View Full Version : Bad line calls! how bad is it?

Sep 8th, 2004, 02:56 AM
Isn't it just normal in every match that somewhere there is a "bad line call"?

I always wonder why this so called "bad line call" is only a big deal when a top player losses. when players not famous enough,not high enough in the ranking lost a match where there were obvious bad line calls, as if nothing happened. But when a top player such as the WS & Kim, lost a match which happens to have a point against them by virtue of a "bad line call", it is always ruled to be cheated!

I have always believe that a "bad line call is never a factor in winning a match! this calls happen all the time and i know bad line calls happen also in matches were these players are winning. But why people dnt raise it an issue when their fave wins?

These clamour for "firing the umpire for not overruling bad line calls" or "firing linesmen for having a sight defect" only arises when the "favorite player to win" loses?

We should be all mature enough here, and since I know majority of posters here played Tennis (i assume) either habitually or commercially, we should all recognize that in a play this "shit" happens but it was never a factor to one's lost! Its part of the game and the game should be judge of who have committed less UE and more winners, not by just a single "bad line call"!

Sep 8th, 2004, 02:58 AM
one bad overrule from the chair umpire was worse than 3 bad calls from linesmen IMO. She had no business overruling that call: so far in on THAT line.