View Full Version : 2004 Grand Slam Winners - 1998 all over again?

Jun 25th, 2004, 10:31 PM
I remember a while ago some people were posting about how the past years the women's grand slams have been duller than dirt - the past three years we've only had two women winning all four of the slams (2001: Jenn/Venus, 2002: Jenn/Serena, 2003: Serena/Henin). And for two of those years, all of the slams were won by players of the same nationality.

So far this year, we are already certain to have three different slam winners: AUS went to Henin of Belgium
FO went to Myskina of Russia
WB obviously cannot go to either of these players, so the tour will at least match 2000, when Pierce, Davenport, and Venus took home the big ones.

But can the tour replicate 1998, when there were four grand slam champs, each from different countries? (Hingis, Sanchez-Vicario, Novotna, Davenport)

I think there might be a chance...it seems like the safe assumption would be to bet that an American will take the title in London (Serena, Linds, Jenn), although there are some who could spoil that dream (Momo, Maria, Sprem?).

But then who would we have to win the US? Seems the only chance for a 4-woman, 4-country grand slam group for 2004 would be if Amelie can finally come though in one of the next two slams.

Regardless, it's nice to see some diversity at the top stages of competition again.