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May 26th, 2004, 11:31 AM
Half year is almost upon us . . . will add after French if much changes but unlikely too . . . . HAPPY READING !!

32 MOLIK, ALICIA - Highest ranked by Rite and has had a great year . . consistant high finished but also some bewildering loses. Finalist in Vienna and has beaten Mystina in Fed Cup. Will continue to improve and go insde top 25 before year is out. A-

44 PRATT, NICOLE - Gets better with age and has had am awesome year. Like molik has won some great matches but then again also lost some easy and close ones. Won her first title at 32 (i think) and shows no signs of giving up. A

98 STOSUR, SAMANTHA - Has had a solid year with encouragin tour results especially taking into consideration she has had to qualify for most of the events. Keep on moving B+

193 DOMINIKOVIC, EVIE - the less said the better. Won a 10K . . so thats gotta be worth something. Needs to improve quickly !! D-

236 WHEELER, CHRISTINA - plays challengers in US with mixed luck and although ranking has dropped her desire seems still there. Promising performance at French and hopefully will have a better second half. C -

276 MUSGRAVE, TRUDI - This was gonna be her year !! Injury ruined it but before that had made promising progress in singles and doubles. C+

295 FERGUSON, SOPHIE - Easily the most improved and one of the top performers. Also like Stosur needed to qualify imto events and is gaining experience and turning it into victories. A+

315 ADAMCZAK, MONIQUE - Weird year with some easy victories and some easy loses aswell. Needs to be more consistant but done well in doubles C-

319 DELLACQUA, CASEY - Practically injured since Oz open. Can go higher when she returns

363 BREADMORE, LAUREN - Would love to know what Happened to Lauren this year. Still playing at least but needs to string a few together soon D-

364 STEWART, BRYANNE - Plays the odd singles but almost like a training partner for Stosur and also plays doubles more frequently. C

382 KRIZ, NICOLE - encouraging results and can improve to a higher ranking if she continues to play well. Asia was a smart choice for her and also done well with Adamzack in doubles C+

389 DITTMANN, MIREILLE - made one or two appearances but not enough to make an impact. Pull out the racquet more or put it away D+

440 WATSON, CINDY - Looking to recapture her lost years Cindy has played great guns this year by winning 2 Challengers and ranking will go back up to where it should be. Congrats B+

464 HEWITT, JASLYN - Played in challengers and like others had mixed results. Kept a stable ranking but wanting to go higher she needs to play more consistantly against higher players. C-

The rest have basically either done nothing or very little on the challenger circuit. Although congrats to McShea who still going strong in doubles on WTA.
Some have had wins but none really notable . . . hopefully they will continue to improve and get a mention next time around. Or in a few days if i get bored and do more !!!!

May 26th, 2004, 11:32 AM
Thanks sven mate :wavey:

Wish I had the time to do something like this ;) :)

May 26th, 2004, 03:20 PM
363 BREADMORE, LAUREN - Would love to know what Happened to Lauren this year. Still playing at least but needs to string a few together soon D-

Thanks for this :)

Laurens a fighter but that's her only talent. Her ranking rose into the 200's on the back of a great victory over Perebynis however her games lacks penetration and what we are seeing now I fear, is what is the true indication of her talent.

May 26th, 2004, 03:48 PM
Pratt was 30 when she won Hyberbad not 32 :eek: :sad: :p

May 27th, 2004, 10:31 AM
Thanks Spikey, Louloubelle, Azza

Well some people have off years and i think a few of our girls starting from the Oz circuit in 2003 . . . many are at the crossraods where they either give up or continue to strive !!

Most of these i beleive are only like the last 6 months of a players tour not a true indication of there talent (well not for all)

May 27th, 2004, 01:17 PM
32 MOLIK, ALICIA - Has had an up and down year really, but enough good results to see her rank creep up. She's also pushed a lot of top players but blown chances, comin up just short to Myskina, Mauresmo etc. which is a concern, will she ever step up that next notch? Agree with Bronco, A-

44 PRATT, NICOLE - Far more consistent year from Nicole, still getting better with age and winning 1st title was sensational for her. Her rank will go up a few more places too after French. Really hasnt had too many bad losses this year. Same as Bronco, A

98 STOSUR, SAMANTHA - Has had an up and down year like Molik but some very pleasing results. Has probably exceeded my expectations this year, with hardly any points to defend for the rest of the year her rank will only keep going up! I give her a B++

193 DOMINIKOVIC, EVIE - Has been injured, only just comin back. Hard to say where she is at with her game, her rank will be outside the top 250 after the French. She only won 10K doubles, and has played 1 singles match since Feb. I thought she had a reasonable Aust Open, I havent lost hope yet. C-

236 WHEELER, CHRISTINA - French Open wildcard has definitely given Christina a boost, she played a good match and can hopefully take confidence from it. She is also gaining confidence with her doubles success and Pratt's trying to help her too by pairing in doubles recently. Christina will have a better 2nd half to the year without doubt. C

276 MUSGRAVE, TRUDI - Didnt even get to the end of Feb before her knee caved in. Very Disappointing, all the hard work from Oct-Dec 2003 will be wasted. Was goin well in doubles too this year. No grade

295 FERGUSON, SOPHIE - Has had a good run in Asia, will have gained a lot of confidence but she hasnt beaten anyone ranked higher than 200 nor has she really played any power hitters since Lindsay Lee so lets not jump the gun! She's done well by breaking into the top 300 now BUT now is the tough part, so many girls get stuck between 250-300 (Van Elden, Breadmore, Adamczak, Biggs, Pleming, Belobradjic, Dowse, etc.) Sure she's picked up points but that are very weak $25K's! I give Sophie a B. 2nd half of the year will be very important and interesting!

315 ADAMCZAK, MONIQUE - Terrible year, can hit the ball but lacks point construction. Needs a new coach to take the next step! D

319 DELLACQUA, CASEY - Like Evie has missed most of the year. Her form has been consistent but nothing special B-

363 BREADMORE, LAUREN - Has lost concentration this year, think she is more into her studying than tennis. Is very low on confidence, if it werent for the Giltinan victory she would be ranked below Hewitt nearly! E+

364 STEWART, BRYANNE - Retired from Singles I think as she isnt entering any events that she's playing doubles at unlike McShea!! No Grade

382 KRIZ, NICOLE - Slowly creeping up the ranks, some very encouraging performances though against Bahia and Sunitha. Has shown she can match it with the top 200. I agree that Asia was a smart choice for her. B

389 DITTMANN, MIREILLE - Not sure whats happening with Mireille. She entered all the asian events and Mexico ones, played Vietnam then pulled out of all the Asian and Mexico challengers to play $75K in France and hasnt been seen for the last month. I suspect she is playing club tennis in Germany and trying to save a bit of money from coaching. Bad choice though, I really feel that she would be ranked about 300 if she had played Asia BUT then again she probably couldnt afford to stay in Asia, at least in Germany she would have free accomodation and food and get paid to play there! Lets be realistic the poor girl hasnt had a wildcard for TA for 3 years and therefore not a cent to support her, so I dont think its fair to criticise her tournament schedule too much this year as I suspect she has played the maximum given her finances! Performance wise she's done ok C

440 WATSON, CINDY - Having a great year, really showing TA she is a force! The way her year is going I'm almost confident to say that she will get a wildcard into next years Aust Open without a doubt! Might only be qualies though. Has already won 2 $10K titles and a final. Rank already up 300+ places too inside the 300's now B+

464 HEWITT, JASLYN - Hasn't necessarily had the results but has definitely been playing well. Read the reports in her match against Kremer and she certainly pushed her. Last year she missed a lot with injury, this year she is picking up her schedule, dunno if goin to the US was a great move but as long as she keeps playing her rank will soon start to go up, she has only 5 points to defend until end of October, make that 4 if u count her win over Cheung! C++

May 27th, 2004, 01:31 PM
Mid year reports should be done after Wimbledon anyway.

May 28th, 2004, 10:53 AM
Mid year reports should be done after Wimbledon anyway.
No they shouldn't . . . mid year is june :) ;)

Was gonna do after Wimby but got bored while wathcing French . . . You can add after Wimby but unfortuntely dont think many will accomplish that much in a couple months

May 28th, 2004, 10:59 AM
Overall the year has been disappointing with many injuries and bad scheduling stuffing up some promising aspects

Ausboy might be good for you to do one of your points analysis things to see how people are going . . . . .

May 29th, 2004, 04:20 AM
Great assessments guys. Have to agree that injuries have seemed to decimated our players this year.