View Full Version : Arantxa and Mary to fight Conchita and Janette in quarters again!

May 9th, 2004, 03:09 PM
As Arantxa and mary played in Berlin last week and lost to Conchita and Janette in the quarters, they are playing together again in Roma. In the first round, they'll play against Dementieva and Pratt, this match will be followed by Sugiyama/Huber, and then, they'll have their revenge against Martinez/Husarova! :devil: haha I'm looking forward to this match...knowing they'll beat them! :angel: After this match, they may play Petrova/Shaughnessy or Bartoli/Tu, and then, I suppose, Ruano-Pascual/Suarez... Arantxa and Mary, you showed that you are the strongest team last week, let's do it again!

Vamos Arantxa :worship: