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May 2nd, 2004, 03:22 AM
Hi there!

Anybody here intrested in exchanging some high quality recordings of tennis matches on (preferably) DVD?

I am in the process of converting quite a few of my recorded matches to DVD now. But unfortunately I did not keep all my older recordings. :sad:
I am looking for good quality recordings from the earlier years (90-2000), specially matches of Martina Hingis from the USopen and RG. Other players matches are ofcourse also nice. :lol:

Here is my list at the moment, which is not complete yet.

Seles - Capriati US Open '91/105M/German
Seles - Navratilova US Open '91/57M/German

Seles - Huber Essen '91/48M/Dutch/Replay
Seles - Novotna Essen'91/25M/Dutch/Replay
Seles - MJ.Fernandez '91/57M/German/Replay

DVD03 Barcelona 92 Olympics
Graf - MJ Fernandez/44M/Dutch/German
Capriati - Sanchez/67M/Dutch/German

DVD04 Barcelona 92 Olympics Final
Graf - Capriati /107M/Dutch

Hingis - Coetzer Australian Open 96/127M/German

Hingis - Nagyova Roland Garros 97/43M/Dutch&English
Hingis - Pizzichini Roland Garros 97/47M/German/Breakups

Hingis - Kremer Wimbledon 97/87M/English/short interruption
Hingis - Chladkova Wimbledon 97/32M/English/5-3 start

Hingis - Novotna Wimbledon 97 Final/122M/Dutch

Hingis - Kournikova German Open Berlin 98/74M/German
Hingis - Kournikova Australian Open 98/21M/German/3rd set

Hingis/Kournikova - Davenport/Zvereva Australian Open 99 Doubles Final/84M/Dutch

Hingis/Kournikova - Sanchez/Hantuchova Australian Open 2002 Doubles/97M/German/5-2 Start/DVHQ

Hingis - Kournikova Hilton Head '99/42M/Dutch&English/Replay
Hingis - Kournikova Chase 2000/75M/Dutch&English/Live

Hingis - Testud Chase '99/85M/Dutch&English/Replay
Hingis - Testud Toray 2000/42M/Dutch&English/Replay

Hingis - Lucic Australian Open 2000/32M/German/2-0 Start
Hingis - Testud Australian Open 2000/77M/Dutch&English

Hingis - Testud German Open 2000/106M/Dutch& English

Hingis - Capriati Rosmalen 2000 + Interview/43M/Dutch
Hingis - V. Williams US Open 2000/98M/Dutch/Replay + live from 4-3 up

Hingis - Pierce Roland Garros 2000/131M/Dutch-German

Hingis - V.Williams Wimbledon 2000/143M/English

Hingis - Montolio Wimbledon 2000/52M/English
Hingis - Yi Wimbledon 2000/67M/English

Hingis - Dokic Swisscom 2000/51M/Dutch&English
Hingis - Capriati Swisscom 2000/60M/Dutch&English

Hingis - S.Williams Australian Open 2001/132M/German

Hingis - V.Williams Australian Open 2001/59M/German
Hingis - Capriati Australian Open 2001/80M/Dutch

Hingis - Schiavone French Open 2001/61M/Dutch/DV
Hingis - Capriati French Open 2001/79M/Dutch/DV

Hingis - Testud French Open 2001/95M/English/DV

Hingis - Zanetti Australian Open 2002/65M/German/DV
Hingis - Seles Australian Open 2002/98M/German/DV

Hingis - Seles Australian Open 2002/98M/German/DVHQ

Hingis - Capriati Australian Open 2002/143M/German/DV/Short Interruption

Hingis/Kournikova - Granville/Hopkins Doubles US Open 2002/56M/Dutch/DV
Hingis - Seles US Open 2002/63M/Dutch/DV

Kournikova - Glass Australian Open 99/85M/German/2nd set missing.
Kournikova - Davenport Adidas Sydney 2000/46M,Eurosport Dutch

