View Full Version : Enrique Denies Everything

Mar 10th, 2002, 03:28 PM
He was on VH1's Fresh Pick and Zeke asked him why they chose Anna for the video. He said they just wanted someone no one would expect. He also joked and said that it was only in his videos that he gets surrounded by beautiful girls. He said the herpes thing is not true, plus the shoot was on "Making the Video" so if it were true then people would have seen. He also said contrary to reports they are not going out together. Then Zeke asked him how was Anna's breath, and he said she has lovely breath, but his is terribly. Funny.

(Then while the video was playing across the screen they listed the other tennis babes as 1. Jennifer Capriati 2. Martina Hingis 3. Williams Sisters. There was also the question: Does Anna even play tennis anymore?) :)