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Apr 19th, 2004, 06:50 AM
Nicole Pratt, Australia’s second highest ranked singles player, has been forced to withdraw from this weekend’s first round Fed Cup Tie against Russia due to injury.

Pratt: out injured.

Pratt re-injured her abdominal muscles during the recent doubles semifinal of the Family Circle Cup in Charleston, USA. In the match Pratt and partner Patty Schnyder were defeated by Martina Navratilova and Lisa Raymond 6-4 7-6(7).

Optus Australian Fed Cup Captain Evonne Goolagong Cawley said that as one of our most experienced players Pratt would certainly be missed, but her withdrawal provided Samantha Stosur a chance to play a key role in the Tie.

Evonne Goolagong Cawley and Samantha Stosur.

"Samantha’s recent breakthrough into the world’s top 100 is evidence of her rapid improvement this year and Alicia Molik is capable of beating any player on her day," said Goolagong Cawley.

"The Russians will face a lot of pressure playing at home against a team that on paper they would be expected to beat and we will use that to our advantage.

"The absence of Nicole reduces our options but we still believe an upset is possible," she said.

Pratt’s withdrawal sees youngster Olivia Lukaszewicz elevated from hitting partner to full Team member in case Molik, Stosur or Stubbs sustain an injury during the Tie.

Olivia Lukaszewicz

Australia currently holds a 3-2 lead over Russia in Fed Cup, however Russia has won the two previous encounters – 2-1 in the 2000 World Group Round Robin (first round) in Moscow, and 3-2 in the 1998 World Group first round in Perth.

Australia’s first round Fed Cup Tie against Russia will take place in Moscow from 24-25 April 2004.

Australia’s team: Alicia Molik, Samantha Stosur, Rennae Stubbs, Olivia Lukaszewicz.

Russia’s team: Anastasia Myskina, Nadia Petrova, Vera Zvonareva, Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Omg can TA get anymore fucked in the head

Christina Wheeler?
Casey Dellacqua?

:fiery: :rolleyes: :tape:

Apr 19th, 2004, 06:51 AM
Olivia Lukaszewicz :help:

Pratty :( :(

Not much chance now :(

Mateo Mathieu
Apr 19th, 2004, 07:39 AM
OK, it's official - TA is fuckin up! :rolleyes:

Apr 19th, 2004, 08:39 AM
Olivia Lukaszewicz OMG fucking god im sorry but ever since she acted like a stuck up bitch when i said hello to her once ive never liked her, she has been and probably will continue tobe hand fed like a baby from TA until she retires. I would rather have seen Ferguson as the hit-up partner in the first place anywayz thats a whole new story.

Pratty i hope you get better soon and get back on track before the french and the grass season.

Azza Casey Dellacqua is in Perth recovering from Glandula Fever (OMG my 2 faves Todd and Casey both got it this year now!!!!!) so she couldnt be the hit-up girl.

TA you really have stepped down another level just when we thought you couldnt get any worse!

foreva lindsay
Apr 19th, 2004, 08:47 AM
thats disappointing news :(
its going to be a hard tie, i feel now
best of luck to ya tho!! :bounce: :wavey:

Apr 19th, 2004, 09:06 AM
it was always going to be hard, this will be a mighty big shock if we even get close now!

Apr 19th, 2004, 09:07 AM
Probably coundt be bothered flying anyone else over . . . Maybe Evie could of gone and played ???

This does however give Sam a great chance to impress

Apr 19th, 2004, 11:20 AM
It will be a good experience for Sam :)

Apr 19th, 2004, 01:11 PM
I'm disappointed that Nicole is injured and won't be able to play. I know how important Fed Cup is to her. Add me to the list of those shocked and horrified at her replacement. I guess we have our answer to who the next golden girl is now that Sam has made it. All I hope is that they don't stuff up Olivia's career by putting this kind of pressure on her at such a young age. She showed at the AO she is not ready for this level of tennis, why don't they let her grow into her game rather than pushing her to the forefront and risking damaging her confidence beyond repair. It's not like the Russians are an easy task, actually I would say they would be damn near impossible to beat at home. Would love to hear TA's logic on this one.

Apr 19th, 2004, 01:42 PM
OMG all of you cool it!!!!!! Its quite simple really and Tennis Australia have made an appropriate decision.

The 4th player in the team is irrevalent. The singles berths were only ever goin to go to Alicia and then Pratt or Stosur, with Stubbs for the doubles with Molik.