Kournikova - Schnyder Hilton Head '99/55M/Dutch&English/From set 1 TieBreak
Kournikova - Halard Lipton '99/92M/Dutch&English

Kournikova - Tauziat Exhibition Geneve '99/70M/Dutch&English
Kournikova - Wartusch Australian Open 2000/39M/Dutch&English

Kournikova - Hrdlickova Australian Open 2000/85M/German
Kournikova - Zvereva Australian Open 2000/49M/Dutch&English

Kournikova - Zvereva Ericsson Open 2000/50M/Dutch&English
Kournikova - Schett Australian Open 2001/85M/German

Kournikova - Appelmans Montreal 2000/72M/Dutch&English
Kournikova - S.Williams Montreal 2000/63M/Dutch&English/Replay

Kournikova - Panova Swisscom 2000/70M/Dutch&English
Kournikova - Capriati Swisscom 2000/74M/Dutch&English

Kournikova - Henin US Open 2000/94M/Dutch
Kournikova/Capriati - Navratilova/S.Vicario US Open 2000 Doubles/61M/Dutch

Kournikova - Henin Australian Open 2002/80M/German/DV
Extra Slowmo Kournikova Scenes

Kournikova - Wheeler French Open 2002/72M/Dutch/DV
Kournikova - Widjaja US Open 2002/44M/Dutch/DV

Kournikova/Rubin - S.Williams/V.Williams Wimbledon Doubles 2002/86M/English/DV
Kournikova BBC Interview 2002/3M/English/DV

V.Williams - Martinez Australian Open 2001 /57M/German/4-3 start
Capriati - Davenport Australian Open 2001/81M/German

DVD41 Eurosport WTA Legends
Hingis - Graf French Open 1999 WTA Legends/53M/Dutch&English/DV
Hingis - V.Williams US Open 2000 WTA legends/51M/Dutch&English/DV
Meet Martina Hingis on Eurosport/15M/English/Dutch/DV

Dokic - Stevenson Zurich 2003/94M/English/DV
Dokic - Clijsters Leipzig 2003/57M/Eurosport/English/DV

Dokic - Stevenson Zurich 2003/94M/English/DVHQ

Sharapova - Karatancheva Indian Wells 2004/107M/Dutch&English/DV

Sharapova - Myskina Australian Open 2004/63M/German/DV
Sharapova - S.Williams Miami 2004/67M/Dutch&English/DV

Sharapova - Safina German open 2004/124M/Dutch&English/DV

Sharapova - Capriati German Open 2004/142M/Dutch&English/DV

Not on DVD yet, (incomplete list)
Seles - Capriati US Mazda Tennis Classic 1991
Pierce - Davenport USopen 1999/126M/Dutch
Testud - Martinez Australian open 1998
Kournikova - Venus Williams Bank of the West Classic
Harkleroad - Hantuchova French Open 2003/German&english/DV
Hantuchova - Venus Williams Australian Open 2003/81M/German/DV
Capriati - Loit US Open 2003/84M/Dutch/DV
Capriati - Seles IGA US Indoor Champs 2001/56M/Dutch&English/Replay
Capriati - Seles Australian Open 2001/116M/German
Hantuchova - Raymond Filderstadt 2003 +interview Hantuchova/DV
Dokic - Osterloh US Open 2001/66M/DV
Dokic - Stevenson Zurich 2003/DV
Dokic - Schnyder Zurich 2003/DV
Dokic - Clijsters Zurich 2003/DV
Dokic - Henin Zurich 2003(Ceremony,tears)/dutch/DV
Dokic - V.Williams Rome 2000/80M/SVHS
Dokic - Davenport Wimbledon 2000/50M/English
Dokic - Pierce Wimbledon 99/64M/English/Replay
Dokic - Davenport Australian Open 2001/106M/Dutch&English
Huber - V.Williams Roland Garros 2000
Hingis Various Presenting WTA Champs 2003
Hingis BBC World Extra Time Interview
Hingis - S.Williams Estyle classic Los Angeles/100M/Dutch&English/start at 2-1
Hingis - Seles Australian Open 1999 66M
Hingis - Myskina Swisscom Challenge 2000
Hingis - Davenport Australian Open 2000/German
Hingis - Rubin Toray Pan Pacific Open 2000/67M/Dutch&English/Replay
Hingis - S.Williams Montreal 2000/89M/Dutch&English
Hingis - Morariu Zurich Swissom 99/73M/Dutch&English
Hingis - Huber Ericsson Open Miami 2001/72M/Dutch&English
Hingis - Davenport Australian Open 2000/German
S.Williams - Davenport USopen 2000/Dutch/82M
S.Williams - V.Wiliams Wimbledon 2000/96M/English
S.Williams - Davenport Manhattan e-style 2000/155M/Dutch&English
S.Williams - Sanchez Vicario Montreal 2000/Dutch&English
S.Williams - Pierce Indian wells 2000/60M/Dutch&English
Kournikova - V.Williams Wimbledon 1999/starts 3-6,1-0/English/Replay
Hingis/Kournikova - Horn/Srebotnik Roland Garros 1999 Start at 6-1,1-0 73M
Pierce - Martinez Roland Garros 99/110M/Dutch&English/Start at 6-4

DVD's are only from very good VHS or Digital (DV) recordings. (No copied tapes!)
DVD's are edited/processed/cleaned on PC, breaks/commercials are removed.
DVD's DVDR+/-,PAL with MPG Audio and some are DUAL Language. (NTSC is possible in special case.)
DVD's have a nice menu with chapters on every game.
Last change:02-05-2004

Here a few examples:

May 2nd, 2004, 04:27 PM
It is DVD + or DVD - ?


May 7th, 2004, 01:29 AM
Added those nice matches:

Sharapova - Safina German Open 2004/124M/Dutch&English/DV

Sharapova - Capriati German Open 2004/142M/Dutch&English/DV

Sep 13th, 2004, 08:35 PM
Hi everybody,

I added some new DVD's to my list for exchange! :lol:

Capriati - Daniidiou Dubai 2004/95M/E/DV
Capriati - Daniidiou Miami 2004/48M/E/DV

V.Williams - Sprem German open 2004/132M/D/E

Dokic - Davenport AUS Open 2001/107M/D/E

Capriati - Seles AUS Open 2001/112M/G

Capriati - S.Williams Rome 2004/38M/D/E/Replay 34 Start
Capriati - Mauresmo Rome 2004/77M/D/E/Replay 43 Start

Hingis - S.Williams Estyle Classic/92M/D/Estart at 2-1

Dokic - Clijsters Zurich 2003/79M/E
Dokic - Henin Zurich 2003/69M/D/Ceremony

Mauresmo - Capriati Berlin/62M/D/E
V.Williams - Zvonareva Warsaw/67M/D/E

DVD Roland Garros 2004-1
Mauresmo - Cervanova/82M/F
Davenport - Pichet/80M/D

DVD Roland Garros 2004-2
Pierce - Schaul/66M/D/E
Capriati - Beygelzimer/99M/D/E/21 start

DVD Roland Garros 2004-3
Henin - Garbin/126M/D

DVD Roland Garros 2004-4
Capriati - Peschke/72M/D/E
S.Williams - Kirilenko/58M/D/E/46 42 start

DVD Roland Garros 2004-5
S.Williams - Benesova/56M/D/01 start
Mauresmo - Parra/79M/D

DVD Roland Garros 2004-6
V.Williams - Pierce/96M/D/F
Weingartner - Petrova/70M/G

DVD Roland Garros 2004-7
Sharapova - Weingartner/66M/D/E
Capriati - Schiavone/64M/D/E

DVD Roland Garros 2004-8
Capriati - Bovina/114M/D
S.Williams - Talaja/25M/G/E/Short Replay

DVD Roland Garros 2004-9
Capriati - S.Williams/115M/D/E/
Mauresmo - Dementieva/86M/D/E/01 Start

DVD Roland Garros 2004-10
S.Williams - Asagoe/50M/D/F/01 Start
V.Williams - Zuluaga/35M/D/E/61 22 Start
Mauresmo - Maleeva/40M/F/41 Start
Dementieva - Smashnova/60M/D/E/06 33 Start

DVD Roland Garros 2004-11
Mauresmo - Dementieva/127M/D/F/

DVD Roland Garros 2004-12
Davenport - Dementieva/57M/D
Mauresmo - Dementieva/115M/D

DVD Roland Garros 2004-13
Dementieva - Suarez/84M/D/E
Capriati - Myskina/66M/D/E

DVD Roland Garros 2004-14
Capriati - S.Williams/135M/D/Interview

DVD Roland Garros 2004-15
Capriati - S.Williams/135M/D
V.Williams - Myskina/28M/D/E/36 21 Start

DVD Roland Garros 2004-16
Dementieva - Suarez/100M/D/F/+Interview
Capriati - Myskina/77M/D/F/+Interview

DVD Roland Garros 2004-17
Sharapova - Zvonareva/106M/D
Sharapova - Suarez/55M/D/E

DVD Roland Garros 2004-18
Henin - Testud/88M/D/E
Myskina - Dementieva/82M/D

DVD Roland Garros 2004-19
Zvonareva - Serna/114M/D/E

DVD Roland Garros 2004-20
Sharapova - Zvonareva/106M/D/

DVD Eastbourne 2004-1
Hantuchova - Sugiyama 79M/D/E
hantuchova - Kuznetsova 58M/D/EStart 62 45

DVD Eastbourne 2004-2
Hantuchova - Mauresmo 119M/D/E

DVD Eastbourne 2004-3 Long Play
Hantuchova - Sugiyama 79M/D/E
Hantuchova - Mauresmo 119M/D/E
Hantuchova - Kuznetsova 58M/D/E/Start 62 45

DVD Wimbledon 2004-1
S.Williams - Zheng 56M/G
Hantuchova - Reeves 20M/BBC/WIDE-LB/61 23 start Replay
V.Williams - Sprem 65M/BBC/WIDE-LB/66 Start

DVD Wimbledon 2004-2
Sharapova - Hantuchova 76M/BBC/WIDE-LB
Sharapova - Hantuchova 65M/D/G/

DVD Wimbledon 2004-3
Sharapova - Frasier 90M/BBC/WIDE-LB
Sharapova - Frasier 70M/G/12 Start

DVD Wimbledon 2004-4a
Sharapova - Sugiyama 128M/BBC/WIDE-LB

DVD Wimbledon 2004-4b
Sharapova - Sugiyama 118M/D/

DVD Wimbledon 2004-5
S.Williams - Golovin 60M/BBC/WIDE-LB
S.Williams - Golovin 54M/G/

DVD Wimbledon 2004-6
S.Williams - Mauresmo 143M/D/

DVD Wimbledon 2004-7a
Sharapova - Davenport 136M/BBC/WIDE-LB

DVD Wimbledon 2004-7b
Sharapova - Davenport German/Dutch

DVD Wimbledon 2004-8
S.Williams - Mauresmo 153M/BBC/WIDE-LB

DVD Wimbledon 2004-9
S.Williams - Sharapova Final 127M/BBC/WIDE-LB/
Pre and After Interviews included

DVD Wimbledon 2004-9b
S.Williams - Sharapova Final German

DVD - Los Angeles 2004
V.Williams - Davenport 72M/D/E
S.Williams - Davenport 70M/D/E

DVD Montreal 2004-1
Dulko - Dementieva 68M/D/E
Sharapova - Brandi 73M/D/E

DVD Montreal 2004-2
Likhovtseva - Petrova 69M/D/E/64 54 Start
Myskina - Parra 67M/D/E
Mauresmo - Bovina 69M/D/E

DVD Montreal 2004-3
Likhovtseva - Capriati 94M/D/E
Zvonareva - Golovin 83M/D/E

DVD Montreal 2004-4
Mauresmo - Sprem 110M/D/E
Myskina - Maleeva 73M/D/E

DVD Montreal 2004-5
Zvonareva - Sharapova 84M/D/E/52 Start Replay
Likhovtseva - Myskina 80M/D/E/12 Start Replay

DVD Montreal 2004-6
Capriati - Jidkova 51M/D/E/Replay
Mauresmo - Zvonareva 57M/D/E/55 Start
Mauresmo - Likhovtseva 50M/D/E

Capriati - Chladkova 83M/D/E/11 Start
Hantuchova - Pin 106M/D/E/16 33 Start

Sharapova - Granville 106M/D/E/Replay
V.Williams - Mandula 70M/D/E/Replay

S.Williams - Kleinova 44M/D/E/Replay
Hantuchova - Molik 76M/D/E
S.Williams - Lee-Waters 64M/D/E

Henin - Vadisova 64M/D/E
Henin - Obziler 109M/D/E/42 Start
Myskina - Chakvetadze 18M/D/E/67 12 Start

Capriati - Serna 52M/D/E/Replay
Raymond - Kirilenko 42M/D/E/46 76 Start
Sharapova - Jankovic 98M/D/E/60 Start

V.Williams - Uberoi 66M/D/E/Replay
Schnyder - Hantuchova 41M/D/E/64 46 23 Start
Capriati - Douchevina 62M/D/E/60 13 Start

Davenport - Parra 67M/D/E/
Petrova - Farina 63M/D/E
Schiavone - Hayes 52M/D/E/63 11 Start

S.Williams - Golovin 68M/D/E/Replay
Capriati - Sugiyama 65M/D/E/01 Start
Dementieva - Zvonareva 50M/D/E/2nd Set only

S.Williams - Schnyder 62M/D/E/
Pierce - Sharapova 77M/D/E/46 Start
Pierce - Kuznetsova 40M/D/E/32 Start

DVD USOPEN 2004-10
Mauresmo - Schiavone 56M/D/E/REPLAY
Davenport - V.Williams 105M/D/E/
Kuznetsova - Frazier 25M/D/E/76 33 Start

DVD USOPEN 2004-11
Dementieva - Mauresmo 170M/D/E/

DVD USOPEN 2004-12
Capriati - S.Williams 71M/D/E/Replay
Davenport - Kuznetsova 94M/D/E/

DVD USOPEN 2004-13
Dementieva - Capriati 149M/D/E/

DVD USOPEN 2004-14
Petrova - Henin 55M/D/E/Replay 32 start
Kuznetsova - Dementieva 88M/D/E/Replay

Sep 13th, 2004, 10:14 PM
the doman! hes a great guy, dvds are superb quality too. best i have come across

Sep 13th, 2004, 11:58 PM
what do u mean by "start replay" ? and can I buy some DVDS ?

Sep 14th, 2004, 12:57 AM
I lived in the US and i don't think our dvd players played PAL but only NTSC. Does that mean u can copy them to NTSC and it will play over in the US? :wavey:

Sep 14th, 2004, 01:14 AM
Can i choose what matches i want to put on the dvd? For example, can u put on a dvd the 2004 Montreal Mauresmo d. Sprem and 2004 Montreal Mauresmo d. Bovina? When u say D/E, that means the match is available in Dutch and English or both language are spoken in the match? Thanks

Sep 14th, 2004, 01:19 AM
I have a lot of Hingis matches from 1996-2002, and they're all on VCR NTSC tapes... If you want to trade someday, just tell me:)!

Sep 14th, 2004, 01:52 AM
what do u mean by "start replay" ? and can I buy some DVDS ?

please...? lol :sad:

Sep 14th, 2004, 01:55 AM
hmmmmm, dont see any match of Daniela.

Sep 14th, 2004, 05:01 PM
Hi there,
Here some answers to your questions.

what do u mean by "start replay" ? and can I buy some DVDS ?Replay means just it is not shown LIVE, just a delayed broadcast of the match.
Start 12 just means the coverage of the match starts at 1-2 score.

I lived in the US and i don't think our dvd players played PAL but only NTSC. Does that mean u can copy them to NTSC and it will play over in the US? :wavey:Most US TV's have a problem playing PAL indeed. Most players will play it but the TV's won't show it properly. You could check for that or use. If you are really desperate i can even send a TEST DVD :lol:
I made some conversions' to NTSC DVD, it works but is too cumbersome really for me to do. (Will also reduce quality). A better option is then to play those PAL DVD's on a PC. That will work fine.

Can i choose what matches i want to put on the dvd? For example, can u put on a dvd the 2004 Montreal Mauresmo d. Sprem and 2004 Montreal Mauresmo d. Bovina? When u say D/E, that means the match is available in Dutch and English or both language are spoken in the match? ThanksNo, i don't do that, The DVD's are authored with a menu and chapter points and made so they fill the DVD space to keep the best quality. It's too much time and effort to create new DVD's of it. I Do this just for FUN, not for business!!
D/E Means you can switch between Dutch and English language commentary. That works really nice indeed :drool:.

I have a lot of Hingis matches from 1996-2002, and they're all on VCR NTSC tapes... If you want to trade someday, just tell me:)!Always nice to have Hingis matches but really prefer to exchange the stuff on DVD. First i can't make NTSC VHS here easily and you lose so much quality copying VHS stuff. But i always can send you some DVD's to try.. :lol:

hmmmmm, dont see any match of Daniela.MMM, really?? :confused:
But they are there.., Maybe look for Hantuchova?? :hearts:

Remember , it's just for FUN! :lol:

Sep 14th, 2004, 05:21 PM
..and can I buy some or are those dvds for exange only...?

Sep 14th, 2004, 05:22 PM
..and can I buy some or are those dvds for exange only...?

PLEASSSEEEEEEE :kiss: :kiss: lol :rolleyes:

Sep 14th, 2004, 06:13 PM
Unfortunately my pc can't play dvd b/c i only have a cd-rom drive :sad: But i have one more question to ask you, If i buy a dvd from you, and copy that dvd from a pc onto a US blank dvd, does it still work on my dvd player or is it still PAL and only plays on the pc? Thanks

Sep 14th, 2004, 07:14 PM
..and can I buy some or are those dvds for exange only...?PLEASSSEEEEEEE :kiss: :kiss: lol :rolleyes:MMM, Ah we can always figure something out then ,uh.. :angel:

Unfortunately my pc can't play dvd b/c i only have a cd-rom drive :sad: But i have one more question to ask you, If i buy a dvd from you, and copy that dvd from a pc onto a US blank dvd, does it still work on my dvd player or is it still PAL and only plays on the pc? ThanksUnfortunately , When you copy it that way still will be PAL . It has to be processed specially on the PC to make it a NTSC DVD. (Lot's of people are struggling with exactly that same problem! ). I have done it and it IS possible but costs too me too much time to do it. Really the easiest option is to get a DVDrom drive for your pc (if it's not too slow). They are very cheap now these days.

Sep 14th, 2004, 08:08 PM
Thanks :wavey: i will definitely think about getting a dvd-rom but i would need to get a new pc too b/c my pc is like 10yrs old. :lol:

Sep 14th, 2004, 08:25 PM
mmm.... i am interested in buying some. I am a huge venus fan!!! You have a great collection. If you pm doris5085 about buying some, could you please pm me aswell because i would really like to watch them. I know that it is for fun and not a buisness, so if you want you can give me some for free,lol!

do you know if the dvd's will play on a ps2?

Sep 14th, 2004, 10:49 PM
I would also be inerested in buying these if possible.

Sep 14th, 2004, 11:55 PM
How much do you sell your tapes/DVDs??

