View Full Version : All in all, is Venus getting better or worse?

Jun 25th, 2004, 06:50 AM
Venus has had some bad Grand Slam results this year. This 2nd round ousting being by far the worse. Taking these results into consideration, is Venus regressing in her form, or was she steadily getting better. Was this just the case of Venus running into a hot player, or is Venus just a shadow of her former self?
For me I think Venus has yet to find her form. There are times when she plays brilliant points, and others when she looks totally amateur. The main problem as I see it, is mental. Its been a long time since Venus has swung freely at the ball. She seems overly aware of her groundstrokes. I think she is afraid that her shots are going to miss, so she puts too much focus into her groundstrokes and not enough into other aspects of her game. This is a confidence issue. Venus needs to start playing more aggresively, and stop playing percentage tennis. She rarely attacked Sprem's serves, and she too many times left huge areas of the court open for Sprem to hit into. SHe looked lost at times. What happened to the days when her winners count, eclipsed her unforced error count. Once Venus starts to play with the reckless abandon of her youth, she will slowly begin to pick up the pieces of her shattered form.

Jun 25th, 2004, 07:00 AM
As you said, Venus keeps on running into hot players or at least into players who seem to play the match of their life against Venus. It happened with Raymond at the AO, Kuznetsova in Dubai and Dementieva in Miami. That's bad luck of the draw! Against Myskina though, I really think Venus played a very bad match but today, Venus didn't even play that bad. She could have played of course better but Sprem did everything she should have done to defeat Venus.
I think Venus game is still on the way up ... let's not forget that she didn't play for more than 6 months. The game is a lot more competitive today and players seem to improve very fast (which makes me wonder how Kim and Justine will actually fare when they return after their injury time-out). And today's match was very close. Venus didn't get blown away. She lost 2 tight tie-breaks, and had set points in both sets plus an unfortunate mistake from the Umpire againts her.
I'm sure she will do a lot better this summer ... she always does! GO VENUS!