View Full Version : I'm now convinced that tennis has a vendetta against the Williams Sisters

Sep 8th, 2004, 03:08 AM
OK, you're going to get bad calls from time to time in a match. That's tennis. However, I have NEVER seen two players who have gotten so blatantly screwed on calls in my LIFE. EVER.

I'm sorry, you don't get screwed on four calls in one game. Never happened to Lindsay, Jennifer, Monica, Amelie, or anyone who hasn't played those Chinese challenger events. And that was the game where Jennifer was trying to serve it out...coincidence? I'm really beginning to think not.

And that one call at the start of the third set where no linesperson called Serena's shot (that was 5 inches in) out and there was no overrule, yet the ref just gives the point to Capriati:rolleyes: I'm sorry, bad calls are one thing. I have never somebody get so blatantly robbed of a point like that. That was clear and pure bullshit. Tracy Austin was right, Serena should have just called her the referee.

These kinds of blatantly wrong calls only seem to happen to Venus and Serena, that's all I'll say. Getting a call wrong off the back of the line is one thing, five inches inside is entirely different.

And that referee better RUN back to the hotel before Rena finds her and beats her ass.

Sep 8th, 2004, 03:12 AM
Thank You Bradshaw, this is coming from someone who isn't a sister fan I think.