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Jul 9th, 2004, 12:00 PM
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:devil: A TRIP TO GIRL PAW LAND :angel:

jrm Life on the PAW Tour with James
Wimbledon wrap-up Indonesia’s rising Sons
WTA Handicapper Fed Cup’s promising future

Exclusive – “A journey to #1 in the world” by Hantuchov http://www.efekt.com.au/data/flags/BRA.gif

Jul 9th, 2004, 12:04 PM

PAW – “The only way is up”

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Jul 9th, 2004, 12:16 PM
Vol. No 1


6 Indonesia’s rising sons
No country has made a bigger impact on tour than Indonesia did in 2003 and as SPIKEYAIDANM reports their nation is more united than ever, so bigger and better things are just around the corner.
9 EIGHT Teams – ONE Dream
With the PAW Federation Cup Quarter-Finals just days away, MATTHIAS analyses the four ties and makes some daring predictions.
10 A knight in shining armour
WTA Handicapper is one of the most recognizable names on the PAW Tour and this legendary figure of the game still brings our true sportsmanship at every event as SPIKEYAIDANM discovered.
14 A trip to GIRL PAW LAND
Would you dare to go on a uncensored tour into the female PAW rest rooms? SPIKEYAIDANM had the courage and found out many interesting things!
16 Life on the PAW Tour with James
Wife SOFIA goes into detail to describe James’ week at PAW s’Hertogenbosch 2004.
18 PAW Wimbledon Wrap-up
ROSSANA FAN reviews the 3rd Grand Slam of the year.
19 PAW through a Newbie’s Eyes
~ZELDA~ gets interviewed by StaccatoSilas about a person’s interpretation of PAW on WTAWorld.
20 EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: A journey to #1 in the world
HANTUCHOV reveals how he went from a clueless newcomer to world champion in the space of just 9 months.
22 How I got involved in PAW
JRM wittily explains his first few impressions before joining PAW.


3 From the Editor
5 You cannot be serious!
8 Rankings Recap
11 Sidelines
15 Instruction
21 Gossip

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Jul 9th, 2004, 12:21 PM
From the Editor

Welcome PAW players, fans and every keen supporter from across the globe to this … the first ever edition of the PAW MAGAZINE ©, that we hope is the start of a long tradition of PAW Journalism. Our aim at PAW MAGAZINE is to provide fans with the most in depth coverage of PAW, covering the many dimensions of this great game (that is growing everyday) from many different points of view.

PAW Magazine is a team effort, so this publication would not be without the dozen or so writers who gave up their spare time to make a contribution.
That’s enough from me; it’s time to get your eyes alert and focused to read some of the best articles about this game. :wavey:

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Jul 9th, 2004, 12:30 PM
:music: “We’ll all be winning PAW” :music:
A Song by andrew_uk

There is much more to PAW than you think and songwriter and Wimbledon semi-finalist andrew_uk published a PAW Song in his latest album! :singer:

do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do ah ah ahhhhhhhh
last night when I made my paw
all my friends asked if I was sure
You gotta have faith now you just gotta get it right (ah ah)
so that night when I went to sleep
thinking 'bout my paws real deep
You gotta be sure you gotta get it right

Let’s be confident in our paws
can’t throw wasted ones out the door
then we'll all be winning paw-o-aw
can't take too many risks
can't make hideous picks
to win

see the player on top of his game
must remember his god damn name
if their number one, look how it was done
each day (drum beat)
keep on aiming till you get to the top
once you start pawing you'll never stop
you will always have a brand new paw


don't let bad days get you down
there's always good days so don't you frown
even when your paws lose by just a few points (ah ah)
when your paws make you upside down
you can turn things back the right way round
just gotta mix your number of picks


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Jul 9th, 2004, 12:43 PM
YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! – the best quotes in PAW of JUNE-JULY

“Be more aggressive and pick what I feel... don’t think what’s better... just let your heart be your fingers picking.”
-- Bbypk tells the press some of the lessons he learnt after successful Wimbledon campaign.

“It was obviously a great event for me. It is the biggest event of the year for me to play at Wimbledon, especially as it is my home Slam and it is definitely a huge highlight in my PAW career playing with these crowds. I was confident going into Wimbledon as I have had a pretty decent couple of months getting to the final in Berlin and the quarters in Vienna and I knew I was a dangerous outsider but even I didn't expect to do this well.”
-- Raquel after reaching the semi-finals at Wimbledon.

"Controversy in PAW, includes changing your picks by editing your posts. I remember on a few occasions in the time I've played, where it has happened, sometimes with penalization and sometimes without."
-- _shorty_ calling for a review of the rules.

“ I think that gender makes no difference in PAW. I always thought that girls can be as successful as guys in almost every profession. And actually never even thought that gender can have an affect in PAW.”
-- Lady, check out more quotes on being a girl on the PAW Tour on page 14!

“I mean, always when I pawed Anca, she lost… and now I pawed her opponent, and now she upset a seeded player! And with her bad result in the past weeks I lost my confidence in Anca, and now she proves me completely wrong - crazy girl!”
-- Matthias at the heat of the moment in Birmingham.

“There's so much depth on the PAW tour that pretty much anyone can win. Experience isn't necessarily an important factor in determining a PAW Grand Slam champ.”
-- Nathan27 on yet another unexpected Grand Slam Champion.

“Along the way I had the privileged to met and talk to some of the best people I have come across in my life.”
-- jrm on the other gifts, this game of PAW has given her.

“I only play the game for fun. I obviously would have liked to have done well again, but its all good. last year when I won Wimbledon, it was only my second ever PAW event and probably spent more time with my picks.”
-- aussie_stars when asked if he was disappointed about not being able to defend SW19.

“Lots of PAWers will question kimclijsters4ever's victory as it is very controversial.”
-- Andrew_uk, not afraid to state his opinion on the Wimbledon champ.

“At first I thought it was kinda lame.... but I decided to give it a go at Wimbledon and now I'm fully hooked"
-- petey_pan, a PAW newcomer who has already got addicted!

“I can't say that I have a special formula for a good results, it was just a straightforward tournament for me , just picking according to what I thought and not involved too many tactics and picking according to my opponent’s picks, and I’m very glad that it worked well.”
-- Israeli newcomer *Yoav* on his spectacular top 10 finishes in Eastbourne and Wimbledon.

“I added many smilies with my picks, only because I wanted to wish good luck to them….hahahaha….pathetic, but I was as innocent as a little child.”
-- Hantuchov on his first few PAW Tournaments, to read a full account from Luis, turn over to page 20. :)

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Jul 9th, 2004, 12:56 PM

http://images.sportsline.com/images/country/logos/INA.gif “Indonesia’s Rising Sons” http://images.sportsline.com/images/country/logos/INA.gif

Each issue will see a different country featured, stay tuned!

All at once, Indonesians have risen onto the PAW Tour like the Russians have on the WTA, last year winning the “PAW Country of the Year Award” and this year seeing their number one player – sandg, become world number one for a few weeks.

Coming from an underdeveloped society with limited facilities, young Indonesians may play PAW as a hobby but usually do not have the financial support to pursue a professional PAW Career. Speedster_, a four time title winner on the PAW Tour in less than 9 months attributes it to determination. He only was a late boomer because of the busyness of everyday life. For kfh_9118, it is all about motivation, “with 3 Indonesian players in Top 15, it motivates other Indonesian players to do well and most importantly, we all have self-beliefs that we can compete well with other nations. We support each other, and sometimes we discuss strategies to perform well.”

What is surprising however is the vast amount of Indonesian PAW players and the so few WTA players inheriting from the same country. “We are big population but I still (am) surprised (by the) many Indonesian in PAW if I compare (it) with (a) more popular sport such as Soccer,” speedster_ remarks. HotSpot (formerly ntohir), a big supporter of Angelique Widjaja broke in the top 20 this year and this belief was largely spurred on by Widjaja’s early success (being one of an elite group of players who won a WTA tournament in debut).

“Pressure is always there, especially when you were the favourite.” -- kfh_9118

Sandg’s Roland Garros crown in 2003 set a platform for many other players to achieve their PAW dreams. “He is a very nice and helpful person and our leader” says kfh_9118. “Many Indonesian players have made up their level” sandg assures us, at one point this year (after Charleston), mypapa_je, speedster_ and sandg, himself at No 1, held 3 of the spots inside the PAW’s top 8. Indonesia is also a patriotically united country despite some problems in its country’s past, but they are irrelevant when it comes to the sport of PAW. Sandg feels the most pressure in Fed Cup and the upcoming Olympics because “(we) play in (a) team.”

Now heading into their Fed Cup Quarter-Final Tie versus Canada, played in Jakarta with the tickets already sold within two days, kfh_9118 does understand the expectation of their whole nation, “but pressure is always there, especially when you were the favourite.” Nathan27, admits Indonesia has “got an amazingly strong squad” but still are beatable, to have obtained such a “powerhouse nation status” in the first place is a testament to the rise and success of Indonesians across the PAW Globe.

The government puts a lot of emphasis on PAW, sandg barely goes unnoticeable when he walks down the streets at his home town of Jakarta. He is treated like a pop star back home and a lot of this is due to the media coverage of PAWers back home and the government. “They have made more National PAW Circuit (and) also more Junior PAW Circuit in here and I think its good for re-generation and prepare them to be PAW professional players” says speedster_ of the development programs the government has implemented. And for kfh_9118, “I came out from retirement because got subsidy from the government.”

For a nation that has struggled to create a unified bond from the Government to its people for many years, this proves the 21st century is the future and there is no looking back.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 01:04 PM
By andrew_uk

With the Federation Cup Quarter-Finals being played in July, there is also the Play-Off rubbers that will decide which 4 countries who lost in round 1 will re-enter the World Group in 2005.

Play-Offs were not planned at all until andrew_uk came up with the idea. Here is his own account of how the play-offs were established, and what lies ahead in the future of the PAW Federation Cup.

From a losing team's point of view, I felt it would be nice if all countries in the PAW Fed Cup could still take part in some shape or form. That's when I realised we could have play-offs. I felt that play-offs would be a great idea, as one of PAW's features is the way in which it mirrors the WTA tour. The real Fed Cup has play-offs, so PAW should have them too! That was my opinion at least. I then mentioned my idea to some of my closest PAW friends, Crazillo, Hantuchov and SpikeyAidanm. Explaining how it would work was quite hard. Although it would have a very simple system, there's quite a lot to it which makes it sound complicated. Everyone who I explained the system to, gave me positive feedback. SpikeyAidanm approved the system and then things were a bit quiet for a while, as we had to concentrate on the Grass season. During the second week of Wimbledon, the draw was made live on MSN Messenger, in the presence of myself who conducted the draw, along with Rossana_Fan and SpikeyAidanm.

Subsequently, the draw was posted and players were able to start making commitments. There are some mouth watering clashes, in particular the 3 way tie featuring Great Britain, Israel and Croatia. In addition, Singapore will battle it out with Belgium. In the other two matches, South Africa face the United States, while Spain come head to head with Serbia & Montenegro. The underlying importance of these matches is the pressure to win, as the losers will automatically play in Zone 1 in the PAW Fed Cup 2005. The 4 winners will be rewarded with a place in the World Group in 2005.

The Play-Offs by no means end there. The losing quarter-finalists of the main draw will battle it out for 5th to 8th place, while the losing semi-finalists will meet each other to determine 3rd to 4th place. The winners of the 1st round of play-offs will decide 9th-12th place, while the losers will battle for 13th-17th place.

So that's PAW Fed Cup 2004. What about 2005? In 2005, the countries who finished 1st to 12th (in 2004) will get automatic entry to the world group. The 5 losers in the 2004 play-offs move to Zone 1, leaving 4 places left in the World Group. This will be determined by taking each country who has at least 2 players, and averaging their PAW Singles ranking. The top 4 countries with the “bestest” average rankings (date to be confirmed) will qualify for the World Group. This means there will be a "Race to the World Group" which will be full of anticipation and excitement. It will motivate players from these countries to improve their singles ranking. The countries who are looking to be in this race at the moment include Russia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Portugal, Czech Republic and Finland. Hopefully by the time this race starts there will be many more countries with at least two players. Those countries who do not finish in the top 4 will be put into Zone 1.

"There are approximately 20 countries who currently have 1 PAW player, including Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Slovenia, Austria, New Zealand, Mexico, Bahamas, France, Thailand, India, Albania, and the Netherlands."

It is too early to say at the moment how many countries will have at least 2 players, as the 2005 Fed Cup won't start until April 2005. So at this stage, the Zone 1 group may work as a league rather then knock-outs. If, for example 16 countries play in zone 1, it is likely it will work as a knock-out system. However, if more then 16 countries take part, it could work as a league, with the top 8 reaching the play-offs for the 2006 PAW Fed Cup. Whatever way it works out, the losers of the 2005 World Group 1st round will face the 8 successful countries in Zone 1 for a place in the 2006 PAW Fed Cup world group. There are many countries at the moment who have 1 player, and this has meant that this year, lots of players have played for other countries. Hopefully by April 2005 many more players from countries like these will have at least 1 more PAW player. There are approximately 20 countries who currently have 1 PAW player, including Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Slovenia, Austria, New Zealand, Mexico, Bahamas, France, Thailand, India, Albania, and the Netherlands.

These sole players from the countries mentioned could make their own efforts in encouraging board members to join PAW. The future of PAW is very bright, and it is expanding day by day.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 01:10 PM
RANKINGS R-e-c-a-p :woohoo:
after Roland Garros


Roland Garros was not only the second Grand Slam of the year but with it , saw a complete change in the PAW 2004 ranking system. The top 10 of Roland Garros consisted of the usuals, the promising and damn right unexpected.


12th seed Hantuchov had one of the best Clay court seasons of the year. Showing his amazing skills in PAW he finished just outside the Top 2, landing a respectable 3rd. Previously coming into Roland Garros he was ranked at 10, after Roland Garros this Brazilian sensation now sits at number 3 reflecting the claycourt specialists amazing picking skills.

Joining fellow South American, Hantuchov is spencercarlos. The Venezuelan, seeded 7th at Roland Garros further adding to the South American juggernaut of claycourters jumped up to 2nd behind SpikeyAidanm. Now trailing 156 points from the number one rank, spencercarlos will commence his grass campaign with only the number one position to contend for.

The other PAW player worth mentioning is the Israeli spectacle, Nir. A dangerous PAW player, Nir, uses tactics of not picking too many PAWS in the first rounds to then explode into the top with carefully picked and intelligent PAWs. With a semi-final finish in Roland Garros, Nir jumped up into the Top 10 for the first time in his career to sit at 8th.


Jrm finished in the top 5 at Roland Garros and signaled to be a promising player after a strong clay season with strong finishes in Berlin, Rome and Amelia Island. After Roland Garros she moves up from 47 to 35.

Just outside of the Roland Garros Top 10 sits Camoya. Proving upcoming talent from Israel, Camoya finished a strong 11th in the Clay grand slam with impressive Clay performances with a top 10 finish in Charleston. Camoya moved up 9 spots from 52 to 43.

BgBgBg the Bulgarian wonder also makes a promising rise in the rankings after a strong Roland Garros campaign. Finishing 10th and moving up 23 spots from 95 to 72. Bgbgbg has had a strong year so far, with a tournament win in Estoril and a top fifteen finish in Strasbourg.


Being as low as 224 earlier this year, it was a surprise to see that before coming into this tournament a player ranked 118 would take the Roland Garros title. Crazillo, from Germany was the highest riser this week, moving up 88 positions after his Roland Garros win to number 30.

Being ranked in the 100+ you may not make a big mark on the higher players. Reichen however caused a stir after making it into the Roland Garros Quarterfinals. He moved up from 161 to 109 this week after his impressive selections.


With nearly 600 points to defend, Sandg had to have something impressive in the clay grand slam. The Indonesian was closing in on Australian SpikeyAidanm and had the number one rank after Amelia Island. However, with a 83rd finish in Roland Garros, sandg has dropped from second to 7th. We all know a tournament isn’t one without sandg carefully placing his PAWs so we wish sandg well for the grass season to hopefully climb back up there.

Continuing the disappointing performance of Indonesians at Roland Garros saw speedster_ fall down to number 6 after an average Roland Garros placing of 40th.

Rtael dropped from 6th to 22nd after a dismal Roland Garros campaign, placing only 21 out of the 16 PAWS and finishing 86th. Rtael had managed to stay within the Top 10 for most of the year but now isn’t even in the Top 20.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 01:16 PM
8 Teams - 1 Dream

Written by MATTHIAS!

For one week in July, PAW will turn into a Team-Competition. All 8 remaining Countries will give their best to keep the Fed-Cup Dream alive, but for 4 Teams the Dream will be over. PAW-Magazine will try to provide an insight into the 4 upcoming Quarterfinal Match-ups, and will tell you for which team the Dream is more likely to come true.

Top seed Bulgaria will face underdog Argentina in the Quarterfinal. Argentina was quite lucky to reach the Quarterfinal after a nail-biting win over 6th seed Spain with just a half-point lead. And, when you look at the latest Results, Bulgaria should reach the Semifinal without too much trouble.

Indonesia vs. Canada is the only Tie between 2 seeded Teams. Depending on Ranking and first Round Fed-Cup performance Indonesian Team (3 top 15 players) seems to be the big Favorite for the Fed-Cup Crown 2004. But they should not underestimate Canada with their top 25-player polishprodigy and Birmingham winner canuckfan.

On the first view Australia vs. Germany should be a easy win for Australia.
Australia has four top 15 players - Germany just two players inside top100.
But since crazillo´s Roland Garros win, Germany seems to be a stronger opponent then expected for Australia.

HongKong vs. Italy is the last Quarterfinal match-up, and this match-up seems to be the only Tie without a favorite.
In the first round HongKong won a threesome tie against Serbia and Croatia, and Italy upset - despite a poor performance - second seed South Africa.

