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May 5th, 2004, 01:14 AM
Why on EARTH is the grasscourt season so short? There are three grass court tournaments on tour, and Wimbledon makes it four. There are 36 tour harcourt tournaments, and the two hardcourt slams, 14 clay court events, and Roland Garros, and even 4 carpet events. Why is the Grass season so short? I noticed this on the ATP Tour, there are 5 regular tour events and the one slam, but still, I mean fans of the Williams sisters, Davenport, Capriati, and other top players only get to see thier favorites at Wimbledon (save Clijsters and Henin-Hardenne, who passed up Hastings, a Tier II, to play the Ordina Open, a Tier III). I think the WTA should increase the amount of events on, or lengthen the grass court season, it's such an awesome surface. There are Tier I's on every surface but grass?:fiery: That sux! I don't really think that it is fair to only allow some of the greatest grasscourters four tourneys at most, and who of the top 10, save Henin-Hardenne and Clijsters, would play tier IIIs? I think it puts some players in really uncomfortable situations. What do you guys think?

Steffica Greles
May 5th, 2004, 01:21 AM
Couldn't agree more:)

I've always said that they should put Wimbledon forward by two weeks and the French back by a week. Maybe shift the U.S forward a week in that case.

That way there'd be 3 extra weeks for the players to adapt to grass and a proper grass season.

The times I've seen top players lose on outside courts after hard clay seasons looking almost relieved that they'd fulfilled their obligations and can go home to get some rest. That includes Conchita Martinez! Patty Schnyder was smiling last year when she lost first round.

It's not that the players give up on playing well on grass. They're not as resigned about carpet courts. It's simply the fact that they don't have a chance to recuperate or practice. Makes the players who've done well on both year after year truly great players.