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Apr 10th, 2004, 09:26 AM
"AMELIA ISLAND - (the USA) of our special correspondent

AMÉLIE MAURESMO makes its re-entry this evening in double and tomorrow into simple without losing sight of the fact its principal objective.

"THESE TWO MONTHS HAD to seem to you interminable...

- It is true that the cicatrization of the wound took much time. Each week, I had hope to return and then, finally, time passed and, in the last analysis, the stop will have lasted two months. When I returned from Australia, I did not do a thing of the whole the first three weeks. Then, I could physically involve me by making bicycle, but right history to maintain the pump. If not, I could deliver to me to no physical exercise in rotation nor to touch a racket. I sincerely thought of being in measurement to return for Indian Wells and Key

Biscayne. But it was still too right, I would have taken large risks while playing. Finally, taking into account the circumstances, it was not more badly.

In which moral state are you?
- I want really to find the competition. But the events which I have just lived with the disappearance of my father did not enable me to concentrate on tennis, you imagine well. It thus will be necessary for time to me before I am able to give me
in the bath at hundred percent.

What do you wait the two tournaments that you will connect, here with Amelia Island, and the next week, in Charleston?

- The main thing, it is to find me racket in hand and to play of the matches by taking pleasure. I hope that it will be indeed pleasure, and that I will appreciate to be on the court, when I will be vis-a-vis with my first adversary. The results in themselves, one will see, I do not think of nothing special, I do not lay down oneself no objective on these two tournaments.

With what is your preparation summarized?

- With step large-thing... I took again the drive only while arriving to Miami. Front, in Paris, I typed sometimes in the ball, but it was not work, I went on the court to change me the ideas above all. True work thus started only in the United States. That will make two weeks of serious drive at the time when I will dispute my first match of simple here (tomorrow). That made short, even if ç' were good job. There is still way to make to be with the signal physically; one does not find his best condition in two weeks when one stopped two months. It is not the first time that that arrives to me, but there is a context which makes that it is different. Lastly, it is not necessary that I am caught the head. The main thing is to want of rejouer.

You attack earlier than envisaged the play on beaten ground, it is perhaps not more badly?

- It is true that if I had played Indian Wells and in Miami (which are played on hard), I would not have added Amelia Island nor Charleston (beaten ground) in my program. I would have crossed before beginning a work specific of preparation to the ground beaten right before the EDF

Cup. In fact, I aim already Roland-Garros and Wimbledon. The objective is there to arrive at best of my form. I will want also to make well in the tournaments which I will dispute before, of course, but I will not lose sight of the fact that they will be tournaments of preparation.

Does the fact that you dispute the double, here, with Nathalie

Dechy, want to say that you feel able to increase the amounts of matches compared to your practices?

- That wants especially to say that I want to play of the matches, because it is what I miss. Simple or double, it is the same competitive spirit.

You were often wounded in your career. Are you more fragile than the majority of the other players?

- I am probably more fragile than others, indeed. But when one looks at what occurs for some time, one realizes that many players are wounded, and more and more frequently. Both Williams could not play during months; Kim Clijsters is inalienable because it suffers from the wrist. Capriati has badly with the back, Davenport returned after several operations. Tennis becomes increasingly demanding on the

physical level. One asks us to play more and more on a level which does not cease rising. We are not machines. One day or the other, it is necessary to pay the price of these repeated efforts.

To preserve, Justine Henin has never connected more than two

tournaments of continuation for two seasons. Do you think that its example should be followed?

- Her example, I could follow it if, like it, I gained all the

tournaments to which I take part or at least if I arrived finally! Justine, with her three titles of the Grand Slam out of pocket, installed well in the first place, can allow herself to do that. She is right. Me, I did not gain a Grand Slam, I am not number 1 world, and if I chose to rest all the two tournaments, my objectives of classification would not be realizable any more. But I wish to be able to find me in situation to arrive there a day "

Apr 10th, 2004, 08:40 PM
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