Sep 18th, 2004, 11:08 PM
Just bought some dvds from the doman again, they took only a day to arrive from holland! superb quality once again, keep it fjb! (he only sells dvds)

Sep 20th, 2004, 12:58 AM
Hi Doman

I have more than 400 matches with Hingis, I am interested in some matches,

Hingis - Montolio Wimbledon 2000/52M/English

Hingis - S.Williams Australian Open 2001/132M/German

Hingis - Schiavone French Open 2001/61M/Dutch/DV

Hingis Various Presenting WTA Champs 2003

Hingis BBC World Extra Time Interview

Hingis - Rubin Toray Pan Pacific Open 2000/67M/Dutch&English/Replay

If you want to exchange my link is bellow.


Oct 4th, 2004, 06:08 PM
how many of you have ordered from the doman?

Oct 4th, 2004, 07:12 PM
Anybody who is wondering about playing PAL dvd's on an NTSC tv... I bought a DVD player for $50 Canadian that converts PAL to NTSC and it looks great! :wavey: Look for a Malata DVP-393A or Cyberhome 300... they are really cheap, and you can watch DVD's from all over the world.

Oct 30th, 2004, 12:34 PM
Hi there again,
Finally I had some time to update my WTA DVD list. :lol:
Here are latest addons.

Kuznetsova - Sharapova 65M/D/E
S.williams - Zvonareva 67M/D/E
S.williams - Kuznetsova 52M/D/E/Replay

DVD Hasselt 2004-1
Pascual - Kostanic 130M/D/WIDE-LB/
Perebiynis - Farina-Elia 103M/D/WIDE-LB/ 23 Start

DVD Hasselt 2004-2
Sprem - Medina 137M/D/WIDE-LB/14 Start
Clijsters - Benesova 42M/D/WIDE-LB/Replay

DVD Hasselt 2004-3
Sprem - Camerin 95M/D/WIDE-LB
Dementieva- Chladkova 94M/D/WIDE-LB

DVD Hasselt 2004-4
Dementieva - Camerin 55M/D/WIDE-LB/43 Start
Bovina - Clijsters 44M/D/WIDE-LB/Replay
Dementieva - Bovina 125M/D/WIDE-LB

DVD Filderstadt -2004-1
Zvonareva- Likhovtseva 85M/D/E/
Hantuchova - Osterloh 108M/D/E

DVD Filderstadt -2004-2
Dementieva - Raymond 83M/D/E
Bovina - Groenefeld 71M/D/E

DVD Filderstadt 2004-3
Mauresmo - Schnyder 106M/D/E
Myskina - Dechy 97M/D/E

DVD Filderstadt 2004-4
Mauresmo - Raymond 77M/D/E
Davenport - Jankovic 88M/D/E

DVD Filderstadt 2004-5
Mauresmo - Kuznetsova 91M/D/E
Davenport - Myskina 70M/D/E
Mauresmo - Davenport 65M/D/E

DVD Filderstadt 2004-6
Mauresmo - Kuznetsova 91M/D/E
Davenport - Myskina 70M/D/E

DVD Moscow 2004-1
Dementieva - Schnyder 76M/D/E
Bovina - Hantuchova 57M/D/E
Kuznetsova - Pastikova 69M/D/E

DVD Moscow 2004-2
Myskina - Likhovtseva 88M/D/E
Zvonareva - Sprem 108M/D/E

DVD Moscow 2004-3
Dementieva - Kuznetsova 75M/D/E
Myskina - Zvonareva 125M/D/E

DVD Moscow 2004-4
Myskina - Davenport 80M/D/E
Dementieva - Bovina 104M/D/E

DVD Moscow 2004-5/WTA Life
Dementieva - Myskina Final 74M/D/E
Real Life in the WTA 1 26M/E
Real Life in the WTA 2 26M/E
Real Life in the WTA 3 26M/E
Real Life in the WTA 4 26M/E

DVD Zurich 2004-1
Petrova - Raymond 69M/D/E
V.Williams - Sprem 66M/D/E
Schnyder - Maleeva 91M/D/E

