View Full Version : What's wrong with Anna?

Apr 8th, 2004, 02:02 PM
Let's face it. She has had an atrocious season to date. The best performance was a quarterfinal run at Sydney. Otherwise she's done no better than the second round. Her losses have been largely to teenage upstarts. She has not beaten a single opponent with a better ranking, and I believe all of her LOSSES have been to lower ranked opponents as well (Schiavone was lower ranked, until she trounced Anna).

What's frustrating is that Anna has squandered extremely favorable draws at every tournament she has been at. There's never been a time where she was given a tough draw in the first two rounds, and yet she can't even get out of those.

Anna is in her late 20s, which is old in the tennis world. Is she past her prime, or can she get back to top form?