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Aug 13th, 2004, 01:00 PM
So here we are getting closer and closer to the paw olympics event. The draw has been made today and I brought so intresting clashes in the 1st round :)

SpikeyAidanm(1) vs. thekimfan- It could have been an easier draw to the world no.1 but no complaints im sure cause it should be a great match to start the olympics with and should bring him into better shape into further rounds.

Camoya(15) vs. ko-je- Camoya is in a great form after winning Montreal and he is a hot favourite for taking a medal in the games but his 1st round draw is not as easy as it seems and ko-je will make life harder for the talented Israeli.

Rtael(23) vs. geegables- Another match to watch for sure. Former top 10 Rtael will go for a medal to prove that she is a trully top 10 player, but geegables is a major hurdle and I doubt if its not to high for Rtael to pass right now.

Jrm(24) vs. matthias- One of the best 1st rounds in this olympics. Jrm is favourite according to the rankings but matthias is not far behind and he has the ability to beat jrm in a good day. Should be a great match to watch.

Marcobarella(27) vs. nitsansh- The battle on the better player between the managers begin, Two players who had helped to run this game before and now will fight it out and let us not forget the all Israeli battle ;) should be intresting.

Canuck_Fan vs. Nir(7)- Well, it should be a great match that could go to both sides. Nir is out of form recently but from knowledgeble sources ;) Ive heard that he has practice really hard for the olympics and that he cant wait to start. It will be a hard match to start with.

Andrew_uk(31) vs. alwayshingis- A nice all brit clash. My favourite for this will be andrew because of his great results that he had so far this year but everything can happen in the olympics.

YoungProffesor vs. Hantuchov(2)- Well, SF in the US OPEN is back after a long break and that will be a great match but I do think that Hantuchov is just to powerfull for YoungProffesor.

Aug 13th, 2004, 01:24 PM
R1 Matches

SpikeyAidanm (1) vs. thekimfan

Australian flag bearer SpikeyAidanm carries his entire nation’s hopes into the PAW Olympics, in form after a solid US summer, but the pressure is on from the word go in this knockout competition.

Nicky2002 (22) vs. MagicMilan

Both players love to pick their favourites, so Tanasugarn’s performance in relation to Jankovic’s may be the deciding factor here.

S-T-E-V-E vs. KoOlMaNsTeVeN

German Steve versus Canadian Steve, who will win?

geegables vs. Rtael (23)

geegables is a dangerous floater. Rtael is a former top 5 player and is desparate to reclaim that position.

polishprodigy (29) vs. James

polishprodigy has a nightmare amount of points to defend in the upcoming US Open, he will need a good tournament here, but it’s no easy contest against the determined and equally patriotic james.

silverwhite vs. Williams_Rulez

It’s Singapore “New” versus “the Great,” both players have proved to be impeccable talents. One Singaporean is guaranteed a place in the last 64.

sandg (9) vs. Ryan17

sandg will always remember his team’s narrow defeat to Canada in Fed Cup this year. Ryan17 may be a lower ranked inexperienced Canuck but not a player to be taken lightly.

matthias vs jrm (24)

Two PAW household names who only began playing this year. Both in contention for PAW Newcomer of the Year award.

broncosven vs. sacova

Very interesting, two in form players, a Palermo winner versus Stockholm’s runner-up.
matthias vs. jrm (24)

Spencercarlos (3) vs. HoOvErPhOnIc

Spencercarlos will “make” or “break” via taking risks early on, Felix has an injury cloud however.

nitsansh vs. marcobarella (27)

Two of the more well-known PAW players take on each other!

Geoffry (14) vs. Zhao

Los Angeles Champion Zhao is one of the most dangerous unseeded players. Geoffry will need to prove his status as a seed in this first round blockbuster.

YoungProfessor vs. Hantuchov (2)

No one know show the former top 20 player from New Zealand will show up, not the ideal opener for Hantuchov however.

Potential R2 matchups:

Conchi Party vs Buitenzorg (25)

Conchi Party is an immense talent whilst Buitenzorg is finding harder to adapt to the growing legion of up and coming players.

Silverwhite/Williams_Rulez vs canuckfan (26)

Don’t be surprised if we have an “upset” here

oren987 (30) vs *Yoav*

Israeli rivalries are starting to become a popular thing in PAW, this match-up is a dream for any spectator to see.

AGUSTIN vs saab95 (19)

Expect a hard hitting affair from the baseline from these two future superstars.

Potential R3 matchups:

SpikeyAidanm (1) vs Buitenzorg (25)

Two Australians. One Winner.

Nicky2002 (22) vs bionic71 (13)

See above.

Sandg (9) vs jrm (24)

Two fine players with honourable sportsmanship and respected games. A match I’d pay lots to see.

Nathan27 (32) vs Nir (7)

Fed Cup rematch. The higher ranked will be seeking revenge.

Trieber04 (28) vs Hantuchov (2)

The two dominated the early American Spring circuit and are fairly close friends. Another early test for the World #2.