View Full Version : Peng Shuai: My Goal is to win the National Game next year!?

Oct 4th, 2004, 01:19 AM
National Game will be in Jiang-Su next year celebrating its 10th year of existence.

The #2 Chinese singles player was asked questions in her interview, I'll do my best to translate them.

Q. How has your tennis career been?
A. I was playing piano at 8, never thought I would one day be a pro player.
I started to love tennis when I was in America, but I lacked confidence. But now it's different, I want to play them whenever I can.

Q. People were saying there was 4 Golden Flower in China, now Li Na is the 5th flower, how do u feel?
(4 Golden Flower is Zheng/Yan/Li/Sun)
A. I'm not a golden flower, comparing to the 4, I still have rooms for improvement.

Q. Why have we seen you much?
A. I have been training recently wanting to improve.

Q. What's your goal?
A. I want to win 10th National Game tennis tournament.

Oct 4th, 2004, 03:05 AM
I think that's respectable...I LOVE Shuai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!