View Full Version : Pls Help!To all those who watched the Tammy vs Venus match..Can Tammy climb up again?

May 26th, 2004, 06:56 AM
Personally, I think it was a disappointment to be up 2-0 and blow it off. She was playing better when she was more aggressive, but i think her confidence in clay has hurt her along with the opponent being the incredible Venus (who she has never beat before).

But it was the second set that surprised me, everytime she made a shot i would think it would hit the net, but at 4-0 down she did not hit the net so often and played more deep shots...Perhaps when players are desperate, they come up with incredible shots...

And the lob winner??? I was stunned!! Her dropshots is terrible (Gotta work on that), and she was smiling a lot too in the second set when she played better, i dun normally see players smiling even if they suddenly start to play better, it is a bit strange, but i'm glad she enjoyed her match though.

The question is we all know she's in a slump, but she has been a consistent top 30 player for a few years now... can she ever climb back?

She crashed out in the first round in Wimbledon last year, so not much points to defend there and she is suppose to like grass better. Pls give your views. Thanks.

May 26th, 2004, 07:09 AM
I watched the entire match last night. It looks like confidence. Ever since
Paradorn became the PARADORN, I've been feeling that Tammy's been
under alot of pressure to equal or up grade to his level. She's looks really
nervous and uptight in recent times. She's not enjoying herself anymore.

She's got to work for consistency, and shake off those Paradorn shadow
nerves. You've seen Akiko Morigame and Shinobu, right? When they
play well..(yes, those silly marathon woman matches 2 tie breakers,
3 sets? :lol: ) they do not miss much, and keep coming back.
Tammy's gotta be like them, and just charge, charge, charge.

May 26th, 2004, 07:50 AM
I've watched the match too. gotta say I'm quite impressive with Tammy
She tried to be aggressive. but it's just not that easy when your opponent is so tough.
Venus hits the ball with more depth. very powerful stroke.
it's like tammy has to take a risk on every ball.
The drop shot is very funny :lol: . I think her coach might have said "hey try drop shot we're on clay" so here we've seen the best drop shot so far>

to your question i think yes. she can be back.
I heard that she 's trainng really hard.
and right now paradorn is out of people's interest.
She can do better in the grass season.

by the way, the newspaper in thailand this morning.
said something like. Tammy's down against Venus. no chance, no hope,
that's all she can, the 1st round something like that.

but in the other hand in Paradorn's case they seem to find any excuse to save his ass(sorry). that's really piss me of :fiery:

May 26th, 2004, 07:58 AM
after watching that match i think tammy's forehand is a problem
she hits it too low over the net and too flat and therefore hit alot into the net
i realise this is her game but maybe she could make slight adjustment