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May 30th, 2004, 02:04 AM
I have developed and application in C# to calculate the ranking.

It works pretty well, however, I do have a problem, it'a innacurate information.

I record the weekly rankings on the database, and I use the column "points added" to store info regarding the points earned each week by each player.

That info is important to know how the 18th tournament affects the results. Because of the constantly changing weeks when tournaments are played. My solution is to take the 17 best results, excluding the points coming off (by date) and insert the current tournament points. They I just add the 17 best results and I get the theoretical points total, the difference is the adjustment due to the 18 tournament.

Problem is, it works well for the top players but not for the rest, because of incomplete information. By getting the points from the points added column I miss some points break down.

this is because of:

1) players that enter the ranking. They are not included until they have 3 tournaments.
2) 2 weeks tournaments, during the GSs, Indian Wells and Miami, there is a week in the middle where they don't release rankings. But some players play challengers those week, they can play a different tournament each of those two week. The wta will only report the total earned in the two weeks at the end of the second week. So for my program it will be one result when it's really two. For example, if a players earns 10 points the first week and 5 the second week, the rankings will show 15 points added and I have no way to know that. So for me it's ONE touranment with 15 points when they are really two.

3) 10k challengers that are added later, the effect is similar as in # 2.

I don't know how to get around this. I can't compare the points off or the current points to the 17th tournament because I can't accurately tell which the 17th tournament is. I could just take the results until the match up the WTA total and discard the rest, but I don't really know where the break down occurs, so it's innacurate.

Does anybody have a better idea? or better yet, does anybody have or know how to get the complete breakdown of points, and also how to get them regularly?

Martian Willow
May 30th, 2004, 02:53 AM
...don't you just need to know how the points are given out, and the results...? :)

May 30th, 2004, 05:56 AM
...don't you just need to know how the points are given out, and the results...? :)
as I said, some times the points given by the wta include more than one tournament, I need to know the points per tournament, this info is not available anywhere as far as I know.

May 30th, 2004, 09:07 AM
I have a similar database, plus i do all the weekly pts earned, even in two week events
yes some players have 3 events to add.

Jie Zheng this yr had 4 events coming OFF in one week due to the Calendar switch during March.

use this http://www.webpark.sk/vlmark/best17.zip
to get the right pts in the columns.