View Full Version : The Meeting

May 2nd, 2004, 07:56 PM
The powerful Russian Federation
had a top level meeting today
it was about getting more to the top ten
and the roadblock that stands in their way
that roadblock in question was Venus
in Warsaw She faced two of their brightest young girls
later they said "We can't beat Her between Us"
while the problem was smiling, doing twirls

As they sat around that sombre table
sipping vodka and smoking away
noting She beats them on most any surface
be it grass, hardcourts, carpet or clay

Boris came up with what He thought was the answer
He said the next time venus plays these two
We'll play them together at one end
and the new player we've made Verasveta
will make Vee's climb up start to bend!
Vladamir said "I'll just check this
after adding the games gave a snort
Venus had twenty four altogether
Verasveta had ten that's fourteen short

They came up with an add on solution
We'll make Conchi and Patty the ball kids
that could distract that damn Venus' play
then We'll make Sharapova the chair ump
and She can shreik "that was out "all day!