View Full Version : Rather than argue and debate the 'bad call' problem...

Sep 26th, 2004, 10:22 PM
...just fix it!!!!!

I keep reading where 'line calls' and 'over rules' are becoming endemic in Serena's matches. Well, true or not, she is certainly fighting multiple opponents out there now. (The officials and the lady on the other side of the net).

However, rather than debate this problem, why not just FIX it?

There is an easy, albeit very (initially) expensive, way to alleviate the 'bad call' epidemic in tennis.
The technology is already there, it just needs to be implemented. It would simply require the retooling of all professional courts to adhere to these specifications. But there is a problem with this...

1) It would take away the uncertain and exciting human element from the game. (ie. Lines persons & umpires, etc...)

2) All tennis associations (ITF, USTA, WTA, ATP, etc..) would be required to comply.

3) Would takes YEARS to implement.

4) ...and tons more reasons that are fairly obvious.

Still, there is a problem with the increase of bad calls. Especially when it is against only ONE player. For Christ sakes, spread the bad calls around if they're gonna be made.
But to simply disregard it is to suggest that it won't happen to more players as time goes on.
And yes, people do get paid off folks. I know for a FACT that this frequently happens IN AMERICAN SPORTS. (I can't confirm this in other countries, since I live in the US).

fact is, that when a sport becomes popular and more and more people begin betting on a larger number of tournaments, then that sport becomes fair (yet unlawful) game or fodder for corruption.
To sit here and say... “Naw, this kinda stuff doesn't happen in tennis” demonstrates a significant level of naivety and ignorance.

At the very least, the associations (tennis) need to get off there collective duffs and fix this problem before it affects there bottom line, and the already waning popularity of this sport.

Sep 26th, 2004, 10:23 PM
Then again, they could actually be fixing this problem as I write this. :lol: :lol: