View Full Version : The Great Conchi vs. Momo: Who will win?

May 12th, 2004, 03:31 PM
After defeating Sprem, Conchita must now face Mauresmo in a 3rd round match at the Italian Open. Momo seems to be in good game shape, but Conchi is always ready to unleash her bag of tricks on her oponents. :)

Who will win? :cool:

May 12th, 2004, 03:39 PM
MOMO will win !!!!! :yeah:

May 12th, 2004, 03:46 PM
Amélie ;) don't like that nickname momo

May 12th, 2004, 03:47 PM
Mauresmo lost to Schiavone, so there is hope for the great conchi.

May 12th, 2004, 03:48 PM
Hope Conchi wins!!!

May 12th, 2004, 03:49 PM
This is a good match, if Momo can't get past Conchita, she most likely won't be hoisting the French Open trophy anytime soon.

May 12th, 2004, 03:49 PM
I hope Conchi, it will be extremely hard but not impossible :)

May 12th, 2004, 03:59 PM
i really hope conchitron wins this match. its very possible. she's pushed justine far and pushed venus in a FINAL (After what seems like decades) and she loves it in rome.

May 12th, 2004, 04:01 PM
They have only played each other once before. That was 6 years ago and Conchi won, but I guess that stat is pretty useless

Good luck Conchi! It's gonna be tough, but not impossible! :)

May 12th, 2004, 04:02 PM
I hope Amélie will win. After beating a great clay courter like Conchita, it would boost her confidence, and with Mauresmo, we can't have too much of that. :p

May 12th, 2004, 04:16 PM
Mauresmo in 3 very tough sets :)

May 12th, 2004, 04:21 PM
If Conchi plays like she did against Venus some weeks ago, then Amelie will win.

May 12th, 2004, 04:45 PM
I hope Conchi can pull this one out!!!

May 12th, 2004, 06:21 PM
This could be a three setter.

May 12th, 2004, 06:41 PM
I think Amélie Mauresmo will win in 2 :)

May 12th, 2004, 06:46 PM
conchi of course :)

May 12th, 2004, 06:53 PM
If Conchi aint too Tired to face momo and is ready to run as many ball...then I think that she have a good CHANCE...hehehe

May 12th, 2004, 07:37 PM
I think Conchi can win , if she plays well.
I'd say Conchi in 3 sets.

May 12th, 2004, 07:48 PM
I don't think Conchita can moonball her way outta this one!

May 12th, 2004, 07:50 PM
Mauresmo will win easily.

May 12th, 2004, 09:03 PM
:cool: AMMO! Honestly,I don't care if she wins the Italian Open...just as long as she wins RG.

May 12th, 2004, 09:10 PM
The Mighty Momo :rocker2:

May 12th, 2004, 09:15 PM
amelie is already confident after last week.

Conchita has a chance if:

1. She plays flawless tennis
2. If Amelie is a little off

I think Conchita will need to believe she can do it. I would try to attack Amelie's forehand, and not give her much rythym.

May 12th, 2004, 09:20 PM
Conchita is the master :wavey: :hearts:

Conchi will win :bounce: :lick:

May 12th, 2004, 09:30 PM
Allez Amélie!!:bounce:

Looking forward to seeing Amélie and Conchi play each other, should be an interesting match-up; great that it will be on Eurosport!! :D

May 12th, 2004, 09:42 PM
I'm excited by this match, it should be a good one if both women turn up mentally.

I suspect Amelie will win, seeing that she is the only one of the two that can volley.

May 12th, 2004, 10:12 PM
I hope Amelie wins it - what is her record against Conchita?

May 12th, 2004, 10:14 PM
C'mon Amélie!! :bounce:

May 12th, 2004, 10:33 PM
I voted for Conchita! :D

Well, I love both of them, so I don't mind who wins - for me the most important thing is that hopefully it'll be a great match!!! :worship:

Good Luck to Momo & Conchita!!! :bounce:

May 12th, 2004, 11:27 PM
this match-up is long overdue!
Mauresmo has more power but slightly less consistency/concentration. On form/fitness, I say Mauresmo in two sets (comfortable), or Conchita grinding out a tight 3-set match. Mentally, I think Conchita has better nerves than Mauresmo, and possibly Mauresmo has too much respect for Conchita.

May 13th, 2004, 12:00 AM
, and possibly Mauresmo has too much respect for Conchita.

very interesting and maybe true !

~ The Leopard ~
May 13th, 2004, 12:24 AM
Well, stranger things can happen than Conchi winning this one. She is still a very dangerous player, as we've seen so often. If Momo is a li'l off, Conchi might sneak past her or at least put up a good fight.

But if Momo is on song she will win in two easy sets. I think that she will, indeed, be on song for this match. Accordingly, I predict that Conchi is going down something like 6-3 6-1.

Now I've stuck my neck out, I'll wait and see what happens. :scared:

~ The Leopard ~
May 13th, 2004, 12:25 AM
Hmmm, that last metaphor may not have been very tasteful given recent events in Iraq. Sorry about that.

May 13th, 2004, 06:09 AM
Grrr, looks like another potentially fine match that my cable carrier will not alow me to see. :fiery:

May 13th, 2004, 12:47 PM
Momo def. Conchi 6-3 6-4

May 13th, 2004, 04:05 PM
I know the answer: Momo will win.