View Full Version : Which match did Eurosport show earlier today?

Apr 10th, 2004, 10:46 AM
I missed it. :o Serena vs. Nadia probably. :mad:

Apr 10th, 2004, 10:50 AM
Nope. It was Justine vs Vera. :p She's #1, you know ;)

Apr 10th, 2004, 10:59 AM
I think what happened is that since Serena's match was a night match,
and both ESPN, ESPN2 were showing tennis live (the other station was
showing Roddick and Davis Cup apparently), they did the day match
with Justine live instead. I also assume that ESPN thought that they
were to meet in the finals anyway, and were going to feature Lindsay
versus Serena for the Saturday live telecast.

I heard that Eurosport is using the ESPN feed for their telecast.

Apr 10th, 2004, 11:08 AM
Oh thanks. :) Then I don't mind. :zzz: