsters' parents Leo and Els.

Hewitt proposed to Clijsters aboard a Sydney Harbour cruise last year, presenting her with an impressive diamond solitaire ring.

The two former No. 1 tennis players have been together for almost five years. They met at the Australian Open in 2000 when Kim's sister Elke asked her to get Hewitt's autograph.

Oct 23rd, 2004, 10:07 PM
hmmm, that's sad but I will say maybe they were too young to get married if they couldn't tell their parents to butt out of the wedding considering they were paying for it themselves I'm sure...:(

Oct 23rd, 2004, 10:11 PM
Gosh :o

Oct 23rd, 2004, 10:41 PM
Not exactly sure, but Steffi was at least 30 (cos that's when she retired and she married after that) and Andre must have been at least 32. I have to say that I'm not generally in favour of early marriages, but I'm shocked that a couple who looked as solid as Kim and Lleyton split up so abruptly.

Thanks. Yea you're right, I think they should wait until they almost retired or something to get married, or atleast wait until they're 27 or 28.

Oct 23rd, 2004, 10:48 PM
If the wedding dress was canceled weeks ago, then should Lleyton know about this? Maybe Kim's mum and Lleyton's mum had a conversation over the phone about the wedding plans then when Kim got back home from the restaurant, her mum told her to call to Lleyton and tell them to split. That's why the news said split up without a single reason. See, I think this is kinda logical. Eloping is the best way to solve this right now if they still love each other.

Oct 23rd, 2004, 10:53 PM
Thanks. Yea you're right, I think they should wait until they almost retired or something to get married, or atleast wait until they're 27 or 28.
There's definitely a reason why the only successful tennis marriage has been Steffi/Andre who got married after she'd retired. It's very tough in general for a relationship/marriage to survive when both partners have high pressure careers that require a lot of travel. Either you have to be the sorts of people who cope very well with a lot of distance and separation (Lindsay and her husband seem to cope very well) or one of you has to sacrifice your career to travel with the other one (as Justine and Pierre-Yves do) but if you're not the sorts of people to go either of those routes, it's going to be very difficult. It's always a shame when circumstances break couples up rather than a lack of love, as seems to have happened here, but they're both young and will find happiness with other people or even again with each other given time.

Oct 24th, 2004, 09:09 AM
:sad: Still really sad about this.

Oct 24th, 2004, 09:15 AM
I was shocked to hear this as well. I really felt like they would be together - just one of those couples you know were meant for eachother. Well, thats the way it goes sometimes. Maybe it was just a little too soon for marriage for them, maybe they will part for awhile to test the waters (so to speak) ;) and see if the love brings them back together later on.

Oct 24th, 2004, 09:29 AM
:sad: Still really sad about this.

For Kim and Lleyton :hearts:

We have all had are hearts broken at least once in our lives. There has been that one person that we have loved with all our heart and has not returned that love. When you wake up to that reality you feel like your world has shattered. You feel like you will never love that way again. He/She is all you think of and becomes your world.

You ask yourself why is this happening to me? Am I not good enough? What's wrong with me? Then, as time goes by, you get the answers to your questions. You begin to realize that it all happened for a reason. You realize the He/She is not the one for you.

The more you analyze the person you begin to see the differences. You realize that you don't know that person like you thought you did and they don't know you. Then comes the understanding that you deserve someone who will love, cherish, appreciate you and never take you for granted.

Once you reach this point, the pain of never having him starts to minimize. It becomes a learning experience. You learn more about yourself. You learn to recognize the qualities you do want in a person. You learn that you will love again and even stronger.

When two people love each other mutually and give to each other freely that love grows and matures. If it were not for the experience of our broken heart and those lessons we learned along the way we would not be the loving, understanding people we become.

All past hurts teach us and mold us in becoming better people, which give us the tools to create successful relationships. If you are experiencing a broken heart just remember even though you have been hurt and disappointed love will come again just HOPE! :hearts:


Oct 24th, 2004, 12:42 PM
OMG :eek: :eek: :eek:
I just got back from a one week holiday in egypt. I can't believe this is true. This is what no one ever expected :eek: :eek: