View Full Version : What Richard Says Goes!!!!

Sep 7th, 2004, 06:47 PM
Okay listen up folks...lol...I know a lot of the Williams fans want to see the girls work on some things they've had problems with...but don't you know that it was Richard who taught those girls to be the successful players they are now. It was not an accident...he knows what he's doing....thats why they have a book out now thats can help others learn tennis "THE WILLIAMS WAY" Yeah the commentators will say what come out of their mouth..but hey....its cool because they are paid to sit in those boxes and criticize people...but YOU have to realize that Pam, Tracy, John and whoever else haven't raised to kids and taught them how to play tennis and be the champions they are....and that its their father did...thats why they respect and luv him. "RICHARDS WAY OR THE HIGHWAY"!! Just remember all the accomplishments Venus and Serena has...its because they had their Father there coaching them....let the man do his job. :worship: I tip my had to Richard Williams.