View Full Version : if amelie wanted to win a GS one day,..

Jun 1st, 2004, 10:54 PM
she must stop to do repetitivly this ridiculous tops spins a la conchita martinez and hits the ball,being agressive!!
look at justine henin:she isn t as taller or as big as amelie but in my opinion she hits the ball way harder than amelie(both in right and back hand)and she s more more agressive in general(2nd serve return,etc...) ,i find.
i don t think that the pressure has something to do with her performance today
in fact apart the score,today it was a remake of the last year 1/4 final against serena:dementieva like serena hitted the ball very hard and amelie was just waiting for the opponent error
So it s why i think that amelie MUST change his general attitude and being a more agressive player:the fact is she has the potential to do that but it s all about her
make no mistake , i don t want her to be a badaboom player but it s obvious that she must (if she can)hit the ball harder and don t always do this stupid top spins if she wants to win a GS

Jun 2nd, 2004, 01:11 AM
Why do people always compare bad losing tennis to Conchita Martinez? :sad: :confused: :sad: She won Wimbledon with "crappy topspin" and got to two other Slam finals. :D

If Amelie wants to win a major, she needs to not only recognize that she has choking ways (she has) but do something about it. Maybe losing to someone like Dementieva will make her see a sports shrink and fix the problem. Everyone said Justine was a choker a few years ago. She was. She recognized it, got psychological help, and fixed the problem. Amelie hopefully will try the same thing. It's one thing to get blitzed by Serena in a QF, quite another to fall the same against Dementieva, the girl has the worst serve known to man. I really like Amelie, but I hope this loss burns in her gut bad, it will make her take action, hopefully.