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Mar 24th, 2004, 06:53 PM

"Return To Amelia Island"

Wednesday March 24, 2004

"Hello with all,

I know, I remained a long time without you to give news. As you undoubtedly know it, I crossed a painful test.
I will fly away tomorrow morning for Miami in company of Loïc. I am glad to find the French clan. That will make me good. I will profit ten days of preparation before my first tournament, as from April 5 with Amelia Island. I will then connect with Charleston (April 12) then the Fed Cup (April 19). Before Roland Garros, my program remains the same one, namely Warsaw, Berlin and Rome.

My return to the competition will be carried out on beaten ground and outside. I had renewed contact with this surface for a few days. The desire for playing is intact, but I feel difficulties with me of giving there. I think that the contact with the other players and the rate/rhythm specific to the circuit will give again me the taste and the pleasure of work. My tear intercostale is completely cured. But the cicatrization will have been very long. I felt pains including in the daily gestures more the pain-killers during more than four weeks. I, for this period, carried out several echography to supervise the evolution of the wound.

I did not want to take any risk. I followed specific care with one kiné and I applied to long meetings of stretching. I involved myself on the cardio plan every day not not to lose my physical condition too much. Gradually, I achieved a work of mobilization with Xavier. I really took again the racket only at the end five weeks of convalescence.

I want to make so that my body is more flexible to avoid this kind of pips in the future. I integrated a true programme of stretching of the whole of the muscular chains.

With soon,

Amélie "

Mar 24th, 2004, 09:32 PM
Thank you for this post Linnie. ;)
It was nice to hear something good for a change. :bounce:

Mar 25th, 2004, 11:34 AM
Great to hear something from her! :bounce: I can't blame her for not going into detail about her father; it must be so hard. But I think being with her friends in Miami will do her a lot of good. :D At least her injury's gotten better, so there is one thing going right for her. I had to read that in French to understand it at all ;) but it's good to see she's taking precautions to avoid more injuries. :hearts: Thanks a lot Linnie for posting it. :hug:

:hearts: :bounce: :awww: :hug: :inlove:Allez Amélie Pour Le Reste de l'Année! :inlove: :hug: :awww: :bounce: :hearts:

Mar 25th, 2004, 11:37 AM
Thanks for a good news of recovery. Injuries have been chasing Mauresmo for too long :sad: . Let's hope they won't in the future!!!!
:hearts: :) :hearts: