View Full Version : THe Most Provocative Thread Ever Started: Palestine/Israel

Mar 13th, 2002, 03:11 PM
I won't be answering any posts about this. The choices are deliberately provocative. MY interest are the polls numbers. I encourage voting w/o posting. I will say I have heard everything I wrote here come out of some person's mouth as a serious idea.

A) The Palestinians are defending themselves against terrorism and oppression with the only weapons available to them.
They've been trying words since 1948. Nobody wanted to hear them. And 20 Palestinians died for every Israeli. Now they are returning violence with violence, and the world is beginning to listen. And only 3 Palestinians are dying for each Israeli.
The Palestinians are more successfully DEFENDING themselves against terrorism by the Israelis. If you want to end the violence in the Middle East, you have to first end the occupation of Palestine.

B) The Israelis are defending themselves against terrorist attacks. All the Israelis want is to live in peace.
There IS no oppression of Palestinians. No Palestinian land was stolen by Israeli. All the Palestinians want is to murder Jews.
All the rest of this whining about oppression is a smoke screen.

C) When you get right down to it, the Europeans decided to export their 'Jewish Problem' to the Middle East after WWII.
They didn't want the Jews around, so they sent them to Palestine to fight the war the Christians were losing to the Moslems. Mass mureder is the reslut, and it will always be that way.

D) The United States is using Israeli lives to protect American access to Arab oil. The United States is using Palestinians lives and Israeli operators to test the effectivenss of new weapons at killing urban populations. There will never be MidEast peace because it is not inthe interest of the United States.

E) War between Islam and the West became inevitable with the creation of the sate of Israel, and all we can do is watch as millions are killed in the next decade.

F) A '2 state' solution is impossible, because a Palestinian state would have to be militarily strong enough to stop Israeli invasions, which the United States will never permit.
The extermination of the Palestinians is ineveitable. Israel should just get on with the 'final solution'.