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Jun 27th, 2004, 12:43 AM
For those who have been following tennis for more than a few years:

What is the evolution of your favs. With me, when tennis was just a passing interest for me, ages 9-11, i really liked Monica. Then I started really following tennis in 95 and caught onto Martina then, and now that Martina isn't playing anymore I see I go through phases. I thought Justine would be my absolute new fave, but now i'm really going through an Amelie phase, but they are naot even close to equalling my Martina obsession. What about you?

Jun 27th, 2004, 12:58 AM
well, on watching tennis, i got a huge fan at Wimbledon 1996. When Krajicek won and Hingis/Kournikova clashed at the Semifinal.

I got hooked on both girls... In the meantime, already knew Seles, always liked her. She was like my tennis Idol. So those three we're my faves. But since non of them have been playing for awhile, with Martina out completely. I really started to admire the dominance of the Sisters. Since last year I am really following Sharapova and Krajicek (at tje juniors). And since AussieOpen '04 I try to watch Golovin! But at this moment, Sharapova (on the WTA) and Krajicek (at Juniors) are my faves!

cool bird
Jun 27th, 2004, 01:00 AM
When I first started watching I loved Venus. I never really watch tennis before. I never understood it and thought it was boring. But then me and my Mum where watching One of her matches about about 6 years ago at wimbledon when she still had all the beads. And my Mum was explaining to me all the rules of the game cos there was nothing eles on TV. Anyway it was the match where Venus got really upset and started to cry and I really felt for her. When she lost in the end I thought poor cow I hope she wins it next year. Did not watch any of Wimbledon the following year as had exam and still did not really like tennis that much. But in 2000 I watch wimbledon from start to finish as my boyfriend at the time loved tennis and I was lazy could never be arsed to go down staris.Venus matches where always on. And by the time she beat Hingis in the quater final I was hooked.

Now I love the game and I am a fan of loads of people Venus Serena Moya Blake Federer Kim Davenport and of course the great Agassi.