PAW-Magazine prediction for Semifinal Match-ups:
Bulgaria vs. Indonesia
Australia vs. HongKong

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Jul 9th, 2004, 01:30 PM
:bowdown: A knight “handicapping” in shining armour :bowdown:

Special feature article by SPIKEYAIDANM

Just when the tour seems to be overtaken by giddily and unheralded newcomers, WTA Handicapper breathes out the much needed fresh air with his somewhat old-fashioned game style still delivering success…

When WTA Handicapper missed the “Kleybanova over Kostanic” ‘200 pointer’ in Indian Wells, he joked about shooting himself, but the generous and long time PAW supporter still kept picking as if he was in contention for the title, unlike many others who just rushed their picks or gave up. There is something special about him. He sees PAW as a sport rather than a game, it is all about “the comradeship and the ever increasing admiration of players knowledge of the WTA Tour”, not just about picking a certain number of matches in a tournament, there is a lot more to that, this intelligent and experienced player believes.

Residing in Great Britain, WTA Handicapper has lived through the PAW Generations better than any other player and has witnessed first hand the progression of the game to what it is today. It has “gone through the roof!” he describes the evolution of the game, where he witnessed a transition from PAW lying at rock bottom, without a manager or players, to what he calls a “top class admin staff headed by Spikey’s good self, with excellent assistance from Sandg.”

In fact it wasn’t that long ago when WTA Handicapper contemplated trying to run a carbon copy of the PAW Game on the ATP Tour, not only did he receive insufficient interest but the time consuming downfalls became evident. He openly is free to defend PAW Admins from criticism they receive from players. Last year in PAW Stanford when marcobarella was involved in a tirade over his one PAW Pick, Handicapper was one of a few who defended him for his “hard work and dedication.”

In many ways WTA Handicapper is like the Silvia Farina Elia on the WTA Tour. Both own graceful and old-fashioned styles that are still paying dividends on tour. Handicapper plays very much different from his PAW rivals in the way he picks. At Wimbledon this year, he had only used up seven picks after the second round (and was quite high up on the table too), while there were many who were already up to their 26th PAW. This also brings out another quality that the two share – patience, not being tempted to pick big pointers just because they are there (which is a more modern day PAW style), but rather staying calm and slowly building a collection of points that will keep him climbing up the ladder.

“I hate not playing. Even though every player should take a Paw break to recharge their batteries."

WTA Handicapper hasn’t always played that way though, but after a disappointing end to the 2003 season where he openly admitted his form would not have been good enough to win at ITF title, he was naturally forced to change tactics after feeling “a bit stale” at the time. He also hopes that players start to employ different strategies and he sees that “the skill levels are rising so much and new tactics are a must, or (otherwise) new legs.”

WTA Handicapper felt on top of the world in the late 2002 and early 2003 stretch after winning the PAW Year-End Championships and then Auckland back-to-back which he describes as “an ambition fulfilled.” Some players can only envy his dedication to the game, in the sense that he only comes onto WTAWorld for PAW, “it like his life to him, and I think that’s a good thing” a PAW player commented. The Brit has played a non-stop schedule since he arrived on the tour; it’s an addiction that catches everyone which many feel. “I hate not playing. Even though every player should take a Paw break to recharge their batteries” he admits, I’m sure a lot of other players would agree.

Proudly sponsored by Ladbrokes Bookmakers, the PAW veteran also has a habit of Betting. “Betting on tennis is big business and as long as you only bet what you can afford to lose, its fun!” he says. Such an expert, he has been constantly asked by PAW Officials to conduct the official PAW Betting Odds for certain tournaments, adding a new dimension on tour.

“The success of any ‘Game’ is down to it being correctly moderated and organized,” the former top tenner says and it is “vital that scoring points are on time and scoreboard updated before start of next days play.” And that’s what he many other plays love about PAW, the efficient managers, who use up their time for the benefit of others. Having gone through so much and even lived through a PAW Decline, WTA Handicapper certainly knows not to take any moment for granted in this game.

And like Farina Elia, he is just pure class in defeat, showing sportsmanship at its highest. At every single PAW event that he participates, Handicapper thanks the league table manager(s) when he posts his PAW picks and at the end of the tournament, he congratulations the winner of the tournament. “He is the nicest PAW player on the circuit” admits Nir. “Sportsmanship and playing Paw with grace and respect is more important to me than winning tournaments” Handicapper believes, certainly a great role model for others.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 01:55 PM
PAW MAGAZINE © can offer you advertising space as logos, banners, odd-sized advertising, through our mailing lists, popups or customised advertising.
Please pm SpikeyAidanm if your company is interested. :p

:bounce: PAW SIDELINES :bounce:

All articles by SpikeyAidanm, unless otherwise stated.

A discussion of the Rules needed

PAW Rules state that a PAW is invalid if it is posted within the 5 minute barrier before a schedule start (ie – 10:55am onwards) is invalid for an 11:00am start. But this rule has not always been strictly applied and PAW Wimbledon 2004 was a wake up call for all PAW moderators and their willingness to stick to these new rules implemented at the start of this year. Andrew_uk , a Semi-Finalist at Wimbledon said he was a little disappointed about the confusion of the rules. On day one, eventual champion kimclijsters4ever made two PAWS just three minutes before the scheduled time, but because other managers didn't strictly follow this rule, manager SpikeyAidanm had pressure. The PAW’s were initially deemed as invalid and then re-allowed after a few pm’s went sent back and forth, so unfortunately this means that not all rules were strictly followed. Andrew_uk said that to avoid any more controversies surrounding late picks, a review of the rules is needed for all PAW League table Managers, and people need to realize that the “The Match hasn’t started, therefore my PAW is valid” was never ever a rule this year.

PAW Europeans looking forward to Portugal

All PAW players are expecting a great Football Euro 2004 in
Portugal – for sure everyone wants his/her team to win the Cup.

Rome (PAWEM) – While the Australian and American PAW pros were practicing for the Tier I – tournament in Rome, some European mates decided to take a break.
Germans Carsten, matthias and crazillo, Englishman Andrew_UK and raquel and Bulgarians bgbgbg and ghosts tried to convince why Germany or England or Bulgaria would win the Cup. “It was incredibly funny because a Bulgarian native wanted to convince me that they would win. I couldn’t stop laughing” Andrew_UK stated.
“I thought we would analyze the situation and discuss who is going to win, BUT in the end I saw we are all patriots” crazillo said with a smile on his face.
Everyone had to bet on their thoughts and we will see who is going to gain some of their friends PAW prize money in the beginning of July.

A pleasant surprise from the Caribbean

We have a Latvian, a Venezuelan and an Albanian on tour, but it was refreshing to see a Bahamian rise to the occasion so well. Nexeo won in Birmingham as his second tournament and then went on to impress in Wimbledon. He admits he isn’t much of a role model for others in his country but it is encouraging to see more and more players become successful from more and more countries.

Matthias messes momentarily with mysterious Anca Barna

I’m sure a lot of you have players you just hate to PAW for or against. Their unpredictability at it’s highest, causing you frustration. Players like Parra Sontanja, Pisnik, Sanchez Lorenzo, Raymond, Schnyder, Serna and Dementieva. But Matthias found himself stuck in a pile of patriotism and strategy which gave him a big headache during the live scores on day three of Birmingham last month – all over the unpredictable Anca Barna. “I pawed Maggie (over Barna), because I thought this will 7 points for sure, (but) usually i´m cheer for Anca” he said. “And it would be a great result for her if she could beat Maggie but a wasted PAW pick for me.” The trap between cheering on a PAW to win and cheering you your favourite players continued… “I mean, always when I pawed Anca, she lost… and now I pawed her opponent, and now she upset a seeded player! And with her bad result in the past weeks I lost my confidence in Anca and now she proves me completely wrong - crazy girl!”

Those strong words must have willed the Bulgarian on with Maleeva coming back from 6-2, 3-0 down to win 2-6, 6-3, 6-2.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 02:06 PM
SIDELINES continued

PAW Hall of Fame

This induction will recognize players who have achieved in PAW and made other contributions to the game.

Current Members:

Williams_Rulez – W Flushing Meadows 2002, W Hamburg 2002, W Indian Wells 2002, former World No #1.
Spencercarlos – RU Roland Garros 2004, W Dubai 2004, W Filderstadt 2003, W Palermo 2003, W Miami 2003, W Montreal 2002, W Madrid 2002, W Scottsdale 2002, current World No #1.
Simon – Inventor of PAW, managed it for 18 months.
Wojtek – W Vienna 2003, W Estoril 2003, W Indian Wells 2003, W Australian Open 2003, W Luxembourg 2002, W Bali 2002, former World No #1.
Ajayares – W Berlin 2003, W Charleston 2003, W Tokyo TPP 2003, W New Haven 2002, W Berlin 2002.
Sandg – W Amelia Island 2004, RU Paris 2004 and Tokyo TPP 2004, W Roland Garros 2003, W Gold Coast 2003, former World No #1, PAW Rankings Manager.
SpikeyAidanm – W Paris OGF 2004, W Bali 2003, RU Wimbledon 2003 and Miami 2003, SF Roland Garros 2003, former World No #1, Current PAW Manager.
xcrtbckhnd – W Palermo 2002, W Wimbledon 2002, W Strasbourg 2002, W Amelia Island 2002.

The PAW House

(PAWNEWS) Over the months, an idea had developed in the PAW community. Some close friends, SpikeyAidanm, crazillo, andrew_uk, jrm, hantuchov, ghosts and azza want to build a PAW House this winter to spend the tour-free time there together.
Everyone is discussing about how the walls will be painted but they forget the house is not built yet!
Some of them have close friends and they don’t have to do much with the others, like the crazillo-Carsten friendship. All those details have to be cleared.
With the prize money the players gained (esp. hantuchov and crazillo have been successful lately) the house could come close to a dream villa. Well, we will keep you informed how the house will look. The wall colours are just of the secrets we will betray then.

Unluckiest PAW player around?

He even calls himself the “Anna Kournikova” of the PAW Tour, boasting a ton of talent and some excellent results in the big tournaments, but he still remains “titleless”. The closest he came was when he came 2nd in Moscow 2002, only to falter 4 points behind danielrosario in a closely contested final. “A good PAW player is never complete until it has a title” said ‘S-Hertogenbosch winner wateva, a few weeks ago. Bbypk made a heartwarming run to the Wimbledon final this fortnight and returns back within the top 5 players of the PAW Tour in the rankings. He was unlucky however, if Amelie Mauresmo had beaten Serena Williams in that epic SF (and perhaps if her back wasn’t injured, she may have), the Spanish Superstar would have been able to win his first PAW Tournament, and what better place to have it, than at a Grand Slam.

But it wasn’t to be, and whilst he has been a semi-finalist also at the Australian Open this year and the year before, at a Quarter-Finalist at the French Open in 2003, as well a Semi-Finalist at the “5th Grand Slam” in Miami 2003. After over two years on tour, bbypk still does not hold a title. We hope the drought ends soon.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 02:19 PM
SIDELINES continued

One Pick, can make a huge difference

Here, SpikeyAidanm states the best possible PAW pick each player could have made at each of the 32 tournaments contested this year.

Usually too much emphasis is placed on PAWing a big pointer and the quantity of points that comes with it, but for a really effective PAW pick, it must hold more than a large amount of points. Take “Panova over Dementieva” in Tokyo TPP, worth 32 points and a very good match to PAW if Panova wins. But this went on to be the most popular pick of the tournament and it is no surprise since many people believed Panova could win against Dementieva, so practically everyone moved up together.

What constitutes a more effective pick, is when one's PAW is a less popular pick that is in itself worth a large enough amount of pts to effectively move them up the league Table. Here Spikey lists, the best PAW’s of this year at each tournament, with top honours to “Garbin over Henin-Hardenne” in Roland Garros, just a simple decision like that can crown greatness forever.

1 - Stosur over Shaughnessy (Gold Coast)
2 - Harkleroad over Smashnova-Pistolesi (Auckland)
3 - Coetzer over Schnyder (Sydney)
4 - Washington over Barna (Hobart)
5 - Ondraskova over Obata (Canberra)
6 - Golovin over Smashnova-Pistolesi (Australian Open)
7 - Krasnoroutskaya over Callens (Tokyo TPP)
8 - Golovin over Dementieva (Paris OGF)
9 - Casanova over Pisnik (Antwerp)
10 - Jugic-Salkic over Widjaja (Hyderabad)
11 - Dulko over Harkleroad (Memphis)
12 - Shaughnessy over Myskina (Dubai)
13 - Falcon over Leon Garcia (Bogota)
14 - Li over Callens (Doha)
15 - Vaidisova over Kurhajcova (Acapulco)
16 - Dulko over Petrova (Indian Wells)
17 - Craybas over Suarez (Miami)
18 - Sun over Black (Amelia Island)
19 - Mouhtassine over Srebotnik (Casablanca)
20 - Randriantefy over Raymond (Charleston)
21 - Silva over Schruff (Estoril)
22 - Schiavone over Mauresmo (Warsaw)
23 - Meusburger over Perebiynis (Budapest)
24 - Sanchez Lorenzo over Martinez (Berlin)
25 - Pennetta over Petrova (Rome)
26 - Li over Benesova (Vienna)
27 - Schaul over Davenport (Strasbourg)
28 - Garbin over Henin-Hardenne (Roland Garros)
29 - Vinci over Dechy (Birmingham)
30 - Hantuchova over Sprem (Eastbourne)
31 - Koukalova over Medina-Garrigues (‘s-Hertogenbosch)
32 - Kleinova over Dementieva (Wimbledon)

If you PAWed, one of these matches, well :hatoff: to you! :)

Mr/Mrs Who?

Mr Clever: Nir – Tactician plays PAW like a game of chess.
Mr Hot: kafelek – Polish star already sits in the top 50 after just 9 tournaments.
Mr Lonely: cooldudeanzela – The former Aussie Open SF’ist now finds himself seeking asylum.
Mr Surprise: crazillo - He went from Budapest SF’ist to Roland Garros champion in the space of few weeks.
Mr Popular: Hantuchov – A crowd favourite wherever he goes, celebrity status back in Brazil.
Mr Powerful: spencercarlos – Every one of his PAW picks are like dynamite reading to explode.
Mr Determined: matthias – Learning from every PAW Tournament and improving on the way.
Mr Perfect: matija-seles – Completes tournaments with a minimal amount of incorrect picks.
Mr Easy Going: Buitenzorg – PAW is just a game and that’s how he treats it as.


Mr Flashy: treiber04 – Creative play caused havoc to his opponents but failed to deliver on clay or grass.
Mr Patriotic: Nathan27 – Puts his compatriots before himself and loves playing in a team.
Mr Crazy: azza – he can revert to some of the most unorthodox tactics even when he is winning!
Mr Respected: SpikeyAidanm – Has a “cult following” according to WTA Handicapper.
Mr Star: K&J fan – Stylish, Down to Earth and with all the shots, what more can you ask for?
Mr Outspoken: Rtael - never afraid to mock other players.
Mr Promising: saab95 - Russian newcomer made a blistering debut to PAW and hasn’t looked back.
Mr Smooth: Geoffry – Has no distinctive weakness and can play well on any surface.
Mr Integrity: bionic71 – Willing to do anything to keep PAW a clean and fair game.
Mr Endurance: sandg – Usually makes the loudest noise at the closing stages of the tournament.
Ms Natural: raquel – Picks according to instinct.


Mr Comeback: Williams_Rulez – One of the best players of all time is back better than ever.
Mr Unpredictable: HotSpot – Eccentric personality usually brings out some topsy-turvy results.
Mr Quick: mypapa_je - Player with the fastest wheels received over 100 points from 7 picks after a day one in Charleston.
Mr Excitement: silverwhite – More and more fans are hopping onto the silverwhite bandwagon.
Mr Wizard: WTA Handicapper – No one uses strategy better than he does.
Mr Happy: andrew_uk – Always bright and optimistic in all pursuits of PAW.
Mr Unlucky: bbypk – The best player in PAW history without a title without a doubt.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 02:46 PM
(Warning this footage contains Adult Themes and nudity, recommended for mature audiences :o )

Gender has never really been an issue on the PAW Tour, but with recent tournament parties and the PAW Annual BALL coming up later this year, PAWers are trying to distinguish who really are some of the girls on the tour and do they see themselves as any different from the majority of male players. SPIKEYAIDANM carried out the following investigation.

So here I am, it’s 8:00am, in the morning, I’m standing outside the girl’s rest rooms! ... waiting to spot the next player to come out, to identify them and ask them a few quick questions…

(5 minutes passes away) :yawn:

Hmmm still no sign, usually we have a flock of players come out and post their PAW’s at this time :p , maybe I’ll go inside and check if anyone is in there :hehehe: I guess I shall knock…

(A girl with a name tag “Raquel” opens the door) :eek:

As I take a quick peak inside (note: the girls only change after their PAW’s! :lol: :awww: ), the neatness of the room surprises me. We have all these girls with their separate locker rooms, no clothes lying about, a totally different environment from (don’t read this if you are eating…) the disgusting state of the urine stained boys change rooms! :help:

On my left I spot a very chatty girl whose Aussie accent I can instantly recognize!

So I shoot up a few Q’s…

Q. Are there any disadvantages of being a girl on tour?

Nicky2002: I believe there is no disadvantage of being a gals on the PAW Tour even though there are more boyz than gals on the tour we all get along very well. We are like one big happy family although we hope that we will win tournaments and beat the other players. There are so many successful boyz on the tour but I believe there is no disadvantage in being a gal or a boy on the PAW tour.

Suddenly it seems, my presence has awoken a few other players from their breakfasts, another young and bright looking girl approaches… I take a gamble and guess it’s a PAW player, because we also have trainers, massagers and other mysterious women who hang around here! :p

Q. Girls have been known to be calmer and thoughtful of things in life, do you think this is more important than a man’s quality of strength and brutal force on the PAW Tour?