DVD Zurich 2004-2
Bovina - Schiavone 68M/D/E
Ivanovic - Golovin 127M/D/E

DVD Zurich 2004-3
Molik - Zvonareva 90M/D/E
Sharapova - Hantuchova 115M/D/E

DVD Zurich 2004-4
Dementieva - Sugiyama 132M/D/E
Sharapova - V.Williams 84M/D/E

DVD Zurich 2004-5
Molik - Schnyder 88M/D/E
Molik - Sharapova 112M/D/E

DVD Zurich 2004-6
Dementieva - Bovina 117M/D/E
Sharapova - Dementieva 40M/D/E 46 62 20 Start

DVD Zurich 2004-7
V.Williams - Ivanovic 113M/D/E
Schnyder - Zuluaga 59M/D/E

DVD Zurich 2004-8 DVB
Nathalie Dechy - Timea Bacsinszky 67M/G

DVD Linz 2004-1
Hantuchova - Lee-Waters 107M/D/E
S.Williams - Jidkova 96M/D/E

DVD Linz 2004-2
Shaughnessy -Sprem 122M/D/E
Jankovic - Schnyder 59M/D/E

DVD Linz 2004-3
Zvonareva - Dechy 111M/D/E
Mauresmo - Domachowska 69M/D/E

DVD Linz 2004-4
Zvonareva - Jankovic 100M/D/E
Mauresmo - Sugiyama 75M/D/E

More here:
http://fjb.at.multiweb.nl (http://fjb.at.multiweb.nl/)

Oct 30th, 2004, 12:57 PM
THANKS there fjb! nice updates

Nov 21st, 2004, 02:38 PM
Hi there all,
I added some new DVD's of the Philadelphia and YEC matches. :lol:

DVD Linz 2004-5
Bovina - Petrova 72M/D/E
Mauresmo - Jankovic 118M/D/E

DVD Zurich-Linz-WTA Life 2004
Nathalie Dechy - Timea Bacsinszky Zurich 67M/G/DVB
Mauresmo - Bovina Linz 61M/D/E
Real Life WTA 5 /26M/E

DVD Philadelphia 2004-1
Zvonareva - Dechy 102M/D/E
Mauresmo - Benesova 62M/D/E

DVD Philadelphia 2004-2
Petrova - Myskina 118M/D/E
Zvonareva - Capriati 57M/D/E

DVD Philadelphia 2004-3
Sharapova - Molik Replay 73M/D/E/Replay
Zvonareva - Petrova 85M/D/E

DVD Philadelphia 2004-4
Sharapova - Molik Replay 73M/D/E/Replay
Zvonareva - Petrova 85M/D/E
Mauresmo - Zvonareva 82M/D/E 32 start

DVD WTA Champs 2004-1
Kuznetsova - Zvonareva 80M/D/E
S.Williams - Myskina 133M/D/E

DVD WTA Champs 2004-2
Sharapova - Kuznetsova 71M/D/E
S.Williams - Dementieva 116M/D/E

DVD WTA Champs 2004-3
Mauresmo - Zvonareva 66M/D/E
Sharapova - Zvonareva 130M/D/E

DVD WTA Champs 2004-4
Davenport - Dementieva 88M/D/E
Myskina - Davenport 92M/D/E

DVD WTA Champs 2004-5
Myskina - Dementieva 87M/D/E
Sharapova - Myskina 105M/D/E

DVD WTA Champs 2004-6
Mauresmo - Kuznetsova 71M/D/E
Mauresmo - Sharapova 101M/D/E

DVD WTA Champs 2004-7
S.Williams - Mauresmo 160M/D/E

DVD WTA Champs 2004-8
Sharapova - S.Williams Final 116M/D/E
S.Williams - Davenport 100M/D/E

The complete list you can also find here:



Nov 21st, 2004, 02:55 PM
I'm french I d love to buy Davenport Pierce:eek: :hearts: US open and Pierce serena WilliamsIW....:worship: what am i suppose to do????