View Full Version : Is Hantuchova the lowest seed to win a tier 1?

Mar 17th, 2002, 01:15 AM
she's seeded 18th, she's ranked no 26th

Mar 17th, 2002, 01:22 AM
Yes she is !!!! In 1980 was the lowest ranked player to win a Tier 1 tourney, I think place 40 or something. :bounce:
This was great, wasn`t it? :wavey: :cool:

Mar 17th, 2002, 01:25 AM
who was it?

Mar 17th, 2002, 01:27 AM
I'm not sure about that. Eurosport commentator said there was a player (i don't remember her name) who won in Tokyo (Tier I), she was the lowest seed.

I'm really not sure :rolleyes:

Mar 17th, 2002, 02:08 AM
I will watch this great match again tomorrow, maybe I will catch the name, but I am sure it will be written on some tennis-news, on TV or Internet. :bounce:

Mar 17th, 2002, 02:17 AM
This was her first title also!!!!!!

Does anyone know if HAntuchova is the first player having won a first title that big????:bounce: I mean after the GS, we have Miami and IW!!!!!

Mar 17th, 2002, 02:20 AM
Congratulations Daniela!Keep up the good work(preferably not against Martina)...:p

Mar 17th, 2002, 02:24 AM
Joao, last year, Jelena Dokic won her first title at the Italian Open, a tier I event but still not as big as IW. :)
And when I was watiching the match on ESPN (or ESPJen and ESPMen as they call it), Pam Shriver said that the lowest seeded player to ever win a tier I was the 14th seed (Didnt mention name) so I guess Daniela was the lowest seed to ever win a tournament!:bounce:

Mar 17th, 2002, 02:26 AM
Dokic was the lowest to win Rome last year, but the lowest EVER to win a tourney, a Tier 1, was in 1980. I heard it on Eurosport, but can`t tell you exactly who....:sad: and where...:o

Mar 17th, 2002, 03:05 AM
Email them ;)

Ted of Teds Tennis
Mar 17th, 2002, 03:30 AM
I believe Serena was unseeded when she won Indian Wells in '99 -- although there were only 56 players and 16 seeds in the main draw at that time. In fact, my reading of the draw (she defeated #2 seed Davenport in the R32) says that she was indeed unseeded.

I don't know what her rank was at the time, however.

Mar 17th, 2002, 03:32 AM
Yes, you are right :) Serena was unseeded and won Indian Wells :)

Mar 17th, 2002, 03:34 AM
:p Matthew
I will watch the match again ;) and hopefully hear it. :bounce: :wavey:

Mar 17th, 2002, 05:40 AM

Mar 17th, 2002, 06:50 AM
before Dokic:wavey:

Mar 17th, 2002, 07:05 AM
The previous lowest seed to win a Tier I event was 14th seed Jelena Dokic in Rome.

Could the lowest ranked be Andrea Temesvari?

Mar 17th, 2002, 10:06 AM
I was thinking Temesvari as well, didn't she win Hilton Head or something when she was ranked 40 or something?

Mar 17th, 2002, 12:45 PM
I don't think such things as "tier 1" events existed in 1980.

Temesvari was quite low-ranked when she won the Italian Open in 1983-but it had a field(and prize money) that today would make it a weak tier 2.

Lisa Bonder won Tokyo from nowhere in the rankings the same year.

1980? Unless it was Andrea Jaeger, I can't see who the Europsort announcer was thinking of-and Andrea probably had a high rank by the time she won her first big event.

Mar 17th, 2002, 01:16 PM
I will tell you ;) Just have to see the match again :bounce:

Mar 17th, 2002, 01:24 PM
Thanks Oizo-you heard right at least-I read the same thing in a news report, but it didn't mention who it was. I had a lok at tenniscorner.net, and Jaeger won Las Vegas in 1980-but she had a high ranking by then. It sounds like an error to me.

Mar 17th, 2002, 01:28 PM
On CNN teletext they wrote the year too, but not who it was and where :fiery: :mad:
I have to watch the match again Rollo :D

Mar 17th, 2002, 04:35 PM
1980 just seems odd. There WERE some surprise winners in 1981(Leslie Allen comes to mind)-and a lot in 1983, when unknown Kim Shaefer won the US Indoor.