Kerbear: I haven't really noticed, I don't always pay attention. But I would think that since we are looking at women's tennis we might be more understanding about women and how women play. Some may compare to how they would do in the situation. Guys can't always understand what really goes through the mind of a girl.

Mmm, good answer, I think I might as well ask another Question… :cool:

Q. How does it feel to be amongst a minority on the PAW Tour?

Kerbear: I love representing the gals! As I've recently found out we're doing better than before, I'm really glad about that. But it doesn't make a difference to players who is a girl and who is a guy. We treat each other the same no matter what and I think that's great. I'm glad to have made the friends on the tour that I have.

Now that Miss Raquel is all jealous that she was the one who let me in but hasn’t been interviewed yet, I think I better go over to her! :lol:

Q. Girls have been known to be calmer and thoughtful of things in life, do you think this is more important than a man’s quality of strength and brutal force on the PAW Tour?

Raquel: I think the guys are obviously very strong and that is a big advantage to them, but PAW is also so much about mental awareness and strategy and I think without it you would not be successful. I feel I can obviously compete with the guys as perhaps I am relying less on strength and more on the thinking out there so I think it evens out a little. I think the guys should get some credit for their mental strength and tactics though as well as force as obviously if you look at the rankings right now the guys are dominant at the top - but there are some great female players out there, rising up the ranks and putting together some great results and it is exciting to be a part of that.

Q. Is there an advantage of being a girl when it comes to the parties at each PAW tournament?

Raquel: Well we do get more attention! I have to say guys on the tour are really respectful of the girls on the tour as competitors. But yeah, we all have a great time at the parties. We are all away from home for most of the year so we are a bit like a large family traveling together, so at the parties we can have some fun - actually I will let you in on a little secret. At this year's party at Warsaw I noticed Luis (Hantuchov) was a little bit drunk! I went over and sweet talked him into talking about his winning strategy - the next week I reached the final in Berlin so I guess maybe the girls do have an advantage!

Hmm, bit of a naughty girl eh :spit: ? Speaking of naughty that girl over there has just called a former Wimbledon champ an “old bag,” :eek: I think I better go over and have a word with her! :devil:

Q. Do you see the gender of a PAW player is sometimes overrated, and that girls and boys can be equally successfully at PAW?

Jrm: To be perfectly honest, I don't know many female team players on PAW circuit but in recent times some have proved gender doesn't play much of a role. I hope good results will encourage other female players to be involved in PAW. After all, men tend to forget we women (girls) possess strong intuition who can carry one or other to some impressive results!

Q. Last year at the championships, only one girl qualified, do you hope to change that this year?

Jrm: It's looking good for me thus far ... currently occupying top 10 in the RACE with some good results on all surfaces. Unlike others who are chasing the elusive number one title, I strive for consistency. I hope this personal motto will carry me to YEC - it would have been a great end to my premiere year playing PAW!

She didn’t seem that bitchy after all :lol:

(Camera pans down to see Spikey step on a clean piece of white underwear… :o )
Uh Oh… I better run for my life :eek: :bolt: :bolt:

Q. Do you feel like you carry all female expectation in PAW, being the highest ranked female PAW player?

Pintaled: Well I didn’t know I was the highest ranked girl… Definitely I hope other girls can realize their potential. I think girls have equal talents to guys but it is the minority of us that is why we don’t occupy all the high spots in the rankings. A lot of girls are doing well recently and I think that’s gonna continue.

Another Lady around the corner, looks like she is the real Lady!

Q. Do you see the gender of a PAW player is sometimes overrated, and that girls and boys can be equally successfully at PAW?

Lady: Yes, I think that gender makes no difference in PAW. I always thought that girls can be as successful as guys in almost every profession. And actually never even thought that gender can have an affect in PAW.

Well I think that’s enough for this morning .... oh, just wait, looks like there is a supermodel in the change rooms! :eek: :drool:

Q. Do the girl PAW players tend to hang around at tournaments?

Supermodel: PAW? What are you talking about dude, I’m just a cleaner!

:eek: :eek: I think I better :bolt: my way out of here… :haha:

That’s what I call a tiring day doing investigation, but great fun anyway. :lol:
We wish the girls and ladies the best of luck for the rest of their PAW Careers. :) :worship:

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Jul 9th, 2004, 03:01 PM
INSTRUCTION: How To React after a poor performing day . . . . .

Pawfect one day . . . Pawthetic the next :eek:


Cursing at the computer again?
Didn't go with first thoughts and missed a golden opportunity?
Ruing that gut feeling that costed you a title?

Sounds like you have the PAW blues!

Like real players, PAW players have good days at the office and some real shockers. Whether you are ranked #1 or #200 noone in safe and even the immortals of PAW have bad days, those days when nothing goes right and chaos erupts destroying strategies and ruining tournaments.

A few sure fire tips to get over the PAW blues and make sure your next tournament is more impressive:

1. Realise that all players have bad days/tournaments and regroup for the next one.

2. Change strategies - while many paw players have defining strategies, try changing every PAW now and then. Obviously they will have different results but mixing them up and finding the best combination will greatly affect your performance.

3. Have a break - sometimes concentrating and stressing too much is mentally draining and missing 1 week can make a big difference.

4. Look at the days of others - whilst some tournaments can be over by day 1, look at your progress over the whole tournament and evaluate your performance on that to see if you are improving.

5. Like (4.) base it on individuals performances and feel lucky that you aren’t on the bottom (if you are use the age old theory to better your self esteem that there is only one way to go .)

6. Talk to your Fed Cup mates/ Fellow Paw players and see how there tournaments are going - support is the key to victory.


Have fun and Good Luck!

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Jul 9th, 2004, 03:10 PM

A week on the PAW Tour with James
by his wife and coach Sofia

Tournament: ‘s-Hertogenbosch


We arrive in ‘s-Hertogenbosch early on Sunday to get some practice on the courts. James is acting really fanatic. After his disastrous performance things were much better at Birmingham. Since we are now in our home country after several weeks of travel abroad, James is getting really excited. He is dreaming of capturing his first PAW title at home (the sweetheart!). He is already practicing his speech when accepting the award. He says he will of course dedicate the award to me. This warms my heart naturally, but seeing him practice I know Plan B is in order. He probably won’t win. I hate to spoil his big dream at this point. Men ought to be able to have their own fantasies, so I smile sympathetically at him and say: of course, dear, things will be wonderful. At night we go for a long walk around the grounds before going back to the hotel. Too bad they are amidst building a new freeway nearby. When we take a few wrong turns, we end up in the muddy environment. Not exactly the romantic walk I had pictured for myself, but when James kisses me and chases me around the bulldozers and steamrollers for fun, I know exactly why this is the man I love to be around, although my dress is completely ruined afterwards. Our driver fortunately doesn’t ask questions.


The tournament starts today and James has not slept well. He is incredibly nervous. He keeps hopping through our hotel room, until the car comes to pick us up. I urge him to have his breakfast, because he has to eat something. He insists he can perfectly do without and that he will not be able to eat anyway. I get him to drink some tea finally, all the while thinking that men can be so stubborn sometimes. How does he expect to do well if he looks and feels like a basket case? At the tournament he gives his first interviews and sounds very hopeful. I meanwhile meet up with some of the other players’ wives. We make the appointment to go shopping in ‘s-Hertogenbosch later that week. The city has a lovely city center and since I know my way around, I can show them a few good places. I also arrange a few practice courts for James and set up his massage for at the end of the day. He insists on a professional one, although I told him more than once my hands are quite capable to perform the task. He says he wants everything to be perfect this week. I would distract him too much. That hurts me a little. I leave him alone basking in his glory that the first day actually went relatively well. I go and watch Speedster practice, the top seed of the tournament and watch his smooth moves in awe.


James is hopeful this morning. He is convinced he is going to make the big jump ahead today. He actually goes for a full breakfast this morning. He is acting like Superman only without the suit. He participates in a clinic with children before starting his matches today. He is so sweet with them and I can already see us having a family of our own in a few years. I go on my little trip into town with the other wives and enjoy spending some time with them. James has graciously allowed me to take the credit card, so I take advantage of that privilege. He frowns a little when he sees the dresses I bought, but says no more when I complain he ruined my best dress on Sunday with all the fun and frolics in the sand. He certainly is happy when I present him with the shirt I bought for him. At the end of the day James is a little pale. He has realised competition is tough, even at a smaller tournament like this. He sits in the club chair by the window for about an hour at the hotel, gazing straight ahead only. Later when we meet up with friends of ours who came over to have dinner with us, he is his usual charming self again. He is laughing and joking all over the place and signing autographs for fans. Many other players have to come to eat at the restaurant, so the atmosphere is great.

"As long as you are with me I can wither any storm and I will certainly be able to deal with the pressures of PAW."


James’ parents and his sister have come over for the day. Together they go and watch the antique cars at the museum near the tennis courts. James is acting very relaxed. He is a real family man and his sister and he are very close. I feel that tinge of jealousy I always feel when seeing them together, but tell myself firmly she is a perfectly sweet woman. Why do I feel the way I do? I dread the arrival of my parents later that week. James and my father had a little row a while back, when dad said he would not win a tournament any time soon. Sure hope they won’t go at it again. James remains hopeful and practices with some of the other players studying their techniques. I’m going to be a big shot soon too, he smiles afterwards. Just watch me, he adds. Of course dear, I murmur automatically. I do hate him when he acts like a macho sometimes, but when he buys me flowers later near the hotel that feeling is soon gone. When we go up to the hotel room, I soon make my intentions clear. He starts by saying that famous Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff once said sex during an import tournament will lead to bad results, but I soon bring him to other thoughts. In his arms the night really seems eternal.


Today my parents make their appearance. My dad has seen the scores and like I feared immediately comments that James doesn’t have what it takes to take a title. James responds angrily and it gets a little nasty again. I spot a press photographer nearby and quickly try and get things settled again. The last thing we need right now is negative stories in the press. My dad says finally that he thinks James is making progress anyhow. James accepts this compromise and I’m glad to see the two men I love so much at peace again. The day goes by in a rush. James tries to be optimistic about his chances, but gets more and more uncertain. One of the major newspapers has written an editorial that the high hopes for James winning this tournament were in vain. James is not exactly thrilled, but tries to laugh it off. I stay close by his side for the evening playing the loving trophy wife. I feel for him, he really wanted to do well here. I say to him that there are other tournaments, such as Wimbledon to consider. The dirty look he gives me, says enough.


James seems to have resigned himself to the fact that this tournament will not give him the win he had hoped for. He is slightly pissed off, but that feeling wears off a little during the day. We quickly make a stop at our house, which is about 80 kilometres away from ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Family and friends welcome us happily and cheer at James as their hero. That big smile of his finally breaks out again. Men can be like little kids sometimes. Humour them a bit and they feel really important all over. It’s good to see him like this though. It kind of reminds me of our first date, when that sweet smile of his made me fall for him big time. That feeling hasn’t changed since. When we leave to go back to the tournament, James trips and hurts his knee. I get a panic. What if he can’t play Wimbledon. But James is soon up and brushes himself off. No harm done, he assures me and I find myself thinking back to that first date we had again when he upon leaving my house (after the sweet kiss goodnight) he tripped over the neighbours’cat and broke his ankle. He can be so clumsy sometimes. When we finally get back, James signs autographs for fans. He is very relaxed again and takes a lot of time for them. No wonder he is so well loved. And he is mine, I think happily.


Today is the last day for the tournament. We are already preparing to leave for London the day after. James congratulates the winner of the tournament Wateva. We go to the party he throws to celebrate later. James is a real party animal at times, but I manage to keep him away from the cheap wine for most of the evening. There is no need to arrive at Wimbledon drunk or with a hangover, although it would be a nice experiment to see how that would influence his performance. We spend the evening by a lovely lake nearby. As we sit together, James reflects on what went wrong this week. I want too much to soon, he thinks. I go for the big points too easily, but lose the bigger picture. I have to play more safe. It will come in time dear, I console him. You are relatively new at this. You will grow. We go back to the hotel. He looks a little sad still. His big dream has been blown. I decide it’s time for Plan B to go in full effect. I take him to the hotel and put on some of his favourite soul music. I kiss him gently and he really warms to the moment. We get more passionate as the night rolls along. As we lay side by side, I tell him again there will be other tournaments. This time he actually smiles. He says: as long as you are with me I can wither any storm and I will certainly be able to deal with the pressures of PAW. I look at the clock and say that we oughta go to sleep, because we have an early flight coming up. Who cares he says, Wimbledon can wait a little longer for us. As I fall into his embrace again, I know heaven isn’t too far away.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 03:24 PM


With SpikeyAidanm still at the top, all eyes will be on the new sensation, Brazilian Hantuchov and sentimental favourite, Venezuelan Spencercarlos. (Editor's note - this article was written before spencercarlos reached World No 1 and Hantuchov at 2)

In only his second year, Hantuchov showed he has the potential to win anything, capturing Indian Wells and Miami, earlier this year. Not only did he win these two tournaments consecutively, he also won them very convincingly. A few rough tournaments after this did not stop Hantuchov, as he still remained a threat to any title contender. In Rome, Hantuchov crawled his way further up the rankings, with a finish of 5th, and last week, in Paris, Hantuchov finished 3rd out of 119. Now at #3 in the PAW Rankings, Hantuchov has risen 86 positions, in half a year. A serious threat at Wimbledon this year.

One of the most, if not the most, consistent player on the tour, spencercarlos debuted on the PAW circuit in 2001. As the only Venezuelan ranked, spencercarlos is an idol in his country. When he won his first tournament, thousands of people in Caracas lined the streets to celebrate. Throughout his career, spencercarlos has won 7 tournaments. Compelled as the greatest Venezuelan sportsman ever, spencercarlos finished runner up at Roland Garros last week. He has never held the #1 spot in the PAW Rankings, but he may very well be the next world number one and he always will be for Venezuela. He will certainly be the crowd favourite in Wimbledon, but can he win his first Grandslam?

PAW Magazine Editor and Interviewer, SpikeyAidanm caught up with spencercarlos also in Birmingham this week:

Why did it take so long to solve the Grand Slam riddle, what turned it around for you, this tournament?

spencercarlos: Well as I said before I tried to pick smarter this time, anyway the event had so many upsets, I lost the last couple of picks in three set matches and you know, It’s a shame I could not win, it was close, but it’s ok have to congratulate Crazillo who did a great job as well. I hope I can perform like this on the next slams.

What was the most pivotal pick you did this tournament?

spencercarlos: Peshke over Birnerova, or Ruano over Sugiyama, both were juicy , I think both played a huge part on this…as I said this was not my best effort I think I could have picked a little better, but overall the result was great.. greater than I expected.

You slipped a bit down the rankings after Miami, you will climb up once again, you always seem to have a good tourney here and there.

spencercarlos: Yes, I am kind of a streaky player, it seems once I see my ranking going down I suddenly have a great event, its rare, I would love to be more consistent.

Are you motivated for the grass court season?

spencercarlos: Yes I am, I really want to be playing Wimbledon , lets see what happens there I hope to do well and who knows try to convincing myself now with this result that I can perform better at the slams..

"I would love to be more consistent," spencercarlos.

Rossana Fan caught up with Hantuchov in earlier this week:

How do you think you went in Roland Garros this year- in terms of previous victories, was it one of your best results?

Yes, definitely it was my best result in a major tournament. Well, it was only the 3rd Grand Slam of my career, and a semi-final was just amazing, although I had wasted many chances of reaching the final . Anyway, I'm really happy with this great achievement.

How badly do you want to win Wimbledon? Is it the main focus for the year?

Well, of course I want to lift the trophy in London, you know, it's my first Wimbledon, and I'm very excited about it. I'll try to do my best, but I don’t consider Wimbledon as the main focus this year, cuz my goals from now on is to take the Fed Cup title to Bulgaria and to take the gold medal in Athens. In London, I'll try to have fun and then we'll see what will happen.

Which country are you representing this year at the Olympics? Do you like playing for your country?

I'll play for Brazil. I love representing my country in the PAW Circuit, especially cuz I am the lone Brazilian here. As I told you before, this is the most important event to me this season, I'd feel very disappointed if I don’t reach my goals in Greece.

Being quite a doubles player yourself, what do you think is your favourite, doubles or singles? Why?

Tough question. I really love both.

What is your favourite tournament of the year?

Acapulco, for sure! I like the atmosphere, the other players who also play there, the parties- everything

Name something unusual about you?

I seldom wear jeans?

I just dont like it (them)! :scared: :lol: :retard:

What word describes you best?

Friend, just ask my friends if I am right or not, I hope I am?

What are your strategies for PAW?

I dont have any strategies with me, I just take a look at the draw first, make sometimes risky picks and I also go for some safe points. But of course I have my golden chickens, but it's a secret I keep with me ;)

Thank you for your time Hantuchov, good luck in the future tournaments.

No problem Rossana Fan , and thank you. I also wanna wish good luck for the players in the circuit and a big :hug:to my friends.

Are these two the future PAW generation?

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Jul 9th, 2004, 03:44 PM
:clap2: WIMBLEDON WRAP-UP! :clap2:

by Rossana Fan

Final Top 10 at Wimbledon:

_1 . kimclijsters4ever ........... 26 .. 18 ... 8 .. 345
_2 . bbypk [16]................... 26 .. 20 ... 6 .. 338
_3 . andrew_uk ................... 26 .. 16 .. 10 .. 330
_4 . raquel ...................... 26 .. 18 ... 8 .. 328
_5 . kafelek ..................... 26 .. 17 ... 9 .. 323
_6 . Pintaled [12]................ 26 .. 18 ... 8 .. 320
_7 . Rossana Fan ................. 26 .. 18 ... 8 .. 317
_8 . SpikeyAidanm [1]............. 26 .. 18 ... 8 .. 316
__ . Je_ne_sais_quoi [10]......... 26 .. 17 ... 9 .. 316
__ . *Yoav* ...................... 26 .. 17 ... 9 .. 316

Well what a Wimbledon it was! Not only was Wimbledon won by a player ranked 88 in the world, but it won the award for the Grand Slam with the highest scoring points. Early on, Venezuelan favourite Spencercarlos led the way, snatching 146 points after Day 1. Closely followed by speedster_ and Je_ne_sais_quoi, who also did some excellent picking, particularly Je_ne_sais_quoi, who had 6 PAWs correct and 0 PAWs incorrect. Favourite Brazilian sensation Hantuchov shocked all by representing Bulgaria, but didn’t affect his imposing Wimbledon performance. Australian youngster, cooldudeanzela, renowned for his on-court cheating, was in fourth the 1st Day. Buitenzorg, Bbypk and andrew_uk, also got off to great starts.

As the tournament gradually progressed on, spencercarlos and cooldudeanzela both dropped down the league table dramatically, both slipping out of the top 10 after Day 8. Underestimated Singaporean Je_ne_sais_quoi hit the lead, but had used up all his PAWs after day 8. Kafelek and Bbypk were the hot favourites at this stage, both looked in fine form and looked very threatening. Buitenzorgs Wimbledon campaign well and truly ended at day 7, using up all his PAWs and dropped to 27th. Korben, Sacova, bionic71, Hantuchov, SpikeyAidanm, Nexeo, kerbear, Rossana Fan and effs all looked sharp.

With some astounding PAWs, bbypk stormed up to grab a lead, but Serena Williams had killed him! It was the silent achiever Kimclijsters4ever that got the lead on the final day. Andrew_uk was in fine touch, but PAWing Williams over Sharapova lost him a Grand Slam final. Other British favourite Raquel finished a very impressive 4th (Semi Final) while kafelek, Pintaled, Rossana Fan, Spikey Aidanm, *Yoav* and unlucky Je_ne_sais quoi all managed a QF appearance, despite a late surge by another British, WTA Handicapper, who, along with Bbypk, only managed to get 6 PAWs wrong. Agustin, Sacova, kerbear, speedster_, Hantuchov, Nexeo, effs and Zhao all managed a top 20 final place.

Butch, crazillo, K&J Fan, HotSpot, zorgzamesnip, polishprodigy, Rtael, Geoffry, marcobarella, treiber04 and defending champion aussie_stars all had dismal performances. Better luck next year.

But it was a gracious kimclijsters4ever, who won their first tournament- Grand Slam! An impressive achievement, by an impressive player, admired by all.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 03:53 PM
PAW through a Newbie’s Eyes => :awww:

By ~zelda~

Note: The interviewee in this interview is StaccatoSilas

Q: What did you think about PAW before you decided to join it?

A: I didn't really get how it worked! I saw PAW rankings in signatures, and I noticed the attention on the board for the game. But it seemed difficult to play...

Q: So you first noticed PAW through signatures?

A: Yes, I first noticed PAW through signatures!

Q: What made you decide to join PAW?

A: Well, I was asked to join the CAD game. But that only is doubles. So I started looking around the GAME Thread and I found PAW, which is singles. Plus, I really liked the way PAW was being organized. With attention for rankings, tournament winners etc. So I started reading the rules and I joined...

Q: Are you excited about your first official Paw game?

A: Yes I Am. I really am. I got a very warm welcome by Andrew. Who personally explained the rules to me again and answered a lot of my questions... I will make my PAW Debut at Stanford and I keep on checking back to the thread to see if there is any news and stuff. I am really excited and hope I can have some impact in the game!

"I first noticed PAW through signatures!"

Q: Do you consider yourself the underdog in the competition being that you are a newbie?

A: Yes, of course... I mean, some of these people have been playing PAW a lot longer then me. They have had success in it, won multiple tournaments, back-2-back titles. Quite impressive. But the underdog position suits me well. I can play on the low the first couple of tournament and hope on a big break at one of the Grand Slams or Tier 1's!

Q: How well do you think you will do and where do you hope to place?

A: Well, I don't know. I am so new in the game that I haven't yet started to set any goals besides wanting to win my first tournament in de upcoming two months. It's not only a game of skill, but also of luck... So I just hope I get lucky! And make my way up the rankings quick!

Q: Are you nervous?

A: Yes! But not in a bad way. Just good nerves... More in the way of excitement, but they are stills nerves. Can't wait to enter my first PAWS!

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Jul 9th, 2004, 04:02 PM
EXCLUSIVE: A JOURNEY to #1 in the world

by HANTUCHOV http://images.sportsline.com/images/country/logos/BRA.gif

Almost one year ago (OMG, how fast time flies!), in August, in the week of New Haven’s tournament, I saw the PAW thread and wondered why were all those people making the predictions of the matches. I really had no idea about it, I really thought it was something like a predicted draw, as many members use to post, but, anyway, what matters is that I started to play this wonderful game without being concerned about how it would work, if it would have rankings….I was not only a newcomer in PAW, but also in wtaworld.
So, I started to make my picks. Of course, superstitious as I’ve always been in my whole life, I started pawing my favourite players, or at least pawing against those players I don’t like. Just to prove how innocent I was and that I was completely lost, I added many smilies with my picks, only because I wanted to wish good luck to them….hahahaha….pathetic, but I was as innocent as a little child. That’s why some friends of mine, once started to have fun at me because of that, but I don’t care, I know it’s funny and we should laugh about it.
In the following week, I had to play US Open. Of course I was still as lost as in my 1st tournament, the only thing I had learnt was that there was a limit of matches to be picked. That’s why I only started to make safe picks, because I still didn’t know what those numbers between parenthesis meant, I thought it was the number of players who had already pawed in each players, but I always wondered: “OMG, are these people crazy, why there are only 2 people pawing Clijsters while 50 paw Liu?”. LMAO, I was still so insecure, but I knew that experience would come as soon as I’d start to play more tournaments.

But I couldn’t get any experience in till the end of 2003 season, I only got good results in Zurich and Moscow, only because the players I like had good performances and could help me with the points, otherwise, it would be just another tournament wasted. But while the best 16 players of 2003 were playing in L.A., I knew how to use my chances to take my 1st and lone great result in 2003, when I finished 2nd in Pattaya. It was a perfect ending of the season to me, cuz since that moment I started to believe in me and that I could do much better than that.

"But I always wondered: OMG, are these people crazy, why there are only 2 people pawing Clijsters while 50 paw Liu?"

And then 2004 season comes! I was just relaxing during the 1st two weeks and made my 1st appearance in The Australia Open. But the good form which have finished with me in 2003 seemed to be still taking a rest, because Melbourne was just one more bad result added in my poor career till last February. But in Antwerp, I could feel my confidence was coming back, and I had a good week in Belgium, which was followed by decent results in the America pre-clay season (Bogotá and Acapulco) and, of course, the back-to-back Tier I titles in Indian Wells and Miami.
Breaking the Top 15 for the 1st time in my career was just amazing, which motivated me a lot to keep playing, and I just wanted to play more and more, because I was thaaaat excited to become a Top 10 player as soon as possible. But I had to wait, cuz since the other players started to pay more attention on me, I couldn’t handle the pressure and the bad form seemed to be back, with pathetic performances in Amelia Island, Charleston, Warsaw and Berlin.

But when I was already giving up on having better results, I thought: “Wait, I cant be that bad, I helped Bulgaria to win the 1st tie against Singapore, I had a high score, and I already showed everyone I can play well”. And when I could focus back on my predictions, when I was feeling calm, playing without any pressure and without bigger expectations, the good results came up again and a quarter-final in Rome and a decent result in Vienna were enough to bring me to the Top 10, my highest ranking at that time.
And in Paris for the 2nd time of the year, but now playing the French Open, I felt so fine and so relaxed, that the good picks were just coming into my mind, and in the end of the 2nd week of the tournament, I was that I would already finish among the Top 5. Great! The best result ever in a Grand Slam to me. I still regret for not reaching the Final (after I cancelled Myskina over Capriati), but the 3rd place was something so huge to me, as great as the back to back titles, that I really didn’t care that much about. Once again, the highest ranking of my career, now I was already the #3.
Although I still felt refreshed and happy, I thought I should skip the too crowded Tier III Birmingham, and definitely it was a smart move I did, because the possibility of achieving a good result was too low. After one week of break, I came back still feeling fine in Eastbourne, with another Semi-Final, the 2nd in the last 2 tournaments, followed by a nice result in Wimbledon (not as good as I expected), I could move one position up in the rankings and take a good lead to the 2nd place in the Race Of The Championships. Today, I’m still #2 of the world, but I already have one foot of mine in the highest place of the rankings, because next week Spencercarlos will have the points of Palermo (where he was the winner) cut off the rankings, while I still don’t have any points to defend. Wow! I really never thought I’d be #1 in the beginning of the season, and it just makes clearer that anyone can also achieve it, just check my silly and stupid picks in my first tournaments that everyone will see I’m not lying.

Now I can only celebrate this moment, but not that much, cuz although I’ll be #1, I must work harder and harder to get more and more. My next goals? Definitely to win the Fed Cup tie against Argentina this weekend, to take a Gold Medal in the Olympics and in the Championships in L.A., and, of course, take the Fed Cup title (if we go further this weekend, of course) to Bulgaria. That’s it, I’m still fresh as a newcomer and I still wanna rock the PAW Circuit even more, in the company of my best friends, of course, because….”It’s all about friendship! And it’ll be like this forever!”.

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Jul 9th, 2004, 04:11 PM
:devil: Gossip Column :devil:

(got any PAW related gossip for upcoming issues? ... please feel free to pm them!)
Hantuchov and raquel’s results have been improving this year and so have their flirting tendencies! Back in a player party in Warsaw, raquel was busy with Latinos for the evening, playing around with several as caught on Camera. A week later, she went onto to reach the Berlin Final, looks like Hantuchov is more than just an amazing PAWer, he must pass on something special to others when he :kiss: ‘s!
Look like changing your WTAWorld has become a curse for success for many PAWers. Spencercarlos, *Yoav* and sacova are a few examples to name a few who have brought out a new game with a new name.
Retired former No 1 Wojtek surprised all by making a return to the PAW ATP Game in Wimbledon. The Polish star who lost interest in the game last year has also appeared in the PAW Lockeroom a few times this year to catch up with his former mates, a comeback is certainly not out of the question.
Rumour that the prestigious sportsmanship award, which goes to the recipient with the most votes from all PAW players may be named after “Amanda Coetzer,” who retired a few weeks ago. There is also discussion of a few new awards to be inducted this year along with a new award selection criterion. Stay tuned!
We congratulate World No #18 marcobarella and his wife for the birth of a second child – Elisangela a few weeks ago, who joins his 1 year old daughter Frederica.
There has been a rumour spreading around that cooldudeanzela may have been banned from WTAWorld but is still crawling his way around WTAWorld under another account. An unnamed PAW member recently revealed that “austriantennis” is an anzela clone, and with a row of neat red dots beside his name, we won’t be surprised if he is right! A day after this revelation, austriantennis became banned! :haha:
Hmmmm, PointBlank’s last name change latest only a few hours to ŠpreMashâ and back to PointBlank again, not sure what is going on in his camp. But the former Israeli-Ukrainian-Brazilian and South African isn’t exactly doing through stable times on tour.
Jrm reckons paellapan’s recent disappearance from the PAW Tour was because he got caught in “berduma triangle!”
And recent rumour that we may have our first PAW :baby: arriving in a few months with Belgium’s Geoffry and Lore recently announcing their engagement.

:drive: COMPETITION! :drive:

WIN free tickets to watch the best PAW players battle out the US Open, by simply describing in 50 words or less why you enjoy playing PAW, the winner and their entry will be announced in the next issue!

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Jul 9th, 2004, 04:19 PM

by JRM

A few months ago I was celebrating my second year as a member of WTA WORLD site (there have been few changes along the way) but only joined PAW at the beginning of this year. How could I have missed this game in 2003 is beyond me! OK, I totally ignored the site for most of the last year and didn't even bothered to read let alone post something. Let's just say I was pre-occupied with other things. I got 'back in the game' last December when the new tennis season was on the horizon. Always interested in tennis-related games in have noticed a particular thread was always on the top in each tournament forum and I kept reading this and this player has brought me this and those points.

PAW ... a new word I have missed in Oxford dictionary or have I been really living on another planet? It was time to do some heavy research. With no friends on the board at that time I was facing my hardest task yet ... learn more about this phenomena called PAW and I was determined nothing shall stand in my way (of course my computer just had to go on strike at that particular moment but I wasn't discouraged). Curious as I am, I opened PAW-related thread with some jitters and found what I like to call with one word ... HEAVEN. You heard it first, guys ... H-E-A-V-E-N. It was a game made for my tennis needs to say the least. I was impressed, filled with joy and enthusiasm ... it was time for this chick to get involved and do some serious damage!

How do I join, how do I play, how will I do ... those were just a few questions that ran through my head. It was time to sit down, take a deep breath and ask myself: am I really ready to venture down that road? If I do there will be no turning back, I was aware of that. My heart was pounding ... I was on the brink of the biggest test of my short-lived life ... to join or not to joining PAW (Hamlet wasn't the only one occupied with worrying stuff). I could feel my right hand slowly reaching for the mouse on the table, trying to click the left button on it. This was it, good-bye old world, c'est la vie ... I was one click away from entering immortality ... and it happened, ladies and gentlemen ... on one cold, gloomy January day this female member has become a proud member of PAW clan. The rest is the history as they say ...

"It was a game made for my tennis needs to say the least."

Much has happened from that legendary cold, gloomy January day. Tears and joy, laughter and sadness ... all part of your usual PAW day, week, month! Along the way I had the privileged to met and talk to some of the best people I have come across in my life. I would like to thank you all for the support, encouragement and the strength you have given me in the last few month. It was highly appreciated and welcomed. You have reminded me what really matters in this cruel life - good friends! Another positive quality of PAW - just one of many! Don't be confused - this is no good-bye letter of me being pessimistic again ... just straight from the heart opinion from this Slovenian girl who once clicked the right button on her mouse on one cold, gloomy January day and became part of PAW world. She has no regrets!

I was thinking for the next time doing an article: WHO THE HELL IS JRM ...OH YEAH, THAT B**** IS RESPONSIBLE FOR POINTS REDUCTION IN PAW :devil:


Just a bit of what is to come...

“The PAWaholics and rehab centre”
“Instruction: Risk or play it safe”
“PAW Yearly Awards Forecast and Predictions”
“Country Feature: Belgium”
"Wrapup of the PAW Olympics - who was the Golden PAW player?"
“PAW Fed Cup semi/final outlook”
“The Rising stars”
And much more!

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I love the special coverage for the month. The "A Trip to Girl PAW Land" :worship:

Looking forward for the next edition.

Great job guys.

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Wow, I'm impressed! :eek:

:worship: @ all who made it possible :hatoff: :bounce:

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Really Great! I enjoyed reading all of it! Keep up the good work, it can only get better!

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Very good work indeed! :thumbsup: I liked it very much. :cheers:

I will take a longer break from WTAWORLD. I need it. cya until I dont know when.

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Excellent!!! Hopefully we, Singaporeans can get a mention in next month's edition.. There are already 15 S]poreans in the top 100!! Coming from a small country of only 4 million pple.... Somemore we have 3 very god players like JE ne sais quoi, Grice and Wateva..Hee... Nevertheless, this edition is wonderful..I relish it v.much!

Jul 10th, 2004, 04:19 AM
WOW, a Great success! :)

I esp liked the Girls Feature :angel: and the article on JAMES and HANTUCHOV :worship:

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Williams Rulez
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Very interesting read and very well written and pieced together flawlessly... :)

Jul 10th, 2004, 09:57 PM
“I can't say that I have a special formula for a good results, it was just a straightforward tournament for me , just picking according to what I thought and not involved too many tactics and picking according to my opponent’s picks, and I’m very glad that it worked well.”
-- Israeli newcomer *Yoav* on his spectacular top 10 finishes in Eastbourne and Wimbledon.

me :help:
obviously i forgot the "not" ("=not picking according...")
the magazine looks great. well done to everyone who had a part in writing this great magazine :worship: :yeah:

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Great magazine! Of course I liked my wife's article best (I'm forced to type that as she's sitting next to me ;) ). One word seems to have fallen out accidentally, while she's was writing. The third sentence in the part on sunday should read: "After his disastrous performance at Roland Garros things were much better at Birmingham". Perhaps I'll do my account of the week in 's-Hertogenbosch for the next issue (sort of life with Sofia on the PAW Tour to set the record straight on some points).

Jul 12th, 2004, 12:36 PM
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Well done to all involved in it :worship:

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Jul 12th, 2004, 05:57 PM
Matthias messes momentarily with mysterious Anca Barna

I’m sure a lot of you have players you just hate to PAW for or against. Their unpredictability at it’s highest, causing you frustration. Players like Parra Sontanja, Pisnik, Sanchez Lorenzo, Raymond, Schnyder, Serna and Dementieva. But Matthias found himself stuck in a pile of patriotism and strategy which gave him a big headache during the live scores on day three of Birmingham last month – all over the unpredictable Anca Barna. “I pawed Maggie (over Barna), because I thought this will 7 points for sure, (but) usually i´m cheer for Anca” he said. “And it would be a great result for her if she could beat Maggie but a wasted PAW pick for me.” The trap between cheering on a PAW to win and cheering you your favourite players continued… “I mean, always when I pawed Anca, she lost… and now I pawed her opponent, and now she upset a seeded player! And with her bad result in the past weeks I lost my confidence in Anca and now she proves me completely wrong - crazy girl!”

Those strong words must have willed the Bulgarian on with Maleeva coming back from 6-2, 3-0 down to win 2-6, 6-3, 6-2.

this week i PAWed against Anca again - :haha:

Jul 14th, 2004, 04:04 PM
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