View Full Version : I think Shenay could have a bright future.

May 27th, 2004, 03:02 PM
I just checked out and studied the match statistics in Shenay Perry's loss to Katarina Sbrebotnik today and I really think despite her loss, I think this girl really is on the rise.

If the stats read right, she definitely dictated the outcome of the match since she smacked nearly as many unforced errors as her winners and had 8 aces.

But Katarina, by the looks of things, played a very tactical, smart clay-court match. She must have kept the ball in play frequently since she has amazingly only 12 unforced errors despite hitting fewer winners.

Now I have been bad repped about this, but at this point I am not going to give in on what I think Shenay's biggest problem is.

Her serve, in my mind, is her liability. Despite all those aces, she served only at 49%, and against a player like Katarina, that's just a very low, poor serving percentage.

But I still think she has incredible potential. I think once she turns that serve into a weapon, she will begin stringing together a lot of matches against players like Katarina, who at this point, are still better players.

Great tournament for Shenay though and can't wait to see her game at Wimbledon.