Its not worth flying Evie or anyone over on such late notice when there is only a 5% chance they will need to play. Considering that Olivia was already goin to be there as orange girl/hitting partner it was I think the obvious decision to make!

Why ruin Wheelers schedule, she's playing main draw of $75K Dothan this week, or Evie's holiday anyhow. Its stupid ot make them fly all that way just to sit and watch the matches.

So yes please give TA a break on this one, I agree with their decision. Might as well have a useless player as the 4th so all the other players can go about with their planned schedules!

Apr 19th, 2004, 01:52 PM
I agree with Ausboy from a logistical point of view....makes sense to just elevate the member who is already there.

However, I would imagine that Olivia would probably get some financial bonus for being a team member now rather than the hitter...just speculating.....so from that respect, maybe Wheeler would be a little upset......on the surface tho its a smart decision

Apr 19th, 2004, 02:55 PM
Yes Olivia would get some financial bonus for it, but the bottom line is they can choose who they want and this is an economical situation.

Also the article on Tennis Australia website states

Pratts withdrawal sees youngster Olivia Lukaszewicz elevated from hitting partner to full Team member in case Molik, Stosur or Stubbs sustain an injury during the Tie.

Giving the impression that Rennae Stubbs would play a live rubber over Olivia and that it would take two injured players before Olivia would get a go in a live rubber. However Im not against throwing Olivia into a dead rubber and giving say Alicia a break!

Apr 19th, 2004, 03:31 PM
no that would be stupid keep olivia on the side so she can watch and learn

Apr 19th, 2004, 09:52 PM
im looking forward to seeing how alicia goes against anastasia

Apr 19th, 2004, 10:12 PM
I agree that it is unlikely she will get to play, however I am hoping for her sake that nothing happens and she is forced to take the court. With the media being such selective bullies you can guarantee they would focus on her performance and give the poor girl a roasting, just what her confidence does not need. I know Lleyton started off as orange-boy and got to play Davis Cup at a young age, but think he was a bit more ready for it than Olivia is.

I'm not certain that the attitude should be that she was there so let her play, I actually question whether she should have been there as orange girl to start. Aren't there others who should have been given an opportunity at this level before Olivia?

Once again, this is not intended to be a personal attack on Olivia, after all she didn't select herself and she would be crazy not to take the opportunity that has been offered.

I take it we can assume that Evie is no longer considered to be one of TA's darling and she won't be getting the FO WC.

Apr 19th, 2004, 10:19 PM
I think EVIE has gone into Hibernation

Good Luck to Aussies anyhow . . . the 1st day (baring injuries) will be a great days play

Apr 20th, 2004, 03:00 AM
I think that Sam could throw a surprise and win a singles match actually, she plays a totally different game to Pratty and i think its better to have a fully fit Stosur playing rather than a not 100percent Pratt Playing. If Olivia gets to play (a dead rubber) it would be good experience for her, remember at Aus Open she played the eventual winner on Rod Laver Arena in the first round and in juniors played eventual winner (shahar peer) in first round as well

Apr 20th, 2004, 06:29 AM
Yer And Remember What Happened In Both Of Those Matches
She Got Thrashed 60 60 In Both Of Them

Apr 20th, 2004, 08:08 AM
so if sam or alicia get injured.....................so would play singles?? rennae or olivia?????????

Apr 20th, 2004, 08:33 AM

Apr 20th, 2004, 08:41 AM

Apr 20th, 2004, 09:17 AM
Renee used to play singles but it was too much of a strain on her

IF there is a dead rubber reckon Olivia will play but if the Round was still alive then Renee would play it

Injuries wil be on Alicias and Sams minds so they would most likely sit out any match they didnt have to play

Apr 20th, 2004, 01:09 PM
I agree with Ausboy!!
I hope Oliva gets a lot of exprience!!

If Renee stubbs played Oliva
who do you think would win??

Apr 22nd, 2004, 12:08 PM
They tend to rotate the orange girls anyway.... most promising juniors get a run at it, therefore it was Olivia's turn.

Agreed - it makes sense to just promote Olivia than send somone else who wouldn't get a run anyway.

I'd say Olivia would play over Rennae if it's a live rubber - Rennae hasn't hit a singles court for years.

The girls have a big chance to push Russia - and I tend to think that Sam would've played singles over Nic (atleast in the first rubers anyway) therefore her withdrawal shouldn't affect the result too much.

Apr 23rd, 2004, 09:41 AM
Is it on TV ??