View Full Version : What a Day

Jun 2nd, 2004, 03:23 AM
Today Babygirl and the Great queen Vee
went out of the French Open almost simultaneuously
one in two, the other in three
losing to Myskina and Capriati
there was a time in the Serena match just after She injured Herself, I think
when She bent over,stretched, and touched Her toes
showing the camera a backside,barely covered in pink
the Male commentator asked then,"do You think it's a tear?"
looked more like a crack, I'd have to think!
both Sisters made best, of a bad day
waving to the crowd, as They walked away
They'll be back, posting wins, on some other day
and how about Momo, playing the one some call Demented
She looked anything but that,as a win She cemented
can Elena hit the ball? hell She gives it a sock
and nearly every hit is sent off, with the odd sound of 'Wok'
the serves not so good,bloody terrible so We say
but Momo couldn't dominate it, it did the job on the day
what about Nastya covering the court,Venus couldn't outshine Her
at one stage Myskina sent a return sailing wide
and her language would have embarrassed even a coal miner
Then there was that brightYoung Star
Maria Sharapova,or is it just Masha?
I think even the staunchest Suarev fan
would agree Maria helped Paola to thrash Her
those balls that have been finding their mark,were sent wide and loose
that combined with Paola's great play, all helped cook up Her goose

so after they've played off, this semi-final four
which two will be knocking at the French Grand Slam door
I hope for two Russians, that's a personal mind set
but if it's Paola and Capster, I'll have no regret!