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Sep 28th, 2004, 03:37 AM
I have just witnessed my beloved Washington Redskins get two bogus calls in their game against the Dallas Cowboys. The first one came when the ball hit the ground before the Cowboys' defensive player made his "interception." He convinced the refs that he caught the ball before it hit the ground, even though he knew he didn't. Luckily instant replay gave the Redskins the ball back, but Al Michaels and John Madden did not question why one of the Cowboys players didn't go to the officials and tell them to just give the ball to their hated rivals. I mean, it would have been the right thing to do, for the sake of good sportsmanship, right?

The Cowboys also got their first touchdown thanks to a bogus pass interference call on the Redskins DB. It was a bad call, a terrible call, but I can accept that bad calls are a part of sport and human error cannot be avoided.

What I can't understand is why individual sports athletes such as Paul Hamm and Jennifer Capriati have been held accountable for bad officiating, yet team sports athletes never are. Nobody would expect the Red Sox to concede a run to the Yankees or for one of the Lakers players to tell the officials that Kobe's 3 pointer should be reduced to a 2 point shot. But, Jennifer had to endure bashing from an Arizona Republic reporter for not conceding the point to Serena. I bet this same man won't be writing an article bashing the Cowboys players for having cold ambition and being nothing but scar tissue.

I am appauled that Paul Hamm has had his gold medal ruined for him. If his medal is stripped, then it will open the floodgates for every bad call that ever took place. Will the Yankees have 15 World Series titles instead of 26 before we know it? Nobody knows how the other gymnast would have handled the pressure of being in the lead going into the final rotation so giving him the gold medal is stupid (plus they forgot to make a .2 deduction for an extra hold).

There. Rant over. Back to the couch to watch my Redskins try to get back into the game! Go Skins!

Sep 28th, 2004, 03:42 AM
Regarding Paul and Jennifer, their comments regarding their situations didn't endear them to some. As a Serena fan I didn't expect her to concede the point, but I was ticked off at her comments she made after the match. Her attitude rubbed me the wrong way. Same with Paul. His attitude and comments regarding the gold as opposed to the grievance of the Korean gymnast and his plight was far from charming.

Sep 28th, 2004, 10:13 AM
Nobody expected Jennifer to concede the point....but when she said she wasn´t looking at the ball and that she deserved the bad calls....