View Full Version : What needs to be done to win the Berlin final??

May 9th, 2004, 03:53 AM
For Venus:

I think she needs to come out firing early and just going for it. Momo was in attendance at her match and saw how K-Lina was able to knock Vee off balance by going for her shots early. Of course Vee needs to cut down on the errors and stay patient. She should also try to pick on Amelie's backhand a bit to try and get some floaters to cut off at the net, but be wary of Momo's big BH DTL.

For Momo:

She should also try to come out firing and get on top of Venus early. I think she should stick to a power game to win the first set and then try to change the rhythm a little more in the second and third set(if it applies). She knows Venus' ankle is hurt and her thigh strapped, so she needs to try and dictate the points and move Venus around the court. Most of all for Amelie she needs to serve well with a high percentage of first serves in and get some free points. She doesn't want to have Vee holding easy with her big serve and then fighting a long game to hold her own serve. Venus will be all over her second balls so this is the main key.

Have a good final ladies!!

Any other thoughts people??

May 9th, 2004, 04:19 AM
Amelie isn't the monster hitter she was when she made it to the OZ final. Back problems took care of that. Her game is more creative and more varied now, but it's also slower. The ball doesn't travel through the air as fast, and slice in general slow dwon after they bounce. If Venus can move, she'll have all the time she needs to hit. But you can't just tee off on a shot the may slice one time, topspin the next, go 70 moh one time and 100 moh the next. I would almost predict Venus losing the first sdet while she figured Amelie out.

But Venus can also just hit out on damn near everything and try to overwhelm Amelie. The WIlliams sisters both have torched her routinely. She is susceptible to raw power. The question is, after three years of trying to teach herself NOT to hit all out every shot, can she revert to Venus 2000. Her best hope might be to channel Serena, and hope she gets 'Supergirl' rather than 'Wild Thing'.

If I were Amelie, I wouldn't use too much topspin. If Venus' ankle is troubling her at all, she'll kill anything at shoulder height, just to get the point over. A lot depends on how well Venus moves. This one may be a chess match.

May 9th, 2004, 04:32 AM
Amelie is hitting the ball pretty hard and heavy! And VEnus has played a clay courter in the QFs, a power hitter with a nice dropshot in the SFs, now she faces Momo's heavy topspin. 3 totally different opponents - I think we'rre going to have another 3 setter :dance:

MOMO - play like she did against Jennifer, and hopefully, she'll get as many UE's from Venus as she did from Capriati

VENUS - hope MOMO chokes like she usually does against her

May 9th, 2004, 04:55 AM
Go Venus! :bounce: