View Full Version : Is Monica playing too much?

Mar 15th, 2002, 03:12 AM
I mean she is getting creamed by Martina at the moment, I think she play so much better at the start of the year when she is fresh, I strongly felt that she is playing too much, what do you think?

Mar 15th, 2002, 03:56 AM
I don't know but tonight she looked like she is doing something wrong!:confused:

Mar 15th, 2002, 03:58 AM
She looked mentally exhausted to me. I think she needs a break. It seems like she's played almost every week this year! And, from the looks of it, her commitments for the near future are almost the same. Monica, what are you doing?

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:01 AM
yes I think she should rest :sad:

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:13 AM
In the third set, Martina hit a shot to Monica's right, into the corner. Martina was in the middle of the court, on the baseline. Monica was in the middle of the court, on the baseline. Monica didn't even get a racket on it.

Monica showed up visibly overweight against the one player who's better than anyone else at exploiting physical deficiencies in her opponent. Once fatigue set in, Martina was even serving harder than Monica.

I don't think she can win RG at her current weight. I'll be VERY happy to be wrong, but I can't see her conditioning holding for two weeks of running around on clay.

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:14 AM
I noticed that shot, too, Volcana. Very surprising that she didn't even try for it...

Cybelle Darkholme
Mar 15th, 2002, 04:16 AM
where was the monica from the Aussie Open? Huh? Where was she!!!! Did she go walkabout?

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:17 AM
I don't think it is any of those things. Monica just does not play well on the run. Martina's greatest asset is the ability to change the direction of a tennis ball. This has Monica reaching with her feet not set. Plus Monica must not hit the ball as hard as Venus, Serena, Capriati, and Lindsay. Martina had little trouble with her power. In addition Venus, Serena, and Capriati make some of their best shots on the run. I personally was disappointed on the amount of pressure Monica put on Martina's serve, the weakest part of her game. Martina just has the game to defeat Monica 80 percent of the time or higher. :cool:

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:19 AM
Monica had everything going for her tonight, fresh off a break, While Martina Played last week. Monica's matches were staggered better, with 2 one day breaks, where Martina has played 5 mathces since saturday. I cannot believe Monica could get so out of condition compared to Australia, less then 2 months ago, I think excuses are being made in that respect. I think all in all Martina is a better player then she was last year, no where as good as she can be, but certainly a more dangerous prospect for Every player on the tour.

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:29 AM
It's obvious to me that Monica still had not recovered from her match with Arantxa. From the moment she set foot on court she seemed out of sorts.

She still needs more work on her conditioning.

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:30 AM
As her biological clock ticks over it does become increasinly hard to keep up with whats goinn around.

I agree she is playing too much tennis and i wouldnt mind her taking a break before the french. Her age is more vunerable and fragile to accidents. so i would like monica to tone it down just a little,

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:31 AM
It is surprising that Monica could look more out of shape in such a short period of time, but it sure appeared that way to me. And in addition to being out of shape physically, she just looked mentally out of it.

And, yes, Martina played great.

You'd think that with all that tennis Monica's been playing, her fitness should remain pretty high...


Mar 15th, 2002, 04:34 AM
A biological clock ticking over at 28? God help us all then!

She ain't menopausal! You make it sound as if she's walking around with a cane or something :rolleyes:

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:39 AM
As her biological clock ticks over it does become increasinly hard to keep up with whats goinn around.

What planet are you from ?? That was so uncalled for. :rolleyes:

Dawn Marie
Mar 15th, 2002, 04:43 AM
Monica is a favorite player of mine but I now believe that she is not going to win another slam. I use to feel she had one left but she needs to work on a few things.

#1. Monica had Hingis on the defensive alot of times in the rally .. BUT Monica REFUSES to take balls out of the air. She has NO NET GAME. I think it is time for Seles to start getting to the net. She gave Hingis way too many chances to hit another ball.

#2. Monica has got to get in the best possible shape of her life. This is the reason why I no longer feel she will win another slam. She either has to committ to a strict fitness regimen or continue to lose in Semifinals.

So in short when or IF Seles does these two things she will win another slam and be a strong force with the top players. She has great shots and will continue to beat the top players but not enough to win another slam.

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:48 AM
have to agree with dawn, she must be as fit and fast as Jennifer before she can win a slam again, she got tired after playing long matches/long time and for a slam, she needs to be in good condition for 2 weeks .... :rolleyes:

Mar 15th, 2002, 04:52 AM
I really don't know what to say. All I do know is that Monica did not look good out there. She did not look like she was playing a match out there. Instead she looked like she was a tennis coach giving Martina practice drills.

This loss could be due to her lack of conditioning, but I doubt it. She looks the same as She did in Australia but now she is wearing light blue instead of the charcoal gray outfit she wore in Australia.

I also dont think her long schedule factors into it, because she did have a couple of weeks off to rest and get back in the competition frame of mind.

It just seems to me that Monica does not have what it takes to beat Martina on the regular. She does not and probably will not have the mobility of the Williams sisters and Jennifer. Although she does have good shots her ground strokes are no way near as penetrating as Lyndsay, Venus, Serena or Jennifer's.

Mar 15th, 2002, 05:08 AM
Martina was really going much more aggressively for shots. There just weren't very many short balls from martina except the extreme angled one. Having a two-handed swing makes it harder for Monica when she is on the run and even when she isn't on the run Martina can read Monica's play 90% of the time or more.

Mar 15th, 2002, 05:20 AM
OK Biological clock Do u know what i was getting at. No i wasnt making her osund like she was menopausal, and no i dont think that was un called for. if ure got a problem and getting all hi-ho about it i tihnk your the one thats going through menopause. I was simply meaning that she wasnt as fast as she used to be even though she is still veru very fit.

GOSH Dont get so angry about what i say. maybe u should ask me what im actually meaning.

Mar 15th, 2002, 05:31 AM
Deng, Monica should of did better with her hair maybe that would of helped. Mary Jo and Pam couldn't stop talking about her do.
I don't know what was up with her but she just wasn't putting any pressure on Martina. It was like you knew that Martina would win from the jump. Not that exciting at all, like their previous encounters. Oh well, I think Monica should try to lose a little more weight, and work out a little more. She has to try to stay with all these girls, not to even mention the new booties.

Mar 15th, 2002, 05:36 AM

AND IT'S A GOOD THING! she got soo damn skinny from last year and it'll only make her a better player.

GO MONICA! :bounce:

Mar 15th, 2002, 08:00 AM
Yes, she is playing too much. But she said this year she is enjoying her game, she loves to play, and I respect her .

Mar 15th, 2002, 11:24 AM
wongqks , I think you're probably right about Monica playing too much this year - although (for Adrian's benefit) Martina was playing exceptionally well today and had a very high chance of winning whether it was earlier in the year or not. I think that Monica's strategy is not a bad one though - she wants to rack up the points early in the year as she is going to miss much of the European clay season in Germany and she wants to have a high seeding for Paris. I only hope that she doesn't get injured.

Linton , perhaps you should be clearer about what you're talking about from the beginning - after all, technically even YOUR biological clock is ticking away as well. Can you afford to spend all that extra time explaining second time round what you meant the first time ?

Volcana, despite the fact that I didn't post in the 'I love Volcana' thread that was around the other day, I have a high enough respect for you to take you seriously. Monica has lost a lot of weight compared to this time last year. Yet you talk about her being 'visibly overweight.' I want to ask you exactly what you want her to do (and how you expect her to do it) before I argue that it's just not going to happen ;).

My personal opinion on what happened in their match - which for a change I had time to watch - is that from the beginning, Monica looked out of sorts and Martina looked completely on the ball. It's always important to get a good start against Martina and Monica did anything but that. Monica didn't really look like she believed she would win and Martina was simply in great form (and smiling :)).

I can't explain why Monica looked so mentally unprepared. I think that part of it was due to the fact that ASV came back at her in a big way in their last match and I think that partly broke Monica's confidence here. We all know she doesn't much like playing here but she looked a bit fragile against ASV as well and was lucky to come through that match.

Yes, she did look a step slower than she did the day before. Am I suprised bearing in mind she had a tough three set match the day before ? No. However, remember that she hits with both hands on both sides and also remember that Martina has the speed and talent to make anyone look like that.

Mar 15th, 2002, 11:54 AM
Kart - What I would want her to do is stay in the shape she was in at OZ this year. Or last summer.

To me, she looks quite a bit heavier than she did at OZ. That's what i was measuring her against. I was really impressed with the condition she'd gotten herself in, and the way she prepared for that tournament. I didn't think it could work, playing smaller tournies and Hopman as OZ prep, but she was really ready this year. As far as I'm concerned, whatever Monica weighed January 15th, 2002 made her easily competitve with everyone but Jenn and Venus. Maybe even them. In the past 12 months Monica has beaten every top ten player she faced at least once, except Amelie Mauresmo. Sure she loses to them too, but that's what 'competitive ' means.

'Visibly heavier than she looked at OZ' would probably have been a better phrase than 'visibly overweight'. But MUCH longer :)

Tatiana Panova
Mar 15th, 2002, 12:15 PM
I think she just needs a break. The thing that hurt her yesterday was the fact that she was playing an in-form Hingis, she was below par herself, and it is just a tennis match and anyone can lose. She has been so consistent this year she should be proud. Also I think that she should come to the net more when she plays Hingis - she has her out of position so many times and yet does not follow it in.

Mar 15th, 2002, 01:02 PM
The thing is Volcana :), I just can't see her getting much thinner - although she was a little thinner over the summer I agree.

I think that part of the problem is that JenCap seems to have set this idea going that anyone can just go to being super fit overnight.

It's just not going to happen with Monica - it's genetics and age as much as commitment and anything else. I looked at pictures of Monica in early 90s and she was thin as a rake. But she was just a kid really, still growing. Everyone puts on weight when they get older (:() and Monica is no exception. Monica is just not built with the figure of a Venus Williams and she's never going to attain that figure.

Losing weight helps fitness, but the two are not the same thing.

So am continually asking what people want her to do and how they expect her to do it. I guess what I'm trying to say is - it's just not that easy to just become thinner and I know that everyone knows that, but I think it ought to be said again and again - especially in the case of Monica whom I think has had a hard time in life which is something we have to take into account. It's like saying that Martina needs a stronger 2nd serve which is something that takes time to develop and something that has to be continually maintained - far from easy.

I admit I'm quite hard on people who go on about weight because I think it's a delicate issue that has to be discussed with gentle consideration. I'm not criticising you in particular (you just brought it up today ;)) - and I'm always oversensitive about my favourites just as everyone else - but the way that people and the media and commentators go on about it I just feel for Monica who is always asked about losing more weight more than she's asked about being fitter. It can't particularly help.

Of course, the fact remains that there is no guarantee that even if she loses all that weight she will win all the slams. Martina, for example, has the ability to expose all the flaws in Monica's game - ie. no volleys - so there are other areas to work on, but realistically Monica is not going to change her game this late in her career.

So there only seems to be one answer - getting thinner and fitter and volleying would be ideal, but realistically I think that for Monica to win major titles again she just has to keep playing her game and hope it's enough on the day.

This post has taken a long time to write and I hope that it's been worded correctly :).

Mar 15th, 2002, 01:40 PM
I don't know. I'm not sure that I feel she is playing too much. She seems to do well when she plays a full schedule.

My main concern is her movement. She doesn't seem to be that out of shape but she just isn't moving well. I watched the match last night and was suprised at how flat she was. Maybe she was tired.

I don't mean to offend Martina fans, but Monica really should be beating Hingis in my opinion. Monica's serve is better, she has more power, she is more aggressive (at times), she should be jumping all over Martina's second serve. I just don't get it.

I am happy for Hingis because she is such a solid player but I wish Monica would do better.

Maybe Monica should mix up her game. Martina is one of the smartest players on court and Monica plays her the same way every time. I wish Mon would mix it up more and try to go up to the net or sneak in some drop shots...what I really think would be effective is if Mon does what Jen does sometimes and just take some pace off the ball a few times and then crank one...you know - thrown Hingis off a bit.

Oh well. Good win Martina.

Mar 15th, 2002, 08:44 PM
That was very well put Kart, and your points are well taken. So let's look atthe current situation, and see what seems doable.

If Monica was comfortable going to net, she'd already ne doing it. Even against non-challenging opposition, you rarely see her go to net. Of course, what you usually see is a winner. And while I'm sure Monica could lose weight if she happened to feel it was important. let's say her weight stays as it it.

What's doable?

Well, she could step inside the baseline on balls that were even a little short,and take those on the rise. This would open up short angles to her, allowing her to challenge the speed of a player like Hingis. She need not go allthe way to net. But Monica mostly plays ALONG the baseline. Sneaking up a step or two could really change things up, but Monica wouldn't be caught in no-man's-land by the return.

Mar 15th, 2002, 08:59 PM
When will people stop posting thread like this. Monica knows what is she doing. I know all you like Monica and you care about her health. Me too. She decided to play more at the begining of the season cuz she wanted to improve her ranking. Now she probably won't play so much and she will take more weeks off. So please let her play as much tournaments as she wants to play.

Mar 15th, 2002, 09:40 PM
I personally don't think Monica is playing too much. How can she be - seeing - she did not play in Scottsdale.

I mean - when someone comes off an injury, i.e., Serena and others, the question is usually asked - is so and so - too rusty. Surely - there is a middle ground here. I mean - was this question asked of Martina, Lindsay, Jelena, etc.... last year? These ladies played a heap of tourneys - and I don't recall this question coming up - for the most part. Lindsay went on a serious run towards the end of last year. And didn't she win like three tourneys - back to back?

I guess if in Monica's case - the question is one of conditioning - then, yes, this question may be relavent - but on a whole - I don't think so - IMO.

Monica was just off her game. And Martina was definitely on her's. She was out there looking like her old, Master of Tennis Playing Self. Martina just had it going on - IMO. She played aggressively - from the beginning - and she already had a strategy planned out - and Monica didn't.

Venus, Jen and Serena have learned Martina's strategies - for the most part. And though - Martina never gives up in trying to execute them still, and well, whilst playing them - the aforementioned players, usually are able to adapt their games to stop and exploit Martina's - IMO. And of course, that only happens when it is meant to be. Fate still plays her part - i.e., when Martina beat Venus 6/0 - 6/0 at the 2001 OZ Open. I mean - Venus admitted that she was not into that match - and therefore - she had no answers for Martina's strategies.

I will have to give it to Martina in saying this. That child always shows up to play. She is the type that just will not check out of a match. She is always alert - and if she smells blood - sees any opening - notices someone's injury, then, look out - for she will attack and exploit. She should always be commended for her ability to always have and keep her focus and concentration in check and right on. She never leaves home w/o it.