View Full Version : WOW - got Natalie Imbruglia's 'Wrong Impression' single yet?...come in here quick!

Mary Pierce
Mar 16th, 2002, 10:42 AM
I just got it today, and wow, I am so impressed with the 'B' tracks on it.

The single has the following (mind you, this is the Aussie release version, so let me know if anyone has anything different)...

1. Wrong Impression - RADIO MIX
2. Always Never
3. Hide Behind The Sun

I just love Always Never, I think it has the potential to be a single release on its own, but I guess they didn't think so, it is so catchy.

Natalie keeps surprising me! Every single song is different, the voice, the music, the beat, it is always changing, she can do everything!!!

Also, Hide Behind The Sun, a piano and violin composition is also really nice, though a song better suited to a more melancholly mood. ;)

I just love the words of the songs, they make sense and tell a story - they make a point!

So if you get the chance, got out and by the Wrong Impression single, in Australia at least it is only $5.95 (cheaper than the others!) and you get three really good songs.

Has anyone else got it yet? what do you think??

Go to: http://www2.fanscape.com/natalieimbruglia/downloads/ecard.asp

Mar 16th, 2002, 11:41 AM
My sister bought it :) Its 2.99 here in the UK, I was going to buy the single but i didnt because i got the album so my sister bought it instead :D

Internet Lover
Mar 16th, 2002, 11:46 AM
I love it! I downloaded it like 3 weeks ago. :)

Mary Pierce
Mar 16th, 2002, 11:48 PM
:) :bounce: