View Full Version : Do you think I'm anti-lesbian?

Mar 14th, 2002, 01:15 AM
Honestly, is it just me, or do you also want to put Rosie O'Donnell's face into a meat grinder?

I always thought of myself as an open-minded tolerant person, ok. No bullshitting. If I don't like it, what the fuck, I do stuff others don't like. Live and let live, if my life is good, who cares what others do! So, I always was mildly irritated with Rosie O'Donnell. I thought she was not funny, ugly, too pushy with her views, and I always hated it that it was kind of clear to my she was a lesbian but would never really say. Plus I thought her show was so dumb. But her sexuality is none of our business, right? I did (and do) commend her adoption of kids. She doesn't seem like a terrible person. Anyway, now that she's coming out, it's like I totally hate her now. Mild dislike has turned to active dislike, even though I always figured she was a lesbian! It just seems so phony, like now she's made her millions and all, so she's going to tell all, and it's ALL OVER the papers. Like who didn't know? And she claims she doesn't think it's a big deal. So why is she writing a book and all right around this time. You don't have to do an interview with Diane Sawyer to come out, you know what I mean? It just soooo smacks of self-serving shit to me. Urgh! I just hate her! And I read the People article (on the Internet so as not to give them money) and she talks about how she wants to end anti-gay adoption laws. Like, for a split second, I considered SUPPORTING anti-gay adoption laws just because I want her to fail at something and go against her! Ok, I would never do that, but it crossed my mind, that's all. She just strikes me as someone who has made a lot of money and thinks everything she does is perfect. Bullshit, no one's life is perfect, and making a bunch of money doesn't change that! Where was Rosie 20 years ago when these laws were still present? I just think she's so arrogant!

Then, you know, Ellen DeGeneras, her old show was hit and miss with me, like, I watched it sometimes, sometimes it was funny and I loved it. Other times it was dumb. Her coming out show I loved. After that, I kind of hated it and quit watching. It just wasn't funny. Then, her new show, I watched twice. AWFUL! JUST AWFUL! It is so strained and so not funny. So, strangely, I read today it will probably be cancelled, and I sort of laughed to myself about it, glad the show is gone. And I was sort of happy that Ellen might be upset about it. My rationalization was that she made me endure two stupid shows, so I want to get her!

Do you think I secrely hate out of the closet lesbians? I don't think I do, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm anti-gay and I just don't know it! I used to kind of like Ellen.

Mar 14th, 2002, 01:34 AM
Well..... I am not as "Anti-Rosie" as you are. But I do agree that a persons sexuality is not a big deal. I mean as far as I'm concerned, what happens in my bedroom is my buisness and not yours. And vice versa. I do not want to know what goes on in your bedroom. This buisness of "Coming Out" is a wee bit over done and over rated. I am not anti gay, I just don't really care to know about a persons sexual practices.

Coming out on T.V. in the manner of Ellen and Rosie tends to smack of "Jerry Springer". The "guests" on that show, and shows like it, have no class at all! Why air your dirty laundry in public like that? But that is my only problem with it and it applies equally to hetro-sexuals as well.

No, I do not think you are anti-gay, Celeste. I have read several of your posts and have not picked up on anything that would suggest that you are. Normally, "Homo-Phobics" are very hateful people and I just don't see that in you! I think you are a very warm and caring human being! (Of course that is assuming that you are human. You are, aren't you?)

Mar 14th, 2002, 01:48 AM
It's funny that Rosie being gay is actually "news" to some. I think just about everyone already knew she was gay, except apparently her Midwest housewife fanbase.

I remember Rosie from her days as a VH1 VJ, and her early stand-up, back when she was actually funny and not preachy. I've only caught bits and pieces of her show over the past few years, but I couldn't usually watch for more than 2 or 3 minutes because the show just seemed like a soap box for her to lecture us all on issues she deems important. Plus, her show was way too "family oriented" and "children friendly" for me. YAWN.

My real complaint is that she's being labeled "brave" by the media for coming out. I think coming out generally takes bravery, especially to do so in the public eye. But Rosie waits until she has the least to lose or risk by coming out, now that her show is ending. She would've been truly brave to do so back at the peak of her popularity, not while it's waning.

Celeste, to answer your question: you anti-gay? You couldn't have been too anti-gay several years ago, right? Maybe we should ask Amber's opinion...:kiss:

Mar 14th, 2002, 04:27 AM
I really don't see it as that big of a deal. But I guess I'm one of those people who always kinda suspected anyway.

re:Rosie's show--she is ALOT more preachy and insufferable than she has been in the past. She also caters to kids WAY too much now. When the show first came on, it was very funny, and I could actually sit through the hour. Now I only watch it, if I know someone I like ALOT is going to be a guest.

Mar 14th, 2002, 07:03 AM
i think it's all coincidential celeste.

Mar 14th, 2002, 07:34 AM
I think you should just chill out about what you see on tv!;)

Mar 14th, 2002, 08:35 AM
Maybe you just dislike people who sell that they are lesbians or people who sell their privat life in general?

Mar 14th, 2002, 10:17 AM
Sounds like you've been watching Fox News too much.

Rosie's show isn't shown here and so I can't comment, but I do know that she is a gifted actress...even if her character does fight with Lori Petty in a League of their own, I forgive her. :)

As far as Ellen goes, her sitcom was up and down, very good at its best (probably at its best, like most shows, in the middle series) but she is SUCH a nice lady, is brilliant at stand -up...warm and whimsical, and when I catch her on shows like Letterman now and again, is a funny and charming, thouroughly likeable guest.

Give her the right vehicle for her undoubted talent, and she'll get the job done. I don't think there are many more obviously nice, good hearted people in showbiz than her. And cute too! What more do you want?:)

Mar 14th, 2002, 12:42 PM
Reminds me of a t-shirt I saw once at Pride:

"Just because you´re gay doesnt make you ok!"

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Mar 14th, 2002, 01:42 PM
Celest, until you are actually gay, you have no idea what it's like to go through different parts of your life in the "coming out" process. We all deal with it differently. I find it unfair of you to judge Rosie so harshfully when you don't even hardly know her. :)

Just a thought :)

Bright Red
Mar 14th, 2002, 05:11 PM
I think that just by questioning the possibility makes you much a much better person than any anti-lesbian could ever be.

Mar 14th, 2002, 05:14 PM
Nah, it seems you just don't like her as a person, lesbian or not lesbian. Just because you don't like someone who is a lesbian doesn't make you a homophobe...:)

Mar 14th, 2002, 06:04 PM
I don't think that you are anti-lesbian at all. I agree with Bright Red. The mere fact that you are questioning yourself here shows how you truly feel on the subject. Homophobia, like racism, often leads people to question their own ideas regarding these subjects and as a result, can sometimes benefit that person.

I will say that for any person to come out; they often need to do it during a time that is safe for them. Rosie will be replaced by another host soon, plus she is now in a committed relationship. As a result, she feels it is "safe" for her to come out now. Is it right? Perhaps not. Perhaps Rosie should have come out at the peak of her popularity. She has a huge fan base in the Midwest and other parts of the country. Perhaps she could have helped take away some of the stigma still unfortunately attached to homophobia in the United States. However, Rosie choose not to do it for whatever reason. Perhaps her coming out now can help make some people question their own feelings concerning homosexuality and the raising of children. After all, her coming out led to this thread and a great discussion, so in the end, it may turn out to be a good thing. :)

Mar 15th, 2002, 12:52 AM
Hi guys! Thanks for the responses, ;) Maybe it's just I hate Rosie, you are right. But I'm not a lesbian so I don't know about coming out either. Maybe I'm just being a nasty bitch to her, but, I am generally a nasty bitch, plus, that's why I wrote this thread, why has Rosie drawn such ire from me? She's less contemptable on paper that many, but to me, she's one of the worst! I hate it when women can look better. Rosie is ugly, but she could look much better. That bugs me also. I mean, Roseanne doesn't look half bad. And there was LITTLE to work with in that case!

This media blitz--and that is exactly what it is--is driving me crazy. But thinking about it, I generally hate most women celebrities and revel in their downfalls. So maybe I'm just jealous of successful women---gay or straight. I'd rather put Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts in a meat grinder before Rosie, even now, so, maybe all is not lost for me.... :rolleyes:

G-Ha, I'm surprised you remember my "past" lol!! Yes, I have had sex with a good number of woman, Amber Lynn included. To think some men (maybe some women, too) would kill for that, but it was just a job. And some of it was hot, but I never really liked doing it, it was just something I had to do. I did couples, and part of that is making it with another girl. But I don't consider myself a lesbian.

Well, I plan to watch Rosie "come out" to Diane Sawyer tonight. I'm sure it will be a typical Diane Sawyer bullshit whitewash puff-piece a la Michael Jackson and my blood will boil. But, either I'll get a good laugh out of it, or maybe I'll see Rosie in a better light. Either way, I'm there.

Mar 15th, 2002, 11:53 AM
I thought Rosie was pretty good, typical Rosie though, but she made a lot of sense and didn't seem too out of control. I'm back to only mildly irritated with her! Next week when I don't have to her her mug on tons of magazines, I can move on (I hope)!!

It was typical nework b.s. I agree that the law ought to be abolished, but I just get the sense the network selects the most extreme on the other side and picks their most extreme arguments to "prove" the show's point. Sawyer could have asked Rosie some hard quesions, or asked general member-of-the-public panels about their thoughts. And I about gagged when Rosie goes off on all the unwanted children in Florida with the statement (saying sadly) "and most are Black or brown babies." Well, Rosie, I've seen your kids, none is Black or brown. No, Rosie has white kids. Just a little dig on Rosie that I couldn't resist. The weird part about the show was, it's like all they're arguing is that troubled, or otherwise difficult to adopt children should be able to be adopted by gays. I think that's a little offensive, I mean, it's like they're saying gays should be able to adopt the left-overs. Why don't they just go for the whole thing?