View Full Version : ELENA SITE CLOSED DOWN!!!!!

Mar 1st, 2002, 09:15 PM
It was once a great website to find out about Elena and to see pics of her.
But now hypermart have closed it down, for some INSANE reason.
The only good website about Elena that I can access is Elena's 'Yahoo Club'. There are alot of pics, but no info. There is a message board (not as good as this one). You should all join and upload any pics you might have. Thats what I am doing.

Does anyone know if Elena has an 'Official' site that is also in English? I tried looking on Octogan's official website, but they did not even acknoledge that they represented Elena, never mind anything about her websites!!!!
(They were to busy showing me what a good job they have done in promoting Kournikova)

Eggy, you said you sometimes talked to the Russian players. Next time you manage to talk to Elena ask her if she knows ANYTHING at all about an official website!!!

Mar 1st, 2002, 09:27 PM
The only offical site was the russian "dementieva.ru", but it went down too.

Mar 2nd, 2002, 08:59 AM
this is best Elena site now

http://elenadementieva.tripod.com/ but it hasn't been updated for a month

ask Fingon why

the cat
Mar 2nd, 2002, 01:59 PM
This is terrible news. Elena should be getting more websites. Not losing them. Last spring, there was talk about her official website having English translation by the 2001 U.S. Open. But it never happened. Now her official website is gone. And that's too bad.

Mar 2nd, 2002, 02:40 PM
The official site could not exist anymore. There were three or even more forces which pulled the cart in different directions. But it may reappear yet.

Mar 2nd, 2002, 03:02 PM
I hope her official site will come back...

Her site was very informative and with lots of nice pics of Elena.

Mar 2nd, 2002, 03:11 PM
There is still hope :)

Mar 5th, 2002, 10:57 PM
WELL DONE Eggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

www.elenadementieva.tripod.com is a GREAT site!!!!!

Do you know the e-mail address for the guy who set it up, because I know someone he MIGHT be able to get more Elena interviews off.

The guy who ran the www.vittorio1.hypermart.net site, might still have some of the interviews and articles that Elena has given.

All things considered, the tripod site is the best Elena site at the moment (but, sadly, thats not hard)

Fresh, there is still hope. But only for people who speak Russian. How am I (I speak English and only a little French) supposed to understand a Russian website?!?!

Hopefully, Octogon get there act together soon!!!!!!!!

Mar 8th, 2002, 03:40 